Children and Parents in the Martial Arts: by Calasanz

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Occasionally a parent enters a dojo and wants to sign up their child for martial arts lessons; honestly, sometimes the parent or parents is the one that should sign up. One day, and without using names, this exact situation occurred where a parent brought their kid into an area where people train while the parent sat around in the lobby and let the kid run wild. This kid opened cabinets where weapons are kept, including swords and other sharp objects and he played with them. Also, this child went into the gym part of the dojo where heavy weights are all around and attempted to use the cardio machines: keep in mind that all this was done without signing a waiver. When we asked the parent about his child’s behavior they acted like it was not a big deal when clearly it was. What if this child was injured around all this equipment or on a weapon? We do not want anyone, students and visitors included, to injure themselves in our school for any reason, least of all being neglect.

Some people may come to the conclusion that this kid needed the discipline that martial arts provides and while that is true, the parent of this kid also needs some discipline of their own because it is a parent’s duty to keep their children in check. Studying here could provide them with a great parent/child activity and it would give them discipline in there everyday lives and set a good example. A child mimics what he or she observes on a daily basis which for the most part takes place in the home. Incorporating discipline with productive reinforcement can only benefit everyone.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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