One of Calasanz Best Students: by Calasanz

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Ever since Calasanz has been inAmerica, in both his personal and professional life, one person helped him the most. Jennifer Li McNally, one of Calasanz’s best students and best friends, really helped promote the school and the methods Calasanz taught. When Calasanz came to the United Stateshe believed his “old school” ways of not accepting change was going to work here in the U.S.and occasionally he could be stubborn and difficult to deal with. However, over time he softened his stance somewhat on certain aspects mainly because of Jennifer’s influence. This was a great help to Calasanz at that time and in the years moving forward. She was able to deal with Calasanz at all times and deserves a lot of credit.

Calasanz will always remember Jennifer’s help with the movie “Crossing the Line” and the work she put in on the movie and in pre-production of the film. Her hard work, dedication, and respect she showed towards Calasanz and the school made her sensei and friend’s name more popular than ever. Calasanz truly appreciates Jennifer’s contributions and continues to be influenced by the example she set as well as her uplifting presence to this very day.

 Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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