Personal Training for Fitness and Self-Defense at Calasanz Martial Arts.

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Calasanz, a native of the Dominican Republic and martial arts master, came to the United States in 1979 to pursue his dream of creating a career in the martial arts and making a martial arts movie. He reached his goals by making a feature length film called Crossing The Line, as well as creating one of the country’s most successful martial arts schools. Calasanz has also devoted his life to developing a unique system of physical fitness and martial arts training known as the Calasanz System. His unprecedented approach has made him Connecticut’s leader in his field. In a business where most schools struggle to survive, Calasanz Physical Arts has not only sustained itself but has grown significantly over the last 30 years.

The reason for his popularity and success is that his system appeals to mature adults. Most of you are familiar with America’s standard karate school where students wear white uniforms and with bare feet, follow an instructor who takes them through a series of kicks and punches. Many of you are not interested in this regimented form of training and find its one-size fits all approach does not meet your needs. You want to get fit and feel good. You want no-nonsense self-defense. You want to learn how to react quickly and effectively if confronted with a life-threatening situation. You don’t want to waste time learning countless impractical techniques or earning belts and stripes. You don’t want to earn medals and trophies.

Calasanz success is linked to the creation of a system that meets the needs and lifestyles of adult men and women. A unique characteristic of the Calasanz System is that all of the necessary components of a well-rounded fitness plan are available under one roof. No traveling from class to class, machine to machine. You will find everything you need to get fit, feel good and defend yourself all in one place.

Your training starts with Calasanz body conditioning program. He believes that the most important aspect of training is at the beginning. While he can train anyone to fight, his primary goal is to help you create a well-balanced body. This is done through a series of exercises designed to build strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Within a short time, you’ll be learning simple martial art techniques. You’ll get a great workout by practicing basic kickboxing drills, hitting the bag and striking pads held by your coach as he or she provides you with support and encouragement. No fancy, complicated techniques, just simple movements with an emphasis on self-defense.

At Calasanz, you progress at your own rate and are taught by qualified instructors. An individualized program is created for students depending on their goals and fitness levels. Regardless of the program chosen, Calasanz and his instructors create a safe, injury-free training environment. Calasanz philosophy is to teach real physical and martial arts that fit your lifestyle.

You may choose a recreational approach to martial arts training for the purpose of getting fit and learning self-defense or a more competitive program that includes friendly boxing or sparring matches. You have the option of specializing in a variety of martial arts disciplines. Calasanz offers karate, kickboxing, Wing Chun kung fu, American Boxing, and Aerobic Isolation as well as the Calasanz System, which is a combination of those styles. There is so much variety within the system that you’ll never get bored. It’s all up to you. As long as you want to stay in shape and give it your best, Calasanz has a lifetime of experience to pass on.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness


507 Westport Ave,Norwalk CT06851

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