Self Defense: Learn to Discourage an Assailant with a Single Blow

When it comes to self defense too many students forget or don’t understand the effectiveness of a single blow. In a life threatening situation, the goal is not to engage in a sparring match with your assailant.  The best defense is to strike as hard as you can to the most vulnerable area of the body and flee the scene.

This technique in Japanese is called GOKWI or OKUGI.  If you are surrounded by more then one opponent this technique becomes very important.  The window of opportunity to subdue each attacker is very small.  You can not fail to deliver the hardest strike to the most vital area of one opponent so that you afford yourself time to work on the others.

This technique is highly recommended to law enforcement and police officers in general but especially for those in narcotics and gang units. A single blow is a very simple technique, in which you can learn how to use it in a very short period of time.  It is usually combined with a block or a dodge then counterstriking with the single blow.  There are all kinds of courses which address building power in your body and the use of the single blow in a variety of situations such as grabs, car jackings, air travel attacks, weapon attacks, and much more.  Learn how to strike, do damage and get away!

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