How to Hold a Board for a Breaking Demonstration: by Calasanz

Breaking objects, like boards, bricks, etc, it is not hard as you might think, in fact it is very easy, but requires some skill on the holder, but more over on the striker, any mistake on the technique used to execute the break could cost you an injury, for example you must take in consideration the lacking of your wrist, your foot, your concentration, your stances, the direction of your chi, if these skill are right, then the next thing is who is holding the object. Calasanz did what not too many martial artist even think on doing, but he never injure himself, it bother him when he hear instructors talking about the amount of bones they have broken by breaking boards, first of all, if you are going to break an object and you get hurt, that would be an embarrassment toward your career in the martial arts, unless you are trying to set a record or something, it is clear that any time you try to surpass in an event there is a risk behind, but if you routinely do breaks and then you get hurt, then there is not doubt, that you should practice your martial arts for a while before you go back to break, because it is not acceptable to get hurt every time you do a break, some martial artists believe that is a pride for them to break their wrist or arm, not in the Calasanz system which the system of skill.

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