I like to especially keep a close eye on beginners who are either too enthusiastic or come from other systems. I had a student who initially trained in a martial art style that uses a lot of “snapping” kicks and punches.  As I watched her on the floor snapping away, my first reaction was “how long can she keep doing this before she really hurts herself?” I approached her about this and she said “yeah, I have to stop this because I have a knee problem!”  I told her that if she continued, she’d have to quit completely. It took a lot of work to get her to slow down and change her old habits. The rest of the students in her class were being taught properly…learn to throw the kick with control and balance and slowly work your way up to a power kick.  Snapping leads to injuries and a very short career in the martial arts.

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One thought on “PREVENTING INJURIES: by Calasanz

  1. I have definitely had a few injuries in martial arts, I have over extended my knee by misjudging a kicking target, Got stitches in my foot after slicing it open on the base of a free standing kicking back. I have over stretched during the splits when I first started. That took years to properly heal. I’ve also , blown out my shoulder, due to a weak rotater cuff.

    What I have learned, Before I work out.

    Joint rotations and dynamic stretches every time

    I also no longer do static stretching before a work out.

    Also, no your limits, and understand distancing and focus

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