The Beginning of Calasanz as a Martial Artist and how it applies Today: by Calasanz

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Since the day that I went to take my first class of Karate, I immediately noticed something which was the brutality of it. In most sports there is some level of brutality but you must get mentally, physically and spiritual prepared to take it, in order to avoid injuries later on in your life. I know we still we cannot say we are safe from all future injuries but at least you can avoid a high percentage of them. As I started my training I noticed many of the students during that first session were being punched and kicked very hard and above all I noticed many of these students were put to a training that they were not ready for (I was just 14 years old, today I go back and think what I saw back then).

You cannot tell me that you are going to take this punch to your body in order to give one back. There are certain occasions that you may have to just do that (for example when you get tired) but when you are going to train in the martial arts as the way of fighting, you need to get mentally, physically and spiritually ready the right way, as a process of development and get your stamina to the maximum to be truly effective and well rounded. If you have not absorbed heavy punishment, you should build up to it over time in order to develop your endurance, as well as training with a well rounded system in order to get the most out of your efforts.

Today I am very impressed with the way that some of the UFC fighters train in order to step on the Octagon. In some of those fights you have probably seen a fighter get knocked out and with that blow would probably kill or severely injure the average person. These fighters are able take it and they heal so well that it’s like nothing even happened. That today makes me proud of the huge improvement in the martial arts and its conditioning. You should avoid a punch or a kick even when you know that you are ready to take the blow, why? Because sooner or later it would affect your brain, which means down the road it will affect you.

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