Have You Ever Had a Near Death Experience?

Mortality is a Reality

Death as

fascinating and as taboo as it is in the United States is unfortunately something that enters into life by the very act of birth and is prevalent in all humani

ty and all ‘being’.  As we cope with the consciousness of our own mortality and as we live today knowing death awaits us in some future circumstance we relate with one another at the most basic, human,

fundamental level through the knowledge of mortality.  Calasanz has recounted for us some of his near death experiences, how they came to be and how they came to pass.  Leave your own experiences and insights in the comment section to open the discussion and share ourselves with one another.

Historic Footage


“I was standing downstairs painting in that auto-shop with cars all around, then…  something happened.  A loud bang came.  Something had broken on one of the cars and all this electricity came from nowhere and was all around me like fireworks going everywhere.  Everything was whizzing, sparkling and burning, another guy who was working there painting outside came running.  There he was and he saw this kid about 14 years old in the basement.  He looked at me and his face said it all.  It was saying, …”

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If you’ve had a near-death experience please leave it in the comments.

We’d love to hear about your experience!


Calasanz Physical Art
507 Westport Avenue
Norwalk CT  06851


Story Inspired by Calasanz
Transcribed and Developed by Alan Wedell

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