Welcome to the New Age

We here like to work by commitment.  Our programs are unique and effective.  Why?  Because we are not here to give you a good workout, although you will get the best lesson, the best workout of your life if you come here to learn.

We do not want people who come for a work out.  We want people who come to invest.  People who understand that their time spent here is an investment in themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  Our school is called a school for a reason, because we are here to teach and to promote learning.  Real learning of real Martial Arts.

When it comes to martial arts it’s sometimes difficult to say what it is that has been learned but just understand that, during a lesson, within every word uttered and every vision captured there is a meaning and a message being conveyed.  Sometimes it is as simple as the opening of one’s eyes or the true comprehension of a sentence correctly interpreted in order to actualize real and proper change, real and proper learning.  Sometimes even a single word can be enough to spark a colossal shift within a person.

Note, noone on this Earth is perfect and we have all made our mistakes.  But now there is an ever growing need to push forward without looking back.  Towards a collaborative progression with the collective understanding of our reality’s great limitation;  that the past cannot be undone.  But the future holds all glorious potential within it.  It comes down to the question of, “Will we do what is necessary in the present to help that future come to fruition?”

So that is why we work under commitment.  In becoming a student anywhere there has already been an expectation levied on the teacher to teach, but this expectation is not one sided as the student is expected to learn or at least try to learn.  Will you open your mind to learning?  Will you allow yourself that creative freedom?  Will you take the responsibility to think for yourself?  To hold yourself accountable?  And will you give yourself that chance at self redemption?  At self creation?

Our school’s goal is to train you to train yourself.  We give you lessons, exercises and techniques and explain how to perform them without getting hurt.  Once you’ve learned them it is no longer up to us.  This is why we go by commitment.  Those committed, ready and willing to learn will do so.  Others may be missing one of those components and learn little.  Moving on, at a certain point it becomes up to you to see yourself through and continue on in a safe manner.  We do not take the role of a personal trainer to sit and watch you perform the exercises barking demands of [this many] sets at [such and such] resistance.  If you are an adult this is something you should be capable of safely putting yourself to do on your own without the need of an external whip.

Again, when we work your expectation of us is to be taught and our wish to teach you more  in our time spent with you.  After all, stagnancy is death…  So rather we would take the role of doctors in that we want to get you healthy or at least give you the tools and means to become so and get you out to the world.  We have a lot of patients to get to and you have your lives to live.  But as always our sincerely committed and dedicated students are greeted with great welcome upon their return as there is always more to learn and master.

Invest in yourself with a program here to take something home with you.  Something you can learn and apply for yourself for the rest of your life.  Learn. Invest. Adapt. Evolve. Calasanz.

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