News Flash! Karate and Kung Fu Surprisingly Similar

Traditional Learning is Similar No Matter the Subject.

To be taught and to be taught how to learn are two very different things.  A real teacher will not force subject matter to the student, but will instead be clever to find ways in which to draw the student to the subject matter.  Great Martial Artists have perfected this skill and continue to spark motivating curiosities, inspire a desire to learn, and even go so far as to excite a similar passion in their students.

Click Here For an Example of Traditional Learning. 

“…get into a front stance and block using the bong shou block, the middle block.  In karate middle block is a bong shou.  In Chinese Wing Chun bong shou is a middle block.

Bruce Lee called it the intercepting fist.  You block the fist then you attack.  It’s also known in Wing Chun as Lop …” ( Read More )

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2 thoughts on “News Flash! Karate and Kung Fu Surprisingly Similar

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