Commitment Is the Best Way to Learn

If you walk in to a Martial Arts Institution you are lucky first of all to be let in.  Back during a more simple time the Monastery or place of practice would not take in just anyone as is common today.  A student would first have to prove their desire to study and more importantly to study at that particular establishment as space and resources were and still are realistically limited everywhere disregarding variations in geographical location and trade.  The school would want to make sure those admitted would be committed and serious about their learning and training over time.

You see, one does not walk in and become a master instantaneously after a single lesson.  A student approaching Martial Art with this sort of mindset  is setting himself up to disappointment and ultimately to withdraw from practice.  It is not a conducive mindset to REAL learning.

The old story goes that the student would knock on the door and when received be told simply to go home, to go away.  This is the first test of will to separate the pretenders from those truly ready to enter into to the role of ‘student’ within.  If the person left, clearly  their desire was merely a passing notion; a fleeting sentiment.  The student who stayed (sometimes for extended periods, days or even weeks at a time being given little if any attention, and if lucky food to survive) would be noticed by those masters, those others within.  As the gurus deemed them ready and worthy of their time either by character and manner of approach or by unshakable will the student would be granted access to begin training and learning there.

Nowadays things have moved away from this ancient way and Martial Arts has become more commercialized especially since the 80’s as an avenue for revenue.  These days a Black Belt from any studio or school does not carry the same weight and gravity it used to.  It no longer requires the time and dedication, the skill and qualities that were once necessary to be an eligible recipient.  At many places these days, a Black Belt is merely a sign of monetary investment rather than of dedication and skill.

That is why we prefer to work with people on a commitment basis.  That way we have more time with our students to give them the training and lessons they really desire.

Commit Your time.  Dedicate Yourself.  (Read More Here)

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