Smart vs. Mindless Training

There are different kinds of training and depending on where you go and how you approach it you can experience the spread.


Now,  if you go to any standard gym or any generic boxing club (or “punch factory” as I like to call them) you will be lead by the trainer giving you instruction on what to do, how many times and for how long while he yells at you, ‘push harder!’.  This may get you a good workout for the body, but the mind is left vacant or absent for the duration of the lesson.  The exercises, the repetitions, heck the entire workout is done without a sense of purpose.


As a workout is meant to better us why approach it as only physical improvement?


As a person, critical thought plays an important and active role in self development throughout your life.  It should not be put on pause or disregarded completely simply because physical exertion is involved.  Be mindful of what you are putting yourself through.  Does it make sense?  Can it be improved?  Is there a similar exercise that might be safer?  Is it even safe?  and Is it producing the results you want?  These are all questions we should be asking ourselves about our training exercises and programs

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