Martial Art : Something Beyond

When it comes to discuss what is actually and properly ‘Martial Art’ we are in essence discussing human expression.  While Martial Art is explicitly the study and expression of human-on-human combat with its beginnings in hand-to-hand engagement, it has progressed into much more than that now involving a near endless arsenal of weapons invented over time worldwide.  Being that weapons are the product of human ingenuity and human expression the study and mastery of weapons use must also be considered Martial Art.

As Martial Art progresses ever forward with the continued existence of humans and weapons development it is sometimes easy to forget the very root and nature behind the purpose of Martial Arts study.  Technology has progressed to such a degree with guns and bombs that the seemingly effortless flick of a finger has the capability of bringing about the gravest of consequences.  With such an easy and effective route to homicidal self defense, is Martial Arts still applicable or has it become obsolete?  If your aim is to kill, then perhaps so, but in Martial Art self-defense is but one of the many benefits that comes from disciplined and dedicated practice.

Martial Arts if practiced and thought of in the right mind is much more than just about combat.  In fact combat is a last resort for any Martial Artist.  Physically, Martial Art is about coordination and ability.  Mentally, Martial Art is analyzing an opponent and pinpointing weaknesses.  Spiritually, Martial Art is about self-knowledge, self-learning and self-control.  Should one be so taken with the notion of killing or injuring others they will soon amass a hoard of enemies as well as run out of training partners.  Martial Arts coming from the right place is more than that.  It is more than just effective techniques.  It is about development physically, emotionally and much, much more.

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