Calasanz System and the Person Behind It


We have  all followed Calasanz for years. We all find Calasanz’s
advertisements all  over which is based on the reality, style, grounding,
balance, and beauty  of what he does. His popularity was won by doing and
being the first to  play the best commercials on TV, CNN, and his
commercials. Calasanz has  been on CBS, Entertainment Tonight with Patty
Davis the daughter of Ronald  Reagan, Channel 12 CT, Miss Venus USA (an
international T.V. show), and on  the front picture of many magazines. I.E.
Westport News, Fairfield News  Paper, Norwalk Hour, the Minuteman Westport
CT. He has also had a one hour  show on Channels 3, and 8.

Having been in the movie “Crossing The Line”  as the starring role, and
producing, he has been training celebrities,  promoting his commercials in
CT, NY, NJ, Boston.  He has trained  stars, such as Evan Lendl, Richard
Venture, Lorraine Venture, Stew and Kim  Leanord, The Hartford Whaler, and
brought to his school, Frank Dux the  Legend of Blood Sport and Paco Prieto
on only strong, Lion Heart by  Jon-Claude Van Damme. Calasanz has also
trained with Moyat, a classmate and  great instructor of the late Bruce Lee.
He has been training law  enforcement of all branches, the U.S. Military, and
Fire Fighters, Henry  Kissinger’s body guard, U.S.S. which now is Taico.

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