Let’s Talk About Strength And Conditioning For MMA!

As an MMA fighter, you have to train to be strong enough in order to dominate your opponent and throw powerful kicks and punches. But there is more to that, you also need to learn how to absorb impact and be able to resist the constant application of force. Most trainees are now able to perform at high level of five minutes rounds and this is due to the fact that they are powerful, fast and have enough endurance. Below are great tips on strength and conditioning for MMA:


Do not do harm

If your trainer trains you as if the gym is their main sport, then you need to think twice. Chances are high that you may get seriously injured during the conditioning session and this way, he or she will have jeopardized your career. The kind of equipment and exercises selected to your ability is very important because you don’t want to take risks.

The goal is goal

This may seem pretty obvious, but how do you want to become the best dead-lifter, Olympic lifter or marathon runner? The goal is goal. If you are looking forward to be the best fighter, then a fighter’s training is the way to go and what works for a power-lifter may not work for you. Work on the program of your choice and remember to test and assess your ability. If you find out that poor mobility has been the cause for not increasing strength, then address it first before taking more weight on the bar.

Strength and conditioning is not meant to dominate technical or fighting sessions

You should understand that strength and conditioning sessions are crucial, supporting sessions to all other training. But if you want to increase the intensity of strength sessions, make sure this does not conflict with your fighting practices. Do not push too hard in order to improve on your intensity. And talk to your trainer, the more they know you, the more they will fine-tune the training.

Look at the situation and adapt

You could be adapting well and all is going according to the plan, but there are those days that your body feels completely broken. Do not force yourself into a heavy session as planned by your trainer; their job is to build you back, not to exhaust you even more.

More than two heavy lifts per session are not the best

Using more than two heavy, multi joint lifts may not be the way to help you perfect in your strength and conditioning sessions. However, it may depend on your ability and the time available. There are other supplemental exercises that still contribute to strength development.

To be a good fighter, you have to learn the tricks, but working with a skilled and experienced trainer is a plus. At Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Centre we have the best trainers who understand the importance of different levels of fighters. We make sure that we develop your strength and conditioning practices according to the ability of your body. Join us today; our goal is to help you meet your goals.