How Kickboxers Can Strengthen Their Kicks

Kickboxing, as the name suggests, is a combat sport wherein players rely a lot on their legs. Legs can be very lethal when delivering strikes to the opponent. Also, kick boxers learn to protect themselves with their legs. Thus, if you wish to be a very good kickboxer, it is important for you to have very strong kicks. Here are some tips for you on how to achieve that:


Do a lot of stretching

In kickboxing, it is important for you to be able to do low kicks and high kicks. But you would not be able to deliver them properly without proper stretching. Stretch your legs so that muscles would not be pulled as you train. A good kickboxer would spend at least ten minutes of leg stretching each morning and even longer before every workout session. Flexible legs can aid in delivering strong kicks.

Do a lot of squats

Squats are probably the best workout for legs. These cannot only increase the upper leg muscle mass but these can also help eliminate body fat. Squats can definitely help you grow your leg muscles. For starters, squats can always be done without weights. But sooner in time, you would have to do this routine with weights. You should have bigger weights as you advance in your training.

Put on some ankle weights

You might also want to put on some ankle weights as you practice your kicks. These would provide resistance for your muscles. Use them regularly as you SLOWLY do some kicks and your kicks would definitely be a lot harder once the weights are removed. Do note however that beginners are advised to wear the lightest weights as possible. Do not be too excited on putting on heavy ankle weights because these might cause injury.

Work out your core strength

Kicks heavily involve leg muscles. However, the strongest kicks are the ones that are assisted with one’s core muscles. Thus, you should always do some planking and other core training workouts at least twice a week. With a stronger core, you would not have a hard time landing your kicks where you want them to. And with a stronger core, you would also not get outbalanced easily as you kick.

Eat a lot of protein

Your leg muscles must be tight and hard. In order to achieve that, you have to be very particular with your diet. Your diet must mainly consist of foods that are rich in protein. Some examples include tuna, salmon, chicken, and eggs. These can definitely aid when it comes to the development of your muscles. Opt for these instead of junk like pizza and doughnuts.

At Calasanz, we specialize in martial arts and general physical fitness. Do you want to learn kickboxing? We offer lessons on that! We can help in working out your kicks so that you would be a good kickboxer. Not only do we help our students train their body, but we help develop their mind and spirit as well.

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