5 Reasons Why Kickboxing Can Help You Beat The Bulge


If you are carrying a little extra body fat, it can be very difficult not to give up hope. Like many dieters, you may have tried and failed to stick with a healthy eating plan or exercise routine. In fact, kickboxing is one of the best ways of beating the bulge and losing your annoying body fat for good. Here are five reasons to give kickboxing a closer look and trim down to reveal the new you.

#1. Kickboxing Is An Efficient Workout

The reason why most people fail with gym-based exercise regimes is that they simply aren’t pushing themselves hard enough. People come in, get comfortable on their stationary bike and cycle at level five for 30 minutes, never 29 or 31. While this dedication is admirable and going to the gym is better than lounging at home on the couch, it rarely gets results. Kickboxing is extremely high-energy as it combines martial arts with cardiovascular exercise. It can burn up to 900 calories per hour if you include jump rope moves. Quite simply, training in a kickboxing class forces people to work far harder than they otherwise would. This increase in effort is guaranteed to be rewarded. Train with kickboxing and you will burn more calories and fat that you ever thought possible.

#2: Kickboxing Is Varied

The second reason why many people quit in the gym is that training is so boring. Despite many treadmills, bikes and steppers having their own built-in programs, at the end of the day people crave social interaction. Pounding away on a treadmill with your eyes glued to the screen becomes fairly boring after the initial novelty wears off. Kickboxing training is different. You are constantly moving between different exercises such as jump rope, sparring and conditioning movements. Although kickboxing exercise classes are non contact, they are designed to replicate the high-intensity situation of an actual kickboxing fight or ‘bout’ lasting for around five minutes. This variation helps people stick with kickboxing classes and stay on track with their fitness goals.

#3: Cardio-Conditioning Is The Best Way Of Burning Fat

Excess fat, especially around your mid section is associated with a greater risk of diabetes and heart disease according to the American Heart Association. Kickboxing is a form of cardio-conditioning and this has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of burning fat. Compared with other gym-based activities such as cycling or weight training, cardio-conditioning is more effective at shifting stubborn belly fat. If fat loss is your goal, kickboxing can help you meet your goals faster than almost any other form of exercise. This alone means that starting kickboxing is a great way to beat the bulge.

#4: Kickboxing Is Whole-Body

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot ‘spot reduce’ fat from a certain area of your body. For example, religiously completing sit ups will not shift your belly fat from that area. When you gain body fat, you gain it all over. It is simply more noticeable at certain areas such as your belly and midsection. When you lose fat, you lose it all over. Kickboxing is great for this as the jump rope and circuit training forces you to use all of your major muscle groups.

#5: Reduces Stress Levels

The secret to successful fat loss is physical exertion followed by recuperation. It is the time between training sessions when your muscles recover and your body can take stock. Kickboxing is ideal for recuperating as it helps you to release stress. Lower stress levels can improve the quality of your sleep and aid your body’s recovery. Many participants of kickboxing classes in CT report that they have greater mental clarity after a training session. They can rid themselves of the stresses of the day and this helps them to unwind. With lower stress levels you are more likely to reach your fitness goals. You will get a huge sense of accomplishment when you complete a kickboxing training session.


These five benefits of kickboxing training should have given you a greater insight into why it’s the perfect way to beat the bulge. Whether you are a rank beginner or already have some training experience behind you, there is bound to be a kickboxing class near you that will accommodate your needs. Your options range from exercise-based classes that teach aerobic moves to full fighting classes where students are eventually taught contact moves. Ask for personal recommendations for training centers in your area and try a taster class before deciding whether it’s for you.

Have you tried kickboxing for weight loss? We’d love to hear from you. Did you experience the benefits listed in this article? Let us know what benefits you discovered and leave us a comment below!

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