The Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer


If you thought that personal trainers are only for movie stars and the rich, think again. A new breed of personal trainer is emerging and many people find personal training to be a great option for them. Hiring a trainer is still a big financial investment for most people. Here are the top ten benefits of personal trainers that could help you decide whether the investment is worthwhile for you.

#1. Affordable Results

Personal trainers can meet you at your home or in a park. You don’t need an expensive gym membership and can exercise outside for free. Many people join a gym and then don’t go, effectively wasting their money. Any money you spend on a personal trainer is guaranteed to get results. Some trainers even let you split the cost with a friend, making training even more affordable.

#2. Tough Love Motivation

Many of us have an image of a personal trainer yelling at their clients. This tough love motivation really works and you’ll never experience this is your exercise alone. This approach can help you finally reach your fitness goals.

#3. Accountability

When training on your own, it is all too easy to skip a session or drop a workout on a whim. Hiring a personal trainer forces you to become accountable for your actions. This can be just the push some people need to become more successful and meet their health and fitness goals.

#4.Holistic Approach

Many people think that personal trainers only provide physical training. In fact, they often give dietary advice too. You will never meet your fat loss or fitness goals through exercise alone. You need to follow a balanced, calorie controlled diet to compliment your efforts in the gym.

#5. Clear Goal Achievement

One of the reasons why people quit in the gym is that they fail to define their fitness goals. Without a goal, they arrive at the gym every day, go through the motions and then become dissatisfied when they fail to see results. A trainer will always look at your current fitness level and help you set manageable goals.

#6. Tailor Made Workouts

It is all well and good buying a fitness or diet book and trying to follow the program. The trouble is that commercially published programs are very general and are designed for everyone. Only a personal trainer can help create a tailor-made workout especially for you. They will look at your medical background, your physical condition and your goals before deciding on a course of action.

#7. Motivation

Many people who train on their own find it hard to keep up their motivation. Without anyone there pushing you for results, it is easy to quit and lose motivation. A trainer help you keep your motivation levels up.

#8. Proper Training Technique

Many people fail to get results because they aren’t exercising correctly. This is particularly true of anyone who does weight lifting moves. Personal trainers will always watch you to ensure that you are performing the move correctly. This reduces your risk of injury and helps you get results. This training will stay will you even after you stop using a personal trainer. You can keep these skills for life whether you work out at a gym or at home.

#9. More Free Time

Personal trainers do charge a lot but your time is also valuable. Trainers can help you get results in less time, freeing you up to do more of the things you love. Don’t overlook that every hour you spend training is an hour less you have to do other things. Personal trainers will force you to use your time efficiently and effective pay for themselves.

#10. Exercise Variety

Many people stagnate as they try the same exercises repeatedly in the gym. These become boring and then motivation goes out of the window. A personal trainer can introduce exercise variety and keep things fresh to ensure that you continue to improve.


Hopefully, this list of ten benefits will help you decide whether hiring a personal trainer is the right financial investment for you. Trainers clearly offer a wide range of benefits that can help people stay on track and meet their health and fitness goals. If you have tried and failed to get into shape before, you may recognize from this article the various stumbling blocks that held back your progress. Training alone can be boring and demoralizing and it can be difficult to maintain accountability and keep up motivation whilst you train. Personal trainers can help you overcome these difficulties and help you get the body you dream of. That said, the will to change has to come from within you and hiring a personal trainer is no guarantee of success. Good trainers will drill that into you from day one!

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