5 Beginner Tips For Mastering The MMA Ground And Pound

Today we’re getting into the Ground and Pound, one of the most devastating moves in MMA. There is a specific style to doing an effective ground and pound. If you know a few tips, this move will stand you in good stead, whether during sparing, competition or even self-defence. Here are five tips suitable for beginner MMA fighters that should help you master your ground and pound.

Tip #1. Maintain Good Posture

When you are ground-and-pounding someone, you will push them onto their back into the guard position with their legs wrapped around your waist. You will be kneeling on the floor with their legs wrapped around you. The most important tip for mastering this move is to maintain good posture. Sit on your heels, keep your back straight and your head up. Don’t let your opponent pull you in. Settle yourself into the ground and pound by pushing onto your opponents hips. This lets you arch back with one hand and pull off a regular strike to your opponent’s face.

Tip #2. Commit To A Style


There are only two styles of ground and pound holds in MMA. Either you are smothering your opponent with your head on their solar plexus or you are all the way back with your back bowed and your hands controlling their hips so that they cannot move. A classic rookie error is to lower your head mid way. Skilled opponents will seize this opportunity to push you back, loop one of their legs over your shoulder and get you into a hold. Commit to one style and hold it.

Tip #3. Master Hammer-fist Strikes

Regular strikes are great during a ground and pound but you’ll want to master the hammer-fist strike to really make the most out of this devastating move. The hammer-fist is a really good, versatile punch. Arch your back and bring your fist down like a hammer. This will defeat a front or a side block as your opponent lies on their back. The most effective type of hammer-fist punch starts in a big wide swing. Instead of a regular punch, make a vertical hook with the back of your hand facing your chest. This is an extremely strong punch where you can really use the power of your shoulder muscles to good effect.

Tip #4. Use A Ground And Pound Bag For Drills

You can use regular heavy bags laid flat for drills but purpose-designed bags are superior. When performing drills, work for quality instead of quantity. A well-placed hammer-fist punch will knock your opponent out. In the guard position, throw three big punches, move and repeat. Throw three punches, go to the side of the bag and throw three more then switch sides and throw three more. This drill will improve your cardiovascular fitness and this technique will work well in a fight to help you conserve your energy. Do this drill for three three-minute rounds. The more comfortable you get, the faster you will move. This will make you a more efficient fighter.

Tip #5. Train Your Core Muscles

Ground and pounds are all about your core muscles. You really don’t use your legs that much and it’s the strength of your core muscles that will determine the effectiveness of the move. Besides drills and sparring practice, exercise moves that develop your core muscles should be part of your training regime. The gold-standard move is a hanging leg raise where you grab onto an overhead bar, and slowly raise your straightened legs until they are perpendicular with your body. Hold for a count of one and then slowly lower. Performing three sets of ten raises twice a week will help develop your core muscle strength. To improve your oblique abdominal muscles, you can add a twist to this move. This will help you develop a strong core and help you better control your opponent during the ground and pound. If you are already in good condition, you can make these exercises more challenging by adding ankles weights. Resembling cannon balls with handles, kettlebells are particularly effective for MMA fighters looking to increase their speed, strength and agility. Extra resistance will help develop your strength.


These five tips should help beginner MMA fighters master the ground and pound move in record time. According to a leading provider of martial arts training in CT, the ground and pound is one of the most devastating moves in MMA. These five tips should help you stay in control and deliver maximum damage without your opponent wriggling free, breaking your hold, fighting back or locking you in a hold. These five tips should help you exploit the potential of this move and add it to your arsenal when you fight. If you have already mastered this move, what tips would you offer? Let us know your personal favorite tips for mastering the ground and pound. Leave us a comment below!

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