How To Have The Perfect Beginner MMA Home Training Workout

In this article we’re going to break down the fighting stance and the two most effective punches in MMA, the jab and the cross. Stance is one of the most important aspects of fighting an MMA bout. If you don’t have a good stance, you’ll going to deliver hits with less power, get knocked down more and lack strength in a fight. Here are six tips for having the perfect beginner MMA home-training workout.

Tip #1. Master Your Stance

Begin every home workout by practicing your basic stance. If you are right handed, you’ll start with your right foot back, and if you are left-handed, you will start with your left food back. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and imagine you are waiting for a bus. Depending on your dominant hand, put the corresponding leg back. Keep your legs at a 45-degree angle, keep your back heel off the ground and keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Devote some time to perfecting your stance during every workout session.

Tip #2. Practice Moving


Once you have adopted your stance, you need to practice moving. It’s really simple. Moving forward, you bring your front foot forward, moving back means you move your back foot first. The helps you move without losing your balance. Move left or right by moving your left or right foot first respectively and let your other foot follow. This gives you a great solid stance from which to attack or defend.

Tip #3. Jab

The most basic punch is the jab. You will use the jab for finding your range, instead of a big power punch like a cross. When you practice, all of your power should come from your legs. A well-placed jab can still knock an opponent out. The basic style of jab takes its power from your legs. The action is similar to as if you were trying to scare someone and stamping your leading foot down. As you do this, your non-dominant hand jabs out. Keep your other hand near your cheekbone in a defensive position. When you throw the jab, get out as fast as possible and back in. This keeps you ready for your opponent as they retaliate. The final detail is to exhale as you jab out.

Tip #4. The Cross

The cross is your power punch using your dominant hand. Once your master your stance, you’ll find it easier to put your full force into a cross as your back leg corresponds with your dominant hand. This lets you twist your hips forwards as you punch while keeping the balls of your feet on the floor. Combining this twist with the cross is the best way of delivering a devastating punch. Speed is essential as you want to draw back your hand after delivering the punch so that your opponent can not attack you.

Tip #5. Develop A Drill

The most basic drill is a jab-cross. A good basic workout drill is called ‘The Fireman’. Practice on your stance by move forward, back, left and right. Throw a jab every ten seconds. Practice makes perfect so joining a martial arts training center will help you perfect your stance, jabs, movement and crosses will ensure that you aren’t practicing the wrong way. Practicing a thousand hours a week is worthless if you aren’t practicing perfectly. A basic drill will be ten minutes in length. Finding your stance, you’ll aim to throw a jab every ten seconds for the duration of the drill. A key detail is that the heel of your rear foot never touches the ground. You should never cross your feet and you must get comfortable in your stance. With five minutes on the clock, you’ll build up your endurance. To develop speed and agility, you can use kettlebells to perform basic lifting exercises such as the snatch.


This basic MMA workout should help any beginner fighter master the key competencies required to be successful in the ring. All MMA moves come from having a solid stance, good movement and lightning-quick reflexes. Completing this five-minute drill at home is the basis of a good MMA workout. It should help you develop your strength, endurance and speed. One problem with home training is that if you make mistakes, you run the risk of engraining these errors. Joining an MMA class can help because an instructor is on hand to ensure that you are adopting the correct stance and throwing your jabs and crosses properly. Training the wrong way just makes it harder to complete the moves accurately later. One alternative to simple home workouts is to use an online or DVD training system. There is still no instructor watching that you are doing it correctly but you have a physical reference for how the moves should look as you complete them.

Have you mastered your jab and cross for MMA fighting? How did you perfect your moves? Let us know and leave us a comment below.

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