Calasanz Puts 125 Pounds on Each Leg and Splits in Two

Calasanz as a dedicated Martial Artist has never stopped training.  Today we give you a look at an amazing feat of strength and flexibility he has been preparing for.  Please, do NOT try this at home.  You can read more about how he did it and the story behind Calasanz here.

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Is MMA Good for Kids? by Calasanz

The popularity of mixed martial arts competitions, or MMA has naturally spawned an interest in children who want to pursue the sport. This has created a rising demand for MMA instruction and most parents turn to martial art schools as their first source.

Despite its popularity, there is a lot of controversy surrounding MMA for kids. The goal in an MMA match is a knockout or submission through a choke hold or limb lock, where kids have to “tap out” to signal to their partners that it’s enough. Many find the practice of teaching children how to fight so aggressively barbaric and are calling for a ban of the sport. Many parents and martial artists are horrified at sight of young children being cheered on for attacking each other and the message that this is sending to young impressionable minds. 

Unfortunately, kids have taped themselves fighting MMA style and have posted it on You Tube, just like kids have done with backyard wrestling.  Some of the kids who post their fights are beating the daylights out of each other in their living rooms or garages. In some of these videos, there is no safety gear, no adult in sight supervising their actions nor have they had adequate training.  This is a disaster waiting to happen. 

My other concern is the MMA tournaments for children.  While training in a well-structured class with a competent, safety conscious instructor is fine with me, you lose a lot of that control when your children participate in tournament competition.  You don’t know who your child is fighting against and how this child has been trained.  The reality is that there are many instructors and parents training their own kids, who teach them how to fight dirty and don’t both fostering good sportsmanlike behavior. 

While some of these tournaments are well organized and pay close attention to safety regulations, others are not and you are putting your child at risk. It will be tournaments like this that create an environment for serious injuries and may eventually force the government to step in. There is also a lot of concern, especially from the medical community that children who participate in MMA are prone to elbow, knee, wrist, ankle, neck and shoulder injuries.

The reality however is that children who participate in sports are always at risk for injuries whether they play football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics or even cheerleading.  Many kids also end up getting injured just by riding their bikes.  Injuries are a part of an active child’s life.  The bottom line is that if your son or daughter wants to learn MMA, you have to choose a school and an instructor who puts safety first.  So as a parent, don’t just sign up your kid at the first school that offers MMA classes.  Pay close attention to the instructor’s attitude, teaching style and attention to safety. 

ESPN and ABC’s 20/20 have both aired mainstream media investigative reports on the topic. The ABC 20/20 segment showcased Gillett’s Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Fall River, Massachusetts.  If all children who wanted to learn mixed martial arts had access to a school like this one, I would say “go for it.”  From what I observed in this segment and others featuring the same school, I found it to be a very responsible martial arts establishment.

The first thing I liked about the school is that the boys and girls in the segments wore headgear and the gloves with substantial padding. The instructors were adequately supervising the kids and actively coaching during the course of the matches. Several parents were interviewed and were very pleased with the results of the instruction.  They found their children were more disciplined, respectful and also improved in school. They also said that their kids don’t use MMA outside of the school. This is a sign of good instruction.  Interestingly, the mayor of Fall River, Robert Correia, who blasted the school, never even visited the place nor did he take the time out to talk to those involved.

Bottom line is that when any martial art, traditional or mixed, is taught by a competent instructor, a child is reaps the benefits.  Boys and girls who participate in any martial art tend to be less violent and more responsible than their counterparts.  This just doesn’t happen by accident.  Training with a qualified instructor minimizes injuries and does not teach violence. So if your child wants to train in MMA, take the time to find a good school.

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Georgia Girl, 7, Escapes Abductor: You can avoid becoming a victim too!

Many others could potentially do the same as what this brave, seven year old girl did by escaping her would-be kidnapper. If you can remember the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy who murdered many young women, one of his smallest and tiniest victims ended up surviving because she fought back. The number one self defense technique depends on your own aggression. This little girl was on her own for a brief time in Walmart. During this attack, she defended herself by striking her assailant. Be aggressive and learn how to strike if you want to survive, do not attempt to learn how to twist someone’s arm until you become aggressive, balanced, powerful, and grounded. Many people could learn a thing or two from this young girl who was smart enough to know when she was in danger and had the presence of mind to know when to show her fighting spirit.

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Calasanz and the Movie “Crossing the Line”: The Real Story (part 1)

When I first came to the United States I wanted to make my mark, I wanted to make a name for myself. Upon entering this country I had a goal in mind and I said it over and over again, “I came here to make a movie.” I heard what Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others had to go through in Hollywood with the politics involved in making it big and I did not want to follow that path. Even Bruce Lee went back to China because of those same politics. I kept going and would not falter on my decision, I wanted to make this movie in the U.S., not my home country of the Dominican Republic. Besides, I was only training in martial arts in the Dominican Republic part time. I was respected the first time I entered a martial arts school because of my natural ability and most of all I never slacked off.  You should also understand that I was a bit of a show off, if someone wanted to take a photo with me or asked me to do a full split, I did it immediately. All that showing off surprises me when I look back at it but I enjoyed showing off my skills and I do have a strong respect for martial arts and the instructors that had a hand in my training, especially Tameyoshi Sakemoto. I gained the trust and heart of Sakemoto because I possessed a gift to be a naturally gifted martial artist and I never abused that gift. Most of my fights were won without fighting, anyone that wanted to discuss martial arts with me understood my skills and knew that I required and deserved respect. There were some cases where I won a fight but I was fortunate that it was not too serious a fight because even though I was in good shape maybe my diet was not so good, maybe I worked too hard, put too much pressure on myself, or  made too many mistakes. When you are training hard and put that amount of pressure on yourself, regardless of how good a shape you are in, you would not be at your strongest with all that stress.

When I was eight years old when I taught my four year old brother how to hurt another kid who was bullying him. Between eight and 12 years old I knew how to take a big step forward and deliver the hardest kick to a cow that connected on its belly. There is an empty space that this animal has, I would love to know the name of that specific muscle, you hit it hard and they go down for at least one minute! I used to do that all the time, until one day I got caught, before the cow got up my father came and knew exactly what happened.

As I start training in martial arts, all my friends realized that I had a talent for what I was doing. They realized that no one on the farms in the Dominican Republic could trade kicking with me including his elders. I could easily win a fight just by kicking. Fighting was something came easy to me, I could look at a person and immediately knew when to strike, bite, punch, or kick them. I would take examples from today’s self defense techniques like MMA and Wing Chun Chi Sau and I would know where to strike just by looking at a person‘s body. I loved martial arts but my father begged me to get into boxing but I wanted more than just beating someone as a sport.

In 1975 my father and I went to see a movie made famous by Bruce Lee titled “Enter the Dragon.” I knew right away that I wanted to make a film. I started planning a trip to the U.S. I knew that I could make a business out of movies and acting. I did not want to just teach anymore, I knew that I wanted to be on the big screen. I wanted to do exactly what Bruce was did. At this point I already had a diploma and a job at a bank. I was able to convince my job to let me take a break to go to the U.S. to study. I applied for a visa and got accepted to the University of Bridgeport. When I got to the university I didn’t open a book, I was more focused on anything and everything to do with martial arts. This journey to get to the U.S. and make something of myself was realized when I opened my school. After opening the school, the idea I had long ago to make a movie would finally be reality.

To be continued….

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Why CALASANZ KARATE AND KUNG-FU SYSTEM over your local karate studio?

Why CALASANZ KARATE AND KUNG-FU SYSTEM over your local karate studio? We have one of the largest facilities in New England for training and exercise. We have developed a refined system of five disciplines specifically to improve your hockey skills. Calasanz Kickboxing and Goju-Ryu Karate techniques yield explosive leg power, shoulder strength, and forearm strength. Wing Chun Kung-Fu and American Boxing techniques enhance grounding and balance skills. We also teach injury prevention skills and have helped many individuals rehabilitate themselves.

The plan is tailored to fit your hectic athletic schedule. We recommend one day per week in season and one – two days per week out of season. Personalized, group, family, or team plans are available. This program is for ages 5 and above.

If you are a female hockey player, you must realize how popular this sport has become in the last few months because of the women’s U.S.A. Hockey Team’s past achievement of winning the Olympic Gold Medal. Colleges, particularly Ivy League Colleges, will be recruiting for their hockey programs for years to come. We feel our system of training, exercise, and athleticism might give you that competitive edge against another athlete of comparable hockey skills, thereby helping you fulfill your dreams.

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Calasanz was about nine years old when he noticed a man insulting a lady. That man was around 22 years old, tall, and physically fit. Even at a young age, Calasanz defended the lady. If no one intervened, the fight may have ended badly for the man. I trapped this man’s head on a fence covered with barbed wire and I was choking him. I was a strong kid and thankfully for that guy, someone broke up the fight.

I was loved and famous since I was two years old with most of my fame coming from dancing, singing, and working harder than anyone else on the farm. At the age of seven I was milking 20 cows. On top of being so strong, I had high energy and my parents could not control me. One particular fight was against a young man named Alvarado who was insulting my cousin Jose.  Jose was not fighting back, so I jumped to his defense. Alvarado was older and twice my size and normally would have helped defend me did not have to interfere because I was kicking Alvarado so hard that all he could do was try to survive. This fight even became popular among the neighbors and was talked about for quite some time. I kicked like a mule in that fight. What I did to Alvarado back then was karate. I was able to teach my five year old brother how to counter attack. My brother got into a fight one day and applied what I taught him and at one point punched a kid so hard that he was down for almost three minutes. There were some bad kids around; we were the well behaved, educated kids, who did not take abuse from anyone.

Now I can reflect back to when I played softball. I was young, responsible, popular, and I worked at a bank. The bank had a softball league, so they convinced me to play, knowing that as a kid, I was a very good player.  Even though at this point in life, I was dedicated to martial arts and stopped playing other sports like baseball and softball. I decided to play the season and we won the championship. I gained popularity by hitting the ball so hard. All the players would laugh at me when I stepped up to the plate but I always turned those laughs around by getting hit after hit. During one of the games, a teammate and police officer named Brian, who was as big as a football player, and me weighing 120 pounds, both went to catch a fly ball. Second before Brian crashed into me, he screamed and said, “Look who I am crashing into today.” Brian ended up getting the worst of the collision and almost cried.  I was 16 years old and just 120 pounds.

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Training Students from other Systems Part Two: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from: “Training Students from other Systems Part One: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography”

In another case, a guy who was a third degree black belt visited me and enrolled in one of our Street Survivor classes.  I paired him up with a 16 year old who had been training with us for only one month.  I had them do some practical drills and the 16 year old got the best of him.  He kicked him in the shin and dropped him to the ground.  He got up from the floor and started crying when I told him that the kid who just knocked him down had only been training for one month!

Another problem with training students from other systems is that some lack the basics.  There are many good martial art schools out there.  The way I can tell if someone has had a good teacher is to look at their basics.  Do they have a strong foundation?  Can they throw a punch?  Can they throw a kick without losing their balance?  Are their stances strong and grounded?  Some students from other systems know a lot of techniques, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know their basics.  It is just a house built on a very shaky foundation.  I had one woman come to my school who failed to mention that she had a black belt from another school.  She told another one of my students of her rank, who later told me.  I thought training her would be easy.  Wrong.  I gave her three techniques and asked her to put them into a sequence.  Start in a front stance, switch to a horse stance and then switch back into a front stance.  It took me 10 minutes to get her to do this right.  It should have taken a well-trained black belt 3 seconds to do this properly.

Some experienced students started training in a style that was not particularly suited for them.  For example, I have had some students over 40 who started training in a style that emphasized a lot of high kicking and jumping.  Other styles demand low stances or too much snapping when kicking.   It is no wonder that they come to me frustrated and feeling that maybe martial arts is not for them, even though they really enjoyed it.  Any style can be practiced by anyone.  It is up to the instructor to tailor the system to fit the student.  Unfortunately, many schools have a “one size fits all” approach.  This means that you have to keep up with the class with little or no special attention.  I like to tailor the techniques to the particular student.

One woman enrolled in my school after 10 years of training in another system.  She lacked confidence, could not fight and wasn’t very street smart.  I personally trained her for 3 months and saw her confidence and skills improve dramatically.  After the 3-month period, she decided to take the group class.  I paired her up with another woman who was fairly new and had not had any martial arts training.  This bothered her.  I was hoping that by putting her with someone new, it would remind her how far she had come in her training.  When she first started, she could not block a shin kick without experiencing pain in her leg.  I told her that this would soon change and it did.  Experienced martial artists who come to train with me are very often asked to assist with lower ranked students once we have taught them the basics of the system.  Because there are students with different ranks, everyone learns from someone else.  I also expected someone who had trained in martial arts for over 10 years to understand the importance of learning how to teach and assisting lower ranks.  She could not see this.  All she saw was that we put her to train with someone who was not as good as she was and this upset her.  She had a lot to offer and the higher ranks had much to offer her.  This is one of the ways we help students improve their skills.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t understand it not matter how much we explained it.

This brings me to the case of a student who came to me after he had been hired by the sheriff’s department.  He was having a problem dealing at job in controlling the people he was either arresting or transporting.  He had taken martial arts classes for a long time and even though he was a good kicker, he had no concept of the streets.  He asked his instructor for help and his response was “you’re smart enough to put it together.”  So he came to me.  I worked with him for 2 weeks.  He had a lot to offer, he just needed someone to help him translate it into something practical.  His teacher was not willing, but I was.  After the 2 weeks, he never had a problem again.  This man went on to become a police officer and trains with us to this day and has referred countless numbers of law enforcement officers to this school.

To be continued…

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A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography: The Early Years – Part One

I was raised on a farm in the Dominican Republic.  One of my earliest memories of the fighting arts was through my father’s fascination with boxing.  I remember how he used to get excited every time his favorite boxer landed a punch.  My father wanted me to be a boxer.  He and some of his brothers were considered the strongest men on the farm.  He noticed the same family traits in me and encouraged me to go into boxing. He saw at an early age that I had natural talent and power. He even offered to sponsor my career in it.  Although I didn’t take the path of a boxer, my father respected the fact that despite my power, I was not a bully.  Being exposed to boxing as a young child, I always knew that I wanted to be a fighter but I didn’t see the point of two people getting into the ring to fight for no reason.  The mission behind my desire to be a fighter wasn’t about titles, trophies or glory.  It was about self-defense and defense of others.  It was about sticking up for the underdog. It was about survival.

As a kid, I was very creative and liked to entertain people in town by singing and dancing.  I was also a very hard working farm boy and my family and neighbors took notice.  So did my classmates who were very jealous of the attention I was getting in the neighborhood.  I started having problems in school and knew that at some point, I was going to have to stand up for myself.  I didn’t tell my parents what was going on and resolved to deal with the problems myself.  While part of me was scared, another part of me was very excited.  I had always identified with the underdog and was a defender of those who were picked on or unable to fight back.

I remember one day when I was ten years old, my father sent me downtown on a horse to pick up a 200-pound bag of rice.  As made my way back home, I noticed a man insulting one of the women in my neighborhood.  I yelled at him to leave her alone, but he yelled back “Listen little rabbit, you are too small to tell me what to do.”  I jumped off the horse and went after this guy who was about three times my size and age.  I fought as hard as I could.  Finally someone broke up the fight.  I thought I was going to choke him to death!!  My father found out about it and told me never to do that again, especially against someone who had so much physical advantage.  The woman never forgot what I did for her that day.  That was the greatest reward.

It was at this time that I also realized the power that could be generated in the legs.  I was milking one of our cows, which was in a particularly bad mood that day.  So she kicked me!  I got so angry that I got up, took a step back and kicked her in the stomach, knocking her down.  My father saw what I had done and gave me a spanking.  Even though I was being punished, I couldn’t believe what I had done. 

To be continued…

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Shin Conditioning with Logic and Common Sense

Comment:  looks like mr miyagi teaching muay thai. ive done muay thai for a while now and neva kicked a bag with pads on lol, and if my shins were to bruised up i just would kick the bag full stop!

Response:  Thank you for your comment however misguided.  Calasanz has been teaching martial arts longer than you’ve been on this earth, so he knows a thing or two about conditioning. Our shin conditioning goes beyond the usual slamming of the shin against a heavy bag. It is a multi-exercise approach that will gradually build up the shin so our students avoid serious injuries and blood clots.  The taped bag that is being kicked in this video is very hard. If you can sustain a kick on this bag even with a shin pad, you’re okay. We prefer to train intelligently. If you want to cripple yourself, then go ahead. If you don’t train wisely in your 20’s, you will pay for it in your 50’s.

Nana Smith Testimonial about Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

My name is Nana Smith. For the past 10 years, I could not imagine that shopping for jeans can be a celebration. My joy of discovery is so great that I want all to know about it.

I had been training all my life. My passion for “workouts” started back home in Georgia – a small country on Black Sea. I had my personal trainer who taught me my first kicks and punches. I swam for several hours. I ran cross country. I skied. But upon coming to America, my life changed dramatically. My time was consumed working and struggling to provide everyday living necessities for myself. My beloved workouts went by the wayside for a while.

However, after a few years, I regained the time to allow “workouts” to re-enter my life. I did boot camps at 4:30 am. I ran along the Long Island Sound with a 20-pound backpack. I sweat like a pig – and I loved it. I totally loved it all except for two small problems: (1) I was gaining weight every day; becoming more and more muscular and larger. (2) My knees hurt so badly that sometimes I could not go up and down stairs. I felt heavy, old, huge and very often depressed.

It was time to change something in my training. I was 205 pounds with huge muscles all over my body when I started Bickram Yoga. I went in hot rooms seven days a week for one year; sometimes I took two classes in a row. Bickram softened me a bit. But the process was contrary to my natural desire for physical action. It was strange to sit still for 90 minutes in a dark room till almost fainting and repeating this process day after day. I kept telling myself, ‘this is good, you are losing weight,” but it still felt strange.

I was at the crossroads of changing my workout pattern again when I received an email from Calasanz Physical Arts. I knew about the place a bit. I knew that this is a place where celebrities trained and that the owner, Calasanz, had become a “celebrity” himself over the years. He is the creator of a unique physical development system, “Creating The Body You Want,” with more when 20 years experience training women.

I truly thought it would be way too expensive for me until I saw an advertisement stating that “we offer special rates to accommodate the rocky times of recession.” Putting things on a “to-do” list is not my nature, so I just picked up the phone right away and called. And to my surprise, Calasanz answered himself. (Celebrities usually do not answer their phones.) After a brief conversation, I went to see him.

The Calasanz dojo is anything but gym. It is a large, open, airy complex with many rooms, and fully equipped with mirrors, ballet bars, showers (the places I had trained in before had no showers whatsoever, even Bickram Yoga), lockers, and even a tea bar. There is no heavy equipment or machines. But there are a lot of different bars, punching bags, sticks, martial arts dummies and a myriad of hand weights.

The dojo is very symmetrical and has a natural warmth and very positive aura. Coming from Europe where the scale is much smaller, it was almost impossible for me to enjoy regular American gyms – too large, too hot in summer, too cold in winter and most of all, environments where I felt personally isolated. The positive aura of the dojo, plus Calasanz himself and his trainers and students makes me feel welcomed. Everybody’s attitude is very positive and they all display the great respect of the master. Calasanz himself is a charismatic, down-to-earth person. He likes to oversee the entire group. He is truly unique from all others I’ve trained with and his dojo is unique from all other gyms. He calls it a temple. And truly it feels like temple.

On my fist day, he greeted me at the door, gave me a tour and then took me upstairs for the first training. He told me, “You are in the right place; now you will receive the best guidance, and we will fix everything.”  I just smiled. Calasanz’s approach is gentle on the body. I could feel my muscles stretching. I could feel them working out in a natural manner using mostly body strength and different hand and ankle weights. I took a few classes with Calasanz and then signed for the entire year … and this was the best thing I could have done for myself!

While training, I watch myself in mirrors as all others do … and day after day I see my astounding transformation. I started as a middle age woman of 185 pounds (truly needing size 14 clothes) who was bottled up in her inner self. In less than 2 months of training, I now look at myself in the mirror and I see a young, elegant, open woman. My body shrunk in the right places and developed where it should be developed. I came down to size 8. I look and feel like I am in my 30s again! I now love shopping for clothes. And I even catch admiring eyes and find men holding doors for me. I have more energy than I ever had. I not only look younger, I feel younger. I sleep less and want to do more. The result is totally magnificent!

The best part of it is that exercises are safe and natural. My pains and aches are gone. My knees, back, and overall muscles feel rejuvenated. Calasanz often says that he is body scientist and now I understand what he means. He not only understands physical anatomy, he also knows what kind of exercises suit your body type. So a person can become leaner, lighter, more graceful, more elegant and simply beautiful without hurting him or herself in an optimal time frame. And it is never boring because he rotates exercises on a daily basis – making it fun to do and assuring muscles don’t adjust to the same movement over and over again.

Programs are versatile and schedules are very flexible. He has group and private classes as well as boot camps. Calasanz is one of the best Marital Artists in the world and offers a huge selection of Martial Arts Forms to learn. We can also access his library with hundreds of DVDs featuring specific training courses and that capture Calasanz in the action. And there is more to come as he is now developing his Calasnaz Systems Yoga methodology.

The Calasanz dojo is open 7 days a week, day and night, 365 days a year. If you are seriously interested in transforming your body, getting a thinking man or woman’s workout, learning the art of self-defense or martial arts forms at large, I urge you to take a complimentary session with Calasanz. It will change your life. And in my case, experience the added benefit of enjoying shopping for jeans!