Calasanz 30th Anniversary Dojo Testing Special to be held on February 16th, 2013

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For years, Calasanz has tirelessly worked to take care of his students. Back in the day, Calasanz scheduled a big promotion date on a Saturday and those who were scheduled to help at the last minute were not able to attend. Instead of canceling, Calasanz tested 120 students himself. This included coaching, holding boards for breaking, registering, taking registration fees, making change and encouraging each student to do his or her best. Calasanz did the work of 10 people that day and all the students who worked hard and prepared for months were able to test and get promoted.

In honor of Calasanz 30th year of martial art excellence, he will be repeating this feat again and testing all his students by himself upstairs! This kind of event is special and rare. He has only done this a few times over his long illustrious career in the martial arts! Students will be able to schedule their test from 4am to 11pm on Saturday February 16th. This test will be filmed by a professional videographer and still photos will be taken. Internet links will be distributed to corresponding students in order to view your personal results online.

Many students from the past who know who Calasanz really is, will be here in order to honor this special occasion. Some of them will be testing and or participating in a 5 minute video recording. This day should be about ours students and their test with Calasanz.

Everyone get ready!!!!

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How to Hold a Board for a Breaking Demonstration: by Calasanz

Breaking objects, like boards, bricks, etc, it is not hard as you might think, in fact it is very easy, but requires some skill on the holder, but more over on the striker, any mistake on the technique used to execute the break could cost you an injury, for example you must take in consideration the lacking of your wrist, your foot, your concentration, your stances, the direction of your chi, if these skill are right, then the next thing is who is holding the object. Calasanz did what not too many martial artist even think on doing, but he never injure himself, it bother him when he hear instructors talking about the amount of bones they have broken by breaking boards, first of all, if you are going to break an object and you get hurt, that would be an embarrassment toward your career in the martial arts, unless you are trying to set a record or something, it is clear that any time you try to surpass in an event there is a risk behind, but if you routinely do breaks and then you get hurt, then there is not doubt, that you should practice your martial arts for a while before you go back to break, because it is not acceptable to get hurt every time you do a break, some martial artists believe that is a pride for them to break their wrist or arm, not in the Calasanz system which the system of skill.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness


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Training the Beginner: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from: “Teaching the Calasanz System – Part Three: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography”

I tell my beginning students to stop focusing on how they look and concentrate on how they feel.  Do they have more energy?  So they have more confidence?  This is what is important.  If you stick with something long enough, you will eventually see the physical results.  But within a few months, you start to feel more secure in that you’ve learned something about defending yourself.

Our first job with beginners is to work on their coordination.  New students sometimes come to this school with misconceptions about martial arts training and their own abilities.  For example, I have had many new students who have only worked out on machines.  Some of them have a hard time making this transition, especially when they have to rely on their bodies to do the work.  I had one woman who enrolled in the school after having spent several years working with machines.  She told me that she wanted to take the traditional approach to studying the martial arts.  It took me many months to work on her coordination.  She was studying for her green belt and had to break a board.  She was nervous about this so I arranged for a black belt instructor to help her get ready for the break.  Her training required that her instructor to swing at her, she would evade it and then strike the pad with her shin.  The next day she came into my office and complained that she had a tiny bruise on her shin.  She was very angry and I was even more upset that we were having this conversation.  A tiny bruise is inconsequential to what she had learned.  I told her that a tiny bruise is nothing in comparison to what she learned here at the school.  I reminded her of all I went through just to teach her the basics.  She was now coordinated and able to train on her own without equipment.  She didn’t want to hear it.  She left in the middle of class and didn’t return.

We’ve had many students who have trained here because they couldn’t train anywhere else. We had the patience to work with them and help them develop skills that they never thought they would have.  Once they learn how to control their bodies, they go off to other martial arts schools or take up dancing, yoga or some other type of physical activity.  Now we have trained them to adapt to any physical activity.  We get a lot of students who end up coming back because of the amount of attention we pay to their training.  When they return, they find they have forgotten what they worked so hard to attain.  Some of them don’t understand that it is the skill of the instructor and their commitment that can help them maintain a healthy body for the rest of their lives. 

To be continued…

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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The Early Years – Part Four: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from “A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography:The Early Years – Part Three”

Santiago is a tough city.  When I first arrived, I had to quickly become accustomed to surviving in an urban environment.  There are two stories that stick in my mind to this day that involved two local tough guys.  One was named Calier, the other, Dario.  Calier was so bad that the police didn’t even want to deal with him.  I remember he tried to fight me one day.  I hit him with a right and he went flying over the hood of a car.  I was surprised because I barely put a lot of power into the punch.  This altercation turned into a nightmare.  I was concerned about his bad reputation.  Fortunately, things cooled down after a while.  The other guy, Dario, thought he was above the law and demanded respect from everyone. Dario was one of the most accomplished mechanics in the Dominican Republic.  He worked on racing cars and was the manager of one of the biggest body shop in town.  I had gotten a part-time job with him in order to make some extra money.  Dario was determined to pick a fight with me.  One day he got his wish.  Unfortunately for him, he found himself on the ground with two broken teeth.  The next day, over 25 neighborhood kids, including two of Dario’s brothers, came to see me and start taking classes with me. 

Two months after I started my martial arts training, I was asked by some friends to come to a town called San Jose de Las Matas to perform for them and their girlfriends.  I was just a white belt at the time and all I focused on was martial arts, work and school.  I put on a comedic martial arts demonstration and even had some black belts come and watch.  My performance was very aggressive and funny, and no one even bothered challenging me. I would go on to do many demonstrations in the Dominican Republic and in the United States, including my Super Breaks.  

One of my closest friends, Felo, had come with me to the first karate demonstration.  He started training in karate on the same day I started.  He couldn’t continue his studies, so I became his teacher.  Four months later, Felo was fighting black belts. There was a local martial arts club that needed a teacher.  Now Felo was in competition with me and wanted this job badly.  Felo challenged me to a fight to take place at the martial arts club.  Felo was much bigger than me. We started by teaching a formal class.  We then had a sparring session were the students fought each other as well as with us. Finally, Felo and I were left standing.  He came after me as if he wanted to kill.  I threw one of my favorite kicks.  I threw an extremely hard kick that landed on his head.  His mouth, ears, and eyes started to bleed.  Felo retired from martial arts after the match.  I had used this kick on an earlier challenger who came after me with the same vengeance as Felo.  He was smart enough to quit after he saw me throw the same kick.  

As a martial artist, I had no desire to compete in tournaments.  There were plenty of opportunities in the Dominican Republic, but I wasn’t interested.  I wanted to become a real fighter.  This meant fighting without pads, rules or referees. I upset my teacher once when I refused to enter a karate tournament he was sponsoring.  I took it upon myself to find out who won the point-fighting category.  I was determined to prove a point.  I didn’t believe in using gloves.  I found the winner, challenged him to a match and beat him.

 To be continued…

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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From our Archive footage, we are back with the Cable TV show.

During the course of 3 months we have brought to life the beauty of martial arts. The beauty of a system which gives you the understanding that martial arts can be real and inspirational to you, your family, and your friends but above all to all in the community, yet still can be stylish and beautiful at the same time.

What made these 7 shows that aired on channel 8 is the fact that many received a clear view of martial arts that is not just practiced because you want to know how to kick or punch somebody, but rather is based on your life. Martial arts definitely makes your life better, starting with your job so look for upcoming shows in the future.

We thank you for joining us at the Calasanz Karate, Kung Fu, kickboxing, Boxing & Physical Arts fitness Center. We hope you learn a little, and enjoy a lot. We hope you will stop by to meet Calasanz himself, and learn if this 1500 year old discipline that may be the answer you have been looking for in your life. Whether you’re seeking to expand your warrior skills, your health, your fitness, your ability to defend yourself, your self confidence -or you’re simply hoping to explore the many dimensions of your own being, we welcome you to the shared journey.

Chi is the basic life-force that powers the Martial Arts. Next week, we’ll talk about how a Martial Artist increases his chi in order to fight or defend himself. And yes… you’ll find out exactly how boards get broken and we look forward to sharing these secrets with you.

Remember, as the ancient Chinese sages tell us, the journey of a 1000 Miles begins with a single step. To take that step, call 203-847-6528 today and speak with Calasanz.

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Calasanz: the early years.

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Calasanz has seen many martial artists execute breaks and seriously injure themselves in the process. The cause of these injuries was misdirected chi. A well known local martial arts instructor once asked my advice regarding his breaking technique. He complained that every time he would execute a break, he would injure himself. So I observed his technique and was able to make the necessary corrections. His problem was misdirected Chi. The next time I saw him, he told me that he no longer injured himself during his breaks.

Calasanz has strong belief in the power of chi. He believes that if you have a healthy body, mind and spirit, then your body is capable of rejecting any poison going into your body, which later on could cost damage to some your organs on your body.

“Board Don’t Hit Back”…But Bruce Lee Used Them Anyway!

You Tuber:

“boards don’t hit back” Bruce Lee


Is this all you can come up with? Why don’t you look at the picture on page 38 of the book entitled Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee’s Commentaries on the Martial Way, by Bruce Lee and John Little and tell me what is Bruce Lee doing in the picture? Breaking boards. Or why don’t you pick up a copy of Bruce Lee: The Incomparable Fighter, by M. Uyehara, turn to page 29 and read. What does Bruce Lee talk about in detail? Breaking boards. What did Bruce Lee use to demonstrate his one-inch punch? Boards. What about his one-finger board breaks? Boards again. Photographs and footage of Lee also include him using heavy bags, speed bags, kicking shields, oh and of course the wooden dummy, none of which can “hit back.” Do we throw all of these training aids into the garbage just because they can’t “hit back?” Calasanz wanted his Super Break to be different from the multiple breaks that he had been seeing in martial arts tournaments. Usually someone stands over a pile of bricks, boards or cinder blocks and stares at them before finally delivering he final blow with a fist, elbow or foot. Instead, Calasanz would first perform a kata and then use some of the basics from the kata in a 30-minute, non-stop breaking session. Part of it was to demonstrate his stamina, which is crucial in martial arts, especially for fighters. The other reason for Super Break was to entertain audiences who enjoyed the martial arts. So while the quote about boards not “hitting back” is attributed to Lee, it seems that when it was convenient for him to further his career through demonstrations, he had no problem with board breaking. Aren’t other martial artists free to do the same?

My Side of the Story: Martial Arts Mistakes, Breaking Failures, and Bloopers

One of my students found this video on You Tube – The “expert” that is narrating in the video is Michael Kinney – He must have been a competitor or a spectator, filmed or gotten a hold of the demonstration video, and decided to go on cable access in Florida and use my performance as an example of bad martial arts. In his TV, as well as his You Tube comments he lied, about me and the results of the demonstration. Here’s the video, his You Tube comments, and my response.

Michael Kinney’s You Tube Comments:

the reason I included the clip of the guy in red pants was because of the simplicity, redundancy, and his never ending array of breaks. I think that one good break, would have been just as effective. His judgement was impaired. His routine was scored in last place of 21 competitors for these reasons.
Thanks again. Check out my channel on youtube: michaelkinney

My Response:

The purpose of Calasanz Super Break was to demonstrate stamina, which is crucial in martial arts, especially for fighters. The other purpose was to entertain audiences who enjoyed the martial arts. The materials (bats, bricks, boards) for Calasanz Super Break were all purchased that morning and there was no tampering with any of these materials. The judges were told that Calasanz had tampered with the materials, which was a blatant lie. The judges were also shown materials that had been tampered with that did not belong to Calasanz. There was plenty of debris all over the place that day and the situation was easily manipulated. Calasanz won 3rd place, which turned into a big controversy that night, due to the sabotage that took place. When the winner was announced, Calasanz, his 33 students who came to assist him and many members of the audience were stunned with the results, some becoming very angry and aggressive. Calasanz did a lot of damage control that day to avoid a fiasco and graciously accepted 3rd place. While Kinney may view Calasanz Super Break as “redundant” and “simplistic” there are still people coming through Calasanz doors that enjoyed Super Break and considered that experience enough to train with him, to enroll their children in his school and to recommend him to friends and family.

Calasanz Kickboxing Breaks

In this video, there are segments of Calasanz practicing some controlled sparring, and working out. It also includes a segment from a television program featuring some board breaking and a scene from the movie, Crossing the Line. Calasanz famous “Super Break” during a karate tournament is shown at the end.

The Early Days: How My Name Got It’s Popularity

I spend a lot of time teaching beginning fighters to protect the head. I had a very devoted student named Daryl. We worked on three basics from my system when he came to my school; head movement, side kick and single blow punch. We often had to deal with challengers coming to the school. One day, this guy showed up claiming to be the best street fighter in town and picked a fight with Daryl. Daryl delivered the system side kick to his stomach and stopped him cold. The guy picked himself up and bought a membership.

In the early 80’s, Daryl fought a guy in New York City they call the “Warrior.” This guy was a traditional martial artist and a great fighter. Daryl kicked him in the hip with the side kick I teach in my system and sent him flying. The guy was now furious and came at Daryl with a deadly spinning hook kick. Daryl got hit but the head movement I spent time drilling over and over again saved him a trip to the hospital.

Daryl brought many of the students to the school that later on became competitors for the system. You can see a lot of them helping me out on my YOUTUBE Super Break video.

The CALASANZ name has become popular because of what we did in the early 80’s. I trained many street fighters and turned them into good martial artists. Back then, point fighting was a lot tougher than it is today and my students were able to prove themselves. It was the height of teams like Budweiser and John Paul Mitchell, back when they picked some of the best martial artists in the world for their teams. The word got around about my fighters and my system. It was the groundwork we laid back then that created the reputation we enjoy today. We also placed the logo on jackets and bumper stickers that we bought for the fight team and students that were great advertising for the school.

Additionally, this school is also very popular among local, state and federal law enforcement officers, fire fighters and military personnel. These professionals recommend us constantly because they are happy with the quality of training they’ve received here. They are also impressed with the work we do with young people, helping keep them off the streets. This is the best advertising I could ask for.

The name carries so much goodwill and ability to attract customers that we have invested a lot of money in trade marking and copyrighting the unique aspects of our system. This school has even retained several attorneys whose only job it is to protect the system. That’s how valuable my name has become.

To train my system remotely: