Dealing with Troublemakers – Rival Schools and Street Fighters: by Calasanz

If you’re going to open a martial arts school, please beware that you will have to deal with troublemakers. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen the martial arts movie where a karate teacher is busy teaching class for example, and all of a sudden, a bunch of clowns from a rival school show up and want to fight. If you think this scene only happens in the movies, you are sorely mistaken. It is not uncommon to have challengers come into a martial art school looking for a fight. As the proprietor of a martial arts school, I have seen troublemakers come in many forms, some subtle, some not so subtle. If you plan on running a martial art club, you really need to understand how this can happen and what to do about it.

We once had a rival school send a drug-crazed maniac who walked into a class with the purpose of hurting people. Another sent two women who openly wanted to challenge our female instructors. One of these women actually lunged at me! These people are dangerous intruders bent on violence. We have not hesitating in resorting to legal action by calling the police and getting our lawyers involved. As the head instructor, you are responsible for the safety of your students. Send someone else to call 911, while you try to calm the situation down before the police arrive.

Most troublemakers don’t come in packs like they do in the martial arts movies. Very often, a rival school or local street fighter registers as a student with your club and his primary goal is to challenge your students and pick fights. These people are not interested in forms, technique, or fitness. Martial art schools don’t like to turn paying students away, so I take a “wait and see” attitude. If a perspective student is so obnoxious, you are within your rights to reject him as a member of your club and tell him to go elsewhere.

Street fighters want to prove themselves. They are there to fight. I usually handle these people myself or delegate their training to an experienced fighter/instructor who will be able to handle him skillfully. I built my first school on local street fighters who came here for a challenge and ended up being loyal students. Individuals from rival schools are there to cause trouble. They are either sent by their instructors or are there on their own. Their mission is to check out your operation and cause disruptions. This comes in the form of challenges to you or your students. They will also berate your style or the way you do things. Again, I usually handle these people myself or pair them off with a skilled fighter/instructor. Whether it’s the blatant challenge or the Trojan Horse, always be vigilant. While the challenges are not as dramatic as they are in the movies, they do exist. This is a business that tends to attract this type of element.

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Children are taught to know themselves at Calasanz Martial Arts.

Calasanz has spent many years working primarily with children and has proven to himself that he can get his message across even to young minds. Other instructors have asked him, “What is your secret? How do you teach martial arts to children so young?” The answer is simple. Calasanz explains that he emphasizes basic techniques which help at a range of different levels.

When Calasanz first went into business and began to promote childrens’ classes a lot of parents were scared to enroll their children at the school. By this time Calasanz had earned a reputation in the area for producing some of the toughest fighters. What the parents did not see and were not aware of is that while Martial Arts training can produce a tough and durable fighter, real Martial Arts training teaches people not to fight. Calasanz emphasizes defense and respect for your Martial Arts knowledge and abilities. He teaches children never to be the aggressor and not to strike your friends, brothers or sisters because they could hurt somebody with their ability.

When it comes to childrens’ martial arts training there innumerable benefits to be reaped from such a pursuit, not all of which are physical. In traditional school or community team sports some children don’t make the final cut to get on the team and while some schools and community programs have tried to remedy this at the end of the day even those that make the team may spend a good deal of time on the bench. In martial arts training every child, regardless of their capabilities is welcomed and capable of practicing and improving themselves. This gives a child a sense of pride, that yes they can participate within a group, and yes, they can engage in physical activity.

Another benefit of the Calasanz System is that a code of conduct is put into place which promotes self-discipline, respect, and courtesy. Those whose purpose of studying martial arts to gain an aggressive edge are quickly set straight. Calasanz encourages a positive respectful attitude both inside and outside of the school.

Training in martial arts will also greatly improve a child’s concentration and attention span. It will increase their physical fitness as well sharpen their mental abilities.

Children who practice the martial arts become aware of their surroundings.

So what type of improvement do children see from the Calasanz system? Well, all of the above plus many amazing physical improvements. Improved coordination, balance, strength, power, grounding, and focus. Through the practicing of drills, coaching, sparring, forms, and katas your children will have strengthened joints and a basic knowledge of aerobic isolation and isometric movements which gives the Calasanz system its unique qualities and ultimately its name.

All of these improvements not only increase a child’s performance in their particular sport, but also in all other areas of their lives. The Calasanz System focuses on building a child by improving not only their body but also their character.

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Simple real life self defense: by Calasanz

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Calasanz teaches simple, yet effective techniques that can be applied to real life situations making it the perfect system for military personnel, law enforcement officers, women, and children.

Someone in the military or on the police force can easily catch on and use the Calasanz System in conjunction with the maneuvers they learn in basic training or the academy, our system will assist them in hand-to-hand combat by using strong, effective strikes that will quickly end a dangerous situation.  

Children can also benefit from the system, like Robert who was brought in by his father Keith Bedel (a Marine) who was also a Calasanz student. Robert was asked, “Do you know how to make a fist?” The kid made a good, tight fist but he was taught by Calasanz to NOT attack the kids that bullied him, but rather to take a deep breath and put fear into the bully by throwing a punch that ends up one inch from their head. Calasanz tells “his kids” they are never allowed to strike anyone, only to give constructive lessons to bullies so if a bully strikes you, just block everything he throws at you, this will deter your attacker. Charles and Patty Mastellone of Ridgefield brought their two children, Charles and Chris to Calasanz because of bullying, because they followed the rules Calasanz set forth and his way to deal with bullies, their bully problem ended after two weeks of training.

Calasanz prefers to teach in a way that no one gets severely injured, even when his students take a punch they do not get knocked down due to basic, fundamental techniques taught to students from day one. Those basic techniques are reflected in physical arts which were primarily used by women until more men started using those exercises in the year 2000. At Calasanz we compare physical arts to Wing Chun because Wing Chun was created by a woman for women and now men use the ancient Chinese martial art just like they use physical arts and both are practiced around the world. Physical arts became a different way to practice martial arts techniques without having to fight, so much so that the women that trained with Calasanz in the 90s were so talented they could hurt anyone, men included. Two instances that stand out were Tom Barcello finding out how strong Rebecca James Lyon was one day, and Peter Valis with a minor injury after Dolly kicked him. Even Calasanz knew if Rebecca attacked him the way she did Tom, even he would have felt what Tom felt if he did not defend her attack aggressively.     

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