Calasanz Goes on About Jenifer Lee

Calasanz and Jenifer Lee worked very closely together during the mid 80’s.  Recently we have uncovered some old footage taken during a Saturday Night Fight that used to occur weekly here at Calasanz Physical Art.  Please follow here to read more.

Calasanz Goes On About Jenifer Lee

Training the Beginner: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from: “Teaching the Calasanz System – Part Three: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography”

I tell my beginning students to stop focusing on how they look and concentrate on how they feel.  Do they have more energy?  So they have more confidence?  This is what is important.  If you stick with something long enough, you will eventually see the physical results.  But within a few months, you start to feel more secure in that you’ve learned something about defending yourself.

Our first job with beginners is to work on their coordination.  New students sometimes come to this school with misconceptions about martial arts training and their own abilities.  For example, I have had many new students who have only worked out on machines.  Some of them have a hard time making this transition, especially when they have to rely on their bodies to do the work.  I had one woman who enrolled in the school after having spent several years working with machines.  She told me that she wanted to take the traditional approach to studying the martial arts.  It took me many months to work on her coordination.  She was studying for her green belt and had to break a board.  She was nervous about this so I arranged for a black belt instructor to help her get ready for the break.  Her training required that her instructor to swing at her, she would evade it and then strike the pad with her shin.  The next day she came into my office and complained that she had a tiny bruise on her shin.  She was very angry and I was even more upset that we were having this conversation.  A tiny bruise is inconsequential to what she had learned.  I told her that a tiny bruise is nothing in comparison to what she learned here at the school.  I reminded her of all I went through just to teach her the basics.  She was now coordinated and able to train on her own without equipment.  She didn’t want to hear it.  She left in the middle of class and didn’t return.

We’ve had many students who have trained here because they couldn’t train anywhere else. We had the patience to work with them and help them develop skills that they never thought they would have.  Once they learn how to control their bodies, they go off to other martial arts schools or take up dancing, yoga or some other type of physical activity.  Now we have trained them to adapt to any physical activity.  We get a lot of students who end up coming back because of the amount of attention we pay to their training.  When they return, they find they have forgotten what they worked so hard to attain.  Some of them don’t understand that it is the skill of the instructor and their commitment that can help them maintain a healthy body for the rest of their lives. 

To be continued…

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Kata under the Calasanz System of training.

Under the Calasanz Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Boxing & Physical Arts system, this Kata that is being performed in the video above by Renee Fortin is called Ginsei San, or is also called coordination #3.

We are just performing pieces of it. For a long time all the Calasanz students have won many Kata competitions with this form. It was a great feeling the first time Calasanz sent Becka Slade a dancer to compete with this Kata in one of the toughest competitions in the world…the Kyokushin Kai tournament. Many martial artists around the world are well aware of this tournament. Any person even remotely involved in the martial arts can associate with the late Masutatsu Oyama, who accomplished what not too many Karate instructors around the world have done currently or in the past.

As a result, Becka Slade won first place! Our Kata is unique, strong. Its stances are well defined, balanced and grounded which can be seen and noticed at all times. This is one of several reasons why Calasanz is considered one of the best, well rounded, and recognized instructors in the world. 

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The Benefits of Calasanz Physical Arts Training.

Within one year of coming to this country, I established a successful martial art business. I created a system of exercises primarily for women called Calasanz Physical Arts. This system includes exercises from various martial art and fitness disciplines including dancing, and gymnastics. My reason for creating Calasanz Physical Arts was to help women create a strong foundation upon which to build their martial art skills. When I was young I weighed and realized that I had to develop my martial art skills and improve my fitness level in order to compensate for being a lightweight fighter. I was able to defeat my teacher, Rafael Martinez, a heavyweight boxer and black belt using the same principles that are now part of Calasanz Physical Arts curriculum.  I learned that being strong was a prerequisite for being a good fighter and out of this experience, created a successful for women and men as well.

Shannon at Calasanz Martial Arts.

Only The Strong

Only The Strong was a 1993 martial arts movie that showcased the ancient art of Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines fighting with dancing, and musical and vocal accompaniment. This art originated in Angola and was brought to Brazil by African slaves in the 16th Century. Slave masters banned slaves from practicing any type of martial art for fear of rebellion. To keep their fighting skills sharp, slaves disguised this fighting art in dance like movements. In this movie, a karate champion stationed in South America for the US Army, returns to his home in America to find his former high school infested with drug dealers and criminals. He takes on a clean up project by teaching the art of Capoeira to others in hopes of eliminating the menace in his community. The movie features Mark Dacascos and Paco Christian Prieto and includes appearances by Calasanz.

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Respecting the Roots of Traditional Martial Arts

Youtuber Comment:

I have been an instructor for 26 years, my family has a long history in the martial arts. My highest rank is in Goju and Kung fu. My katas have been getting high reviews. In our motto we believe the answers are on the floor. I done many katas and there are different variations. So you can see the idea of what they look like. Now I have heard that Calasanz beat the hell out of Morio Higaonna, that’s what someone is telling me.


Thanks for your comment.  Calasanz respects the roots of Goju Ryu and credits it as well as other styles as the foundational arts for his System.  References to Goju Ryu or any other style are historical in nature.  Calasanz has created a name by giving constructive lessons to those who damage the martial arts. All of these lessons were done using non-violent diversionary techniques. Here you’re seeing a small piece of Calasanz training regime and martial art expertise.  He has spent his entire lifetime striving to be a well balanced martial artist. In addition to the traditional martial arts, he has also incorporated aerobics and dance into his training.  While some martial artists would shy away from this type of training, Calasanz sees the benefits of rounding out a rugged training regime with disciplines that focus on balance, grace and fluidity.  There are a variety of videos on this site showing the different sides of his training so just viewing one or two of them doesn’t really give you a sense of the wide range of his training. His success lies in his ability to incorporate these various disciplines into a complex system that seems simple at first glance. Thanks again and best of luck to you

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Hard Work Pays Off

You Tuber:

Dudes funny but he really puts in work and is in great shape.


Thank you for your comment.  Calasanz has worked really hard over the years to become a well-balanced martial artist.  In addition to training in the traditional arts, he also developed his body and form through dance and gymnastics.  His innovative training methods have had their critics, but in reality, his school is one of the largest and most successful in the country.  When most martial arts schools are closing their doors, his school is thriving. Hard work pays off.

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Combining Dance & Aerobics Together for Fitness Buffs or Fighters

You Tuber:

Humm? Totally dangerous ballistic movements. What the Hell was that? I can tell you love yourself.


We fail to see the “ballistic” movements that one of the comments was referring to. What you see here is Calasanz Aerobic Isolation System that has been popular with women since the 80’s. This class is taught at Calasanz dojo, as well as various continuing education programs throughout the area, with great success. Interestingly enough, we get a lot of kickboxing, and dance craze aerobic dropouts from other fitness facilities that have suffered injuries and need a saner form of exercise. Our program suits women of all ages and levels of fitness. We have used similar principles of the Calasanz System to train our fighters. It improves coordination, flexibility, power, balance and reaction time. That is why our system is still popular and we have been in business for over 30 years.

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Use Dance to Improve Your Martial Arts/Fighting Footwork

Comment On You Tube Profile:

It’s really you in the videos, I think you are real master , very gud….. amaze me. some people said it is dance, but they forgot, martial arts is like a dance, and they are know nothing about it, bruce lee it’s a good dancer that’s why he have a good foot work. Keep the good work bro , two thumbs for you


Thank you for your comment and your accurate assessments. Dance is a great art to study if you want to improve your footwork and fluidity. For years, football players for example have been studying dance to improve their movements and gain flexibility. We know a local dance school that has traditionally trained teen football players to prepare them for the fall season. The ignorant will mock this and the intelligent will understand it.