Calasanz Puts 125 Pounds on Each Leg and Splits in Two

Calasanz as a dedicated Martial Artist has never stopped training.  Today we give you a look at an amazing feat of strength and flexibility he has been preparing for.  Please, do NOT try this at home.  You can read more about how he did it and the story behind Calasanz here.

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CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® evolved out of the martial arts tradition. It is the fastest way to get into shape and learn self-defense. Our system grew out of two programs I established to accommodate students who asked for special training. The first program was primarily used to improve athletic performance, called the YOUNG ATHLETES. Parents who trained with me or heard about my school asked if I could do something to improve their children’s athletic performance. I took the best the martial arts had to offer and combined them in a training system to maximize athletic conditioning and skill in a relatively short time. I worked with athletes specializing in tennis, soccer, football, basketball, ice hockey, dance, gymnastics and baseball to get fast results.

Another component of CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® is the self-defense piece. This came out of a request from law enforcement officers; fire fighters and military personnel who wanted to get into shape and learn hardcore self-defense without having to spend years studying a traditional martial art. These people had no time for belts or tournaments. They had to worry about survival. I devised a one-month intensive to accomplish these goals.

Both programs were so successful that I decided to combine them into one program for the benefit of the general public. CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® is popular because of its ability to get quick results and to keep you interested in your training. In creating this system, I designed a collection of exercises and techniques that focus on developing power, grounding, balance, endurance and flexibility.

There are so many different exercises in the system that boredom is impossible! I have created many variations on the basic exercises…from moving in different directions to working out in a seated or standing position. I love to change up the exercises from time to time to keep your workout fresh and to keep your muscles guessing.

CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® is a great alternative to working out at a gym on machines, free weights or with a personal trainer. It’s a system that gets you into shape, teaches you how to defend yourself and keeps your workout fresh and exciting.

To be continued…

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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Why CALASANZ KARATE AND KUNG-FU SYSTEM over your local karate studio?

Why CALASANZ KARATE AND KUNG-FU SYSTEM over your local karate studio? We have one of the largest facilities in New England for training and exercise. We have developed a refined system of five disciplines specifically to improve your hockey skills. Calasanz Kickboxing and Goju-Ryu Karate techniques yield explosive leg power, shoulder strength, and forearm strength. Wing Chun Kung-Fu and American Boxing techniques enhance grounding and balance skills. We also teach injury prevention skills and have helped many individuals rehabilitate themselves.

The plan is tailored to fit your hectic athletic schedule. We recommend one day per week in season and one – two days per week out of season. Personalized, group, family, or team plans are available. This program is for ages 5 and above.

If you are a female hockey player, you must realize how popular this sport has become in the last few months because of the women’s U.S.A. Hockey Team’s past achievement of winning the Olympic Gold Medal. Colleges, particularly Ivy League Colleges, will be recruiting for their hockey programs for years to come. We feel our system of training, exercise, and athleticism might give you that competitive edge against another athlete of comparable hockey skills, thereby helping you fulfill your dreams.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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Are you an individual that wants to become more competitive in athletics? by Calasanz

Are you trying to make the travel team instead of the rec. team? Possibly, you’re trying to be selected to the Varsity team instead of the J. V. team. College hockey may be your dream or maybe you just want to beat the Canadians when your team competes in Canada.

My system of training and exercise creates total body conditioning for any sport. It is a unique and simplistic system anyone can learn. We start with flexibility, stretching, and light weight exercises. We improve all athletic skills by teaching fully coordinated body movements. We teach an individual how to train aggressively yet intelligently. After the fundamentals are understood, we make your techniques sport specific for hockey.

The benefits of my system yields explosive leg power, improves stride length, and increases leg speed…as forearm and shoulder strength improves, as you will stick handling, soft hands, and wrist shot techniques improve. My system of hip movements will enhance your checking, slap shot, and taking skills. We will increase your hip flexion and hip extension strength. With years of training in my system, your peripheral vision will improve dramatically. Your foot speed, hand speed, concentration, and hand-eye coordination will all get noticeably better. We even teach breathing techniques to help you relax between shifts. The balance techniques we teach are unique to our system and are very, very effective

We utilize different exercises for male and female athletes. Our techniques for women maintain femininity yet increase strength and endurance beyond comparison. We incorporate plyometric exercises to improve and complement speed techniques. We work hard to build a strong foundation, so that when you begin lifting heavier weights to excel in Midget, Junior, or College hockey, you have developed total body strength and excellent flexibility, through our system of training.

We give you the mental strength to accept challenges you normally wouldn’t accept. We develop the physical strengths and confidence to accomplish those challenges. We use positive motivation techniques to help individuals achieve their desired results.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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THE PERFECT FIT (A Home Training Program)

The Perfect Fit was created by martial arts master, fitness teacher and film star, Calasanz. The Perfect Fit operates as a division of Calasanz Karate & Kung-Fu System, Inc. located in Norwalk. Through his experience, Calasanz discovered that martial arts can be intimidating to many people, therefore, they lose interest in learning more about it. The Perfect Fit is personal training program through martial art and is done in the privacy of your own home. This eliminates the feeling of intimidation, yet offers the complete benefits of the martial art.

Calasanz created a well-rounded system of martial art which offers, at the same time, extensive exercise routines which are tailored to the needs of any individual to accomplish a complete work-out and, at the same time, target specific areas in need of exercise.

This type of training is much different from the traditional routines followed in a gym. We do not use equipment except for free weights and, for some people, ankle weights. For those who prefer to use their exercise equipment, we incorporate this into their program. But eventually, most people prefer to learn more and more of the exercises we have to offer because they are incredibly effective and cover more ground than any one machine used in a traditional gym. Our exercise increases flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance immediately and has proven time and time again to benefit other sports activities

THE PERFECT FIT specializes in personal training for fitness, aerobic isolation, and kickboxing. It is a unique way of getting into shape and has endless benefits. Learn how to work out, sculpt the body and, at the same time, learn self defense. Workout without the use of traditional machines. Learn how to create a strong, beautiful body and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Because martial arts has primarily been a sport popular to men, it was unbecoming for women to have interest in martial arts. The “traditional training” performed in most schools has a tendency to be quite brutal and eventually creates a very masculine image for women to the most feminine body. One of Calasanz’s specialties has been working with women to create a feminine, strong, and fit body which can endure the challenges of the most “traditional martial art.” Exercise varies from men and women to create the appropriate image for each. Men have a tendency to have a more muscular type of form, where women need to have a leaner and longer form.

Through the Perfect Fit you can sculpt your body into the fittest condition possible, achieve your fitness goals, improve current sports activities and learn something new and exciting at the same time.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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Why I Created “The Calasanz System”: By Calasanz

I have been in the martial arts business for over thirty years.  My school and student membership has grown every year since I started teaching.  I have survived good and bad economic times and have watched my critics open and close their door front dojos.  My school would have closed a long time ago if I didn’t offer valuable services to my students. 

The secret to my success is The Calasanz System™.

I was originally trained in traditional martial arts, but at some point decided that I wanted to be well-rounded athlete.  This was back in the 1970’s when straying away from your traditional style was frowned upon.  Back then, there was no such thing as “eclectic” martial art styles.  You picked a style of karate or kung-fu and stayed with it.  It was considered a big insult to your instructor to even think of training in another dojo.

I decided however to venture out and defy tradition.  The Calasanz System™ was created during my martial arts journey. I found the traditional hard style karate I studied in the Dominican Republic was too limiting. I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu to balance it out.  I liked its softness and economy of motion.  All too often, karate practitioners rely way too much on their feet, so I went to Gleason’s Gym to learn how to use my hands.  I studied Cheng Chuan Kung Fu and Wu Style Kung Fu for its artistry and philosophy. The combination of styles improved my overall skill, so I integrated all of their best elements into my training.

I also developed an appreciation for physical training.  I incorporated the use of weights and stretching exercises into my martial arts classes, as well as my own workouts.  I trained men, women and children and had to create workouts and classes that catered to their needs.  I trained boxers, streetfighters and corporate executives.  Each of my students has taught me something about how the human body works and responds to training.

Thirty years later, I took all my knowledge and pulled it together into one system.  The result was a martial arts training system that produces results.  The Calasanz System™ teaches you how to defend yourself. Its physical arts component helps you create a strong, flexible and healthy body. Unlike so many martial arts schools, I am still in business.  The reason is that the system works.

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Train with Calasanz and train for life!

Are you tired of spending years with a personal trainer or dragging yourself to endless group classes, only to be disappointed with the lack of results? Train with us and train for life! We gear our training to building not only martial arts skill, but also to building a solid foundation. We will work with you on coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, regardless of your level of physical fitness or injuries. You will also learn simple, practical self-defense skills. Flowery, complex techniques are impossible to execute in a stressful situation. We keep it real and straightforward. Our approach will improve your physical well being and in turn improve your quality of life.

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The Benefits of Calasanz Physical Arts Training.

Within one year of coming to this country, I established a successful martial art business. I created a system of exercises primarily for women called Calasanz Physical Arts. This system includes exercises from various martial art and fitness disciplines including dancing, and gymnastics. My reason for creating Calasanz Physical Arts was to help women create a strong foundation upon which to build their martial art skills. When I was young I weighed and realized that I had to develop my martial art skills and improve my fitness level in order to compensate for being a lightweight fighter. I was able to defeat my teacher, Rafael Martinez, a heavyweight boxer and black belt using the same principles that are now part of Calasanz Physical Arts curriculum.  I learned that being strong was a prerequisite for being a good fighter and out of this experience, created a successful for women and men as well.

Shannon at Calasanz Martial Arts.

The Calasanz System’s approach is designed for everyone.

The Calasanz martial arts and physical arts system are old traditional techniques with a modern Calasanz System approach that are designed for everyone. During the late 80s the Calasanz workout was insane and intense, but also some of the smartest and incredible training ever seen. It would behoove anyone to at least take a look what Calasanz was doing back then which still up to today he continues to evolve. This clip pictures Calasanz archive workouts…check it out.

Joel S. is a 56 year old student performing the Kata Jujitsu with Calasanz. It is very easy to identify the Calasanz System’s interpretation in this Kata – all movements and techniques are performed beautifully, with great strength, rhythm, balance, power.

Calasanz makes students re-think about their lives. Training with Calasanz helps change peoples’ realization of life. As Calasanz likes to say: “I teach people to appreciate themselves again.” Sometimes he will come across a woman, who looks older than her age and or has a problem with weight, and just is unhappy with herself. Calasanz believes with his system he can add at least 10 years to her life, he believes this because he has already done it with so many people. Everyone who has trained with Calasanz gains power, elegance, and grace whether you are a man, women, or child. Come experience it for yourself. The Calasanz system is well balanced system for all, which offers a diversity of exercises so it always maintains your interest. 

Calasanz Martial Arts Personal Training

Core Training at Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

Without core training, you won’t have the strength, flexibility or alertness for any other sports. Core training means strengthening your stomach, lower back, pelvis and hips, muscles that surround your spine; Core training relieves back pain and protects your spine from possible future injuries. It enables your upper body to work more fluidly with your lower body, giving you better posture and improved balance. Core training also aids in brain and nervous system support, so a core workout helps your concentration. Call Calasanz @ 203-847-6528, or visit Calasanz in Norwalk or/and his website

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