Want To Develop Speed In Your Martial Arts Skills?

Martial arts come with a combination of different skills. Although kicks and punches are what everyone sees when training or fighting, there are many other skills like the posture, being alert, knowing how to defend yourself, how to endure and handle emotions that one must develop in order to be good at the sport. One more skill that you need to develop is speed and there are some rules that you need to keep in mind like…


The skill must be conducive to speed training

A number of martial arts skills can be done at full speed. This could be against a target, with a partner or in the air. You should note that gross motor skills can easily be adapted for speed training as compared to the precision skills.

The skill must be physically sound

Until you have mastered the basics of a physical model, never try to build the speed. If you are performing a skill without the right biomechanical form, you will definitely limit your potential for speed development.


If you want to be great at speed skill, then learn how to relax from the point of initiation, all the way to that of impact. Your muscles may be a bit tense at the point of impact, but this should be brief because you need to relax again in order to facilitate quick recovery.


One thing that you need to put into consideration is recovery between executions. This is very important for improving speed. If for instance you are training a front kick skill, the recovery between your kicks can be made brief, up to fifteen seconds. For combinations of skills, you want to spend a bit more time between the repetitions in order to prevent getting fatigued too early.

Practice first and practice last

You may want to put speed training early in your workout, but chances are high that you can become too fatigued to handle other workouts later in the session. While it is not wrong to do so especially if you are flexible or have good muscular endurance, practising speed skills near the end of your workout can also be helpful because this is when your muscles are looser and easier to relax.

Use low repetitions

The number of repetitions of each and every skill should be kept low, but make sure that the quality of each repetition is very high. Make sure to concentrate on each repetition and don’t forget to rest between the repetitions.

Feel the speed

Sometimes, you may find that specific fast repetitions feel different from the others. So, try to capture this feeling and recreate it when performing, whether it is a feeling of relaxation, energy, lightness or intensity.

Take time off

Developing speed skill can at times feel like you have hit the bump. Usually, this is a pace that you are able to imitate but cannot break through. In such cases, it is prudent to take some days off from speed training.

Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is a world class martial arts training centre that works to ensure that everyone meets their goal. We train on all kinds of skills and we welcome all to come and train with us.

Let’s Talk About Strength And Conditioning For MMA!

As an MMA fighter, you have to train to be strong enough in order to dominate your opponent and throw powerful kicks and punches. But there is more to that, you also need to learn how to absorb impact and be able to resist the constant application of force. Most trainees are now able to perform at high level of five minutes rounds and this is due to the fact that they are powerful, fast and have enough endurance. Below are great tips on strength and conditioning for MMA:


Do not do harm

If your trainer trains you as if the gym is their main sport, then you need to think twice. Chances are high that you may get seriously injured during the conditioning session and this way, he or she will have jeopardized your career. The kind of equipment and exercises selected to your ability is very important because you don’t want to take risks.

The goal is goal

This may seem pretty obvious, but how do you want to become the best dead-lifter, Olympic lifter or marathon runner? The goal is goal. If you are looking forward to be the best fighter, then a fighter’s training is the way to go and what works for a power-lifter may not work for you. Work on the program of your choice and remember to test and assess your ability. If you find out that poor mobility has been the cause for not increasing strength, then address it first before taking more weight on the bar.

Strength and conditioning is not meant to dominate technical or fighting sessions

You should understand that strength and conditioning sessions are crucial, supporting sessions to all other training. But if you want to increase the intensity of strength sessions, make sure this does not conflict with your fighting practices. Do not push too hard in order to improve on your intensity. And talk to your trainer, the more they know you, the more they will fine-tune the training.

Look at the situation and adapt

You could be adapting well and all is going according to the plan, but there are those days that your body feels completely broken. Do not force yourself into a heavy session as planned by your trainer; their job is to build you back, not to exhaust you even more.

More than two heavy lifts per session are not the best

Using more than two heavy, multi joint lifts may not be the way to help you perfect in your strength and conditioning sessions. However, it may depend on your ability and the time available. There are other supplemental exercises that still contribute to strength development.

To be a good fighter, you have to learn the tricks, but working with a skilled and experienced trainer is a plus. At Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Centre we have the best trainers who understand the importance of different levels of fighters. We make sure that we develop your strength and conditioning practices according to the ability of your body. Join us today; our goal is to help you meet your goals.

Could Boxing Help You Salvage Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution? 3 Ways To Triumph Over Failure

Happy 2014! Did your New Year’s Resolution involve losing weight? Embarking upon a diet was statistically the most popular way to start the New Year, according to researchers at Scranton University. If you haven’t yet quit the diet that you started on January 1 and are still going strong, you are part of an elite club. According to Time magazine, 60 percent of people quit within the first month. To salvage your resolution, you need a real gamer-changer. Enter boxing. Let’s look at the steps involved and why it could help you succeed with your weight loss goal this year.

#1. Buy A Boxercise Video And Train At Home

Boxing workouts or more precisely ‘boxercise’ is a form of get-fit class aimed at people who want to release aggression and shape up without having nose surgery. Boxercise classes teach moves inspired from actual boxing moves. The great news is that you don’t have to join a gym, as research shows that’s usually a waste of money. According to Kayla Webley, research indicates that 60 percent of people who join a gym in January never even use their membership. Gym membership rates spike at this time and new members push classes to breaking point. It’s unsurprising that so many people are scared away. Boxing sounds scary, but Boxercise is safe, fun and rewarding. There are thousands of videos you can buy or stream and many free videos on YouTube to keep you going. Boxercise videos let you avoid the packed gyms, save money and release your aggression in the comfort of your own home.

#2. Join A Boxercise Class And Make Friends

Recent research by the chain of Virgin Active health clubs showed that two-thirds of people are more likely to push themselves harder when they exercise with a friend. One of the reasons behind all of those unused gym memberships is that people struggle to form lasting friendships in large, anonymous classes where no one interacts and everyone keeps to themselves. Boxercise gets you exercising in a group and in pairs, meaning that you’ll go home from every class having made at least one new friend. As Boxercise classes do not involve any actual striking, they provide a remarkably safe and fun way to relieve stress and beat tension.

#3. Join A Novice Boxing Class

Contrary to popular belief, you would be most welcome at a novice boxing class even if you lack experience according to one of the leading fitness centers in Fairfield County. Although a Boxercise class would be more common for someone who had no interest in fighting, many small, fun and safe boxing classes gladly welcome newcomers. The greatest fear that people have is the pain, but ironically this is one of the reasons that boxing can change the life of people brave enough to put on a pair of gloves. Boxing builds strength, fitness and confidence like no other sport and the weight loss, while swift and dramatic, is simply a by-product of the training. According to the U.S. Department of Health And Human Services, while ‘active people are more likely to have an activity related injury than inactive people’ all forms of exercise are safe if conducted by a qualified trainer, even novice boxing classes.

Try Chinese Boxing And You Can Completely Transform Your Life!


There is a big difference between eastern and western cultures when it comes to lifestyle, medicine and even sports. For example, Chinese boxing is a little bit different from the American boxing. If you want to lose weight, become a more disciplined person and tone your body then you should start practicing Chinese boxing soon.

Make sure that you read this article in order to find out more inspiring and interesting facts about this amazing contact sport. Pretty much anyone can practice Chinese boxing, regardless of age, sex or nationality. Here are the main features of this sport.

1. Mind-body integration.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between Chinese and American boxing. The Americans think of box mostly from a physical point of view. On the other hand, the Asians work with both their minds and their bodies in order to achieve great performance and in order to become extremely experienced and disciplined fighters. If you practice Chinese boxing, you will learn how to relax, how to breathe, how to channel your energies for victory and how to focus better on your opponent. Also, intense workout sessions and different boxing techniques will make you a truly fearless warrior as well.

2. Learn how to protect yourself.

Chinese boxing can be used in a life-threatening situation and that is why it is loved so much by others. By practicing this combat sport, you get the chance to learn some fighting techniques which can apply in real life and which might save you from robbers and criminals. Also, you might be happy to know that you don’t need to change your lifestyle or gain more muscle mass in order to do this.

3. Train your whole body.

Chinese boxing doesn’t focus on a particular set of muscles only. This is a very intense and interesting sport which will work all your muscle groups in a safe manner. Thanks to intense training sessions and consistent progress, you can lose a lot of weight, improve your metabolism and tone your body in a relatively short amount of time.

4. Have more stamina and more energy.

If you are a good student and you practice Chinese boxing regularly then you will observe that you will have much more energy when you perform various day-to-day activities. Basically, your core strength increases and you will not get tired that easily. Just imagine how nice it would be to climb stairs without breathing too hard, moving furniture items in your house without having backaches and feeling more energetic and ready for action all the times! Your health is considerably improved by Chinese boxing and this is a good-enough reason to start practicing this sport.

If you have decided to live a healthier life and live longer then make sure that you visit our martial arts and fitness center. We have experienced instructors and we offer classes and programs from multiple combat sports including Chinese boxing and we gladly accept students of all ages. Take this opportunity and improve your lifestyle as well as your perception of the surrounding world.

Welcome to the New Age

We here like to work by commitment.  Our programs are unique and effective.  Why?  Because we are not here to give you a good workout, although you will get the best lesson, the best workout of your life if you come here to learn.

We do not want people who come for a work out.  We want people who come to invest.  People who understand that their time spent here is an investment in themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  Our school is called a school for a reason, because we are here to teach and to promote learning.  Real learning of real Martial Arts.

When it comes to martial arts it’s sometimes difficult to say what it is that has been learned but just understand that, during a lesson, within every word uttered and every vision captured there is a meaning and a message being conveyed.  Sometimes it is as simple as the opening of one’s eyes or the true comprehension of a sentence correctly interpreted in order to actualize real and proper change, real and proper learning.  Sometimes even a single word can be enough to spark a colossal shift within a person.

Note, noone on this Earth is perfect and we have all made our mistakes.  But now there is an ever growing need to push forward without looking back.  Towards a collaborative progression with the collective understanding of our reality’s great limitation;  that the past cannot be undone.  But the future holds all glorious potential within it.  It comes down to the question of, “Will we do what is necessary in the present to help that future come to fruition?”

So that is why we work under commitment.  In becoming a student anywhere there has already been an expectation levied on the teacher to teach, but this expectation is not one sided as the student is expected to learn or at least try to learn.  Will you open your mind to learning?  Will you allow yourself that creative freedom?  Will you take the responsibility to think for yourself?  To hold yourself accountable?  And will you give yourself that chance at self redemption?  At self creation?

Our school’s goal is to train you to train yourself.  We give you lessons, exercises and techniques and explain how to perform them without getting hurt.  Once you’ve learned them it is no longer up to us.  This is why we go by commitment.  Those committed, ready and willing to learn will do so.  Others may be missing one of those components and learn little.  Moving on, at a certain point it becomes up to you to see yourself through and continue on in a safe manner.  We do not take the role of a personal trainer to sit and watch you perform the exercises barking demands of [this many] sets at [such and such] resistance.  If you are an adult this is something you should be capable of safely putting yourself to do on your own without the need of an external whip.

Again, when we work your expectation of us is to be taught and our wish to teach you more  in our time spent with you.  After all, stagnancy is death…  So rather we would take the role of doctors in that we want to get you healthy or at least give you the tools and means to become so and get you out to the world.  We have a lot of patients to get to and you have your lives to live.  But as always our sincerely committed and dedicated students are greeted with great welcome upon their return as there is always more to learn and master.

Invest in yourself with a program here to take something home with you.  Something you can learn and apply for yourself for the rest of your life.  Learn. Invest. Adapt. Evolve. Calasanz.

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Training as Life, not just Part of Life



Martial Art is a lifelong pursuit after entering into it through some discipline.  As we grow and as we learn our teachers, our masters, are the most influential characters on our own personal journeys.  While many will take courses for their belts and explore, enter into different disciplines for this reason or that, the majority of students end up forgetting about their training after a poor or averse experience, or leaving it behind as if pursuit was meant for a past life. 





We train here, we train you to learn something.  To bring something home with you.  Coming here you will leave with something to keep and know forever.  A physical exercise, the next movements of a kata or form, a movement explained to open your mind to the meaning behind, a lesson about ego.  Coming to our school to learn here means you are ready to be helped, you are ready to learn, you are open minded and serious about real martial arts and real fitness in all their aspects.


Come with an empty mind, leave with a story.



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Don’t Be So Stubborn, Be Well Balanced Instead

Here we pride ourselves not only on having well specialized trainers in specific Martial Arts disciplines, focused and competent within their respective fields; we also strive to keep searching, to keep expanding our own horizons, and we encourage our students to do the same.  We regularly tell our more dedicated and passionate students to (after a time) go elsewhere, to go learn another style, to go learn something new, to explore the world that is Martial Arts.


While we have much to offer here at our school and can train somebody to high degree in a wide variety of different disciplines for several lifetimes, it is with an open mind that we approach our training and that of our students realizing that we are not the ‘end all – be all’ of Martial Arts training.  We recognize that other trainers and schools do have valuable skill-sets and information to pass along to the devoted practitioner that we may not necessarily have.

Recently a student of ours came to us with concerns about his course of study… Read an excerpt below or visit our blog to capture more of our perspective on the matter.


I said, “Look, if you give me 300 life times.. that means I lived and died 299 times.. still I don’t have enough life, enough time, to teach people or to help people teach all that I know.

For example, a guy comes here and learns Cheng Chuang Long Fist, and then he wants to learn the snake.  Fortunately here he can ask that question and… Click Here for the Full Article


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~Stay Alert!~ Even in Training


Moving forward now we release the story of an unfortunate training accident occurring at our school.  With ever increasing speculation and wonderment push us towards full transparency and being completely open taking nothing to the grave.  The Lesson to be learned is simple, train with awareness and always be protecting yourself.

Calasanz Puts 125 Pounds on Each Leg and Splits in Two

Calasanz as a dedicated Martial Artist has never stopped training.  Today we give you a look at an amazing feat of strength and flexibility he has been preparing for.  Please, do NOT try this at home.  You can read more about how he did it and the story behind Calasanz here.


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The Wing Chun Traditional Dummy

The Traditional Dummy Explained

The traditional wooden dummy is a staple in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean martial arts.  They do come in various shapes and sizes, but the most prevalent design is 3 arms and 1 leg.  The Dummy is especially used in the practice of Wing Chun and is used to practice techniques, build bone density and train sensitivity.  To read more about the wooden dummy, its history and its purpose please read more here