The Story of Calasanz Student Kevin McIntyre: by Calasanz

Calasanz student Kevin McIntyre, an ex-marine, would be placed with others of a similar background such as Chris Mottola.  These are two of Calasanz’ favorite students, as military and law enforcement personnel often are.  The people in these fields especially appreciate and understand the simplicity of the Calasanz system and its effectiveness on the street.  Police officers can use it and often, they need it. 

Kevin Mcantyre with just three months of training stepped into the ring with a Martin Vizi.  At that time Martin was not just beating people, he was nearly killing them.  We let Kevin get into the ring with him.  Kevin did not end up defeating Martin who was much more experienced and trained, but Kevin did leave Martin hurting, something few were capable of doing.

At the time kickboxing schools were big, Kevin had been to several and they were not capable of handling him.  He was just too much.  They all sent him to Calasanz knowing he was the real deal.  Calasanz was the only one capable of teaching Kevin in this era of martial arts.  With the UFC decades away and Mixed Martial Arts non-existent Calasanz was the first one in the area who would cross the threshold of strict adherence to a specific style which was the general mindset of the times.  This novel mindset broke the mold.  All other schools at the time subscribed to a specific style and trained with minds closed to the validity of other systems.  Kevin was sent to Calasanz by several kickboxing schools which, simply put, did not have the skill to train him.  Calasanz did.  Calasanz was, and still is to this day, the real deal.  His dedication and experience speak for themselves, with over 30 years of 22 hour days in his Martial Arts center, Calasanz is probably the most well balanced Martial artist around.

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Is MMA Good for Kids? by Calasanz

The popularity of mixed martial arts competitions, or MMA has naturally spawned an interest in children who want to pursue the sport. This has created a rising demand for MMA instruction and most parents turn to martial art schools as their first source.

Despite its popularity, there is a lot of controversy surrounding MMA for kids. The goal in an MMA match is a knockout or submission through a choke hold or limb lock, where kids have to “tap out” to signal to their partners that it’s enough. Many find the practice of teaching children how to fight so aggressively barbaric and are calling for a ban of the sport. Many parents and martial artists are horrified at sight of young children being cheered on for attacking each other and the message that this is sending to young impressionable minds. 

Unfortunately, kids have taped themselves fighting MMA style and have posted it on You Tube, just like kids have done with backyard wrestling.  Some of the kids who post their fights are beating the daylights out of each other in their living rooms or garages. In some of these videos, there is no safety gear, no adult in sight supervising their actions nor have they had adequate training.  This is a disaster waiting to happen. 

My other concern is the MMA tournaments for children.  While training in a well-structured class with a competent, safety conscious instructor is fine with me, you lose a lot of that control when your children participate in tournament competition.  You don’t know who your child is fighting against and how this child has been trained.  The reality is that there are many instructors and parents training their own kids, who teach them how to fight dirty and don’t both fostering good sportsmanlike behavior. 

While some of these tournaments are well organized and pay close attention to safety regulations, others are not and you are putting your child at risk. It will be tournaments like this that create an environment for serious injuries and may eventually force the government to step in. There is also a lot of concern, especially from the medical community that children who participate in MMA are prone to elbow, knee, wrist, ankle, neck and shoulder injuries.

The reality however is that children who participate in sports are always at risk for injuries whether they play football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics or even cheerleading.  Many kids also end up getting injured just by riding their bikes.  Injuries are a part of an active child’s life.  The bottom line is that if your son or daughter wants to learn MMA, you have to choose a school and an instructor who puts safety first.  So as a parent, don’t just sign up your kid at the first school that offers MMA classes.  Pay close attention to the instructor’s attitude, teaching style and attention to safety. 

ESPN and ABC’s 20/20 have both aired mainstream media investigative reports on the topic. The ABC 20/20 segment showcased Gillett’s Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Fall River, Massachusetts.  If all children who wanted to learn mixed martial arts had access to a school like this one, I would say “go for it.”  From what I observed in this segment and others featuring the same school, I found it to be a very responsible martial arts establishment.

The first thing I liked about the school is that the boys and girls in the segments wore headgear and the gloves with substantial padding. The instructors were adequately supervising the kids and actively coaching during the course of the matches. Several parents were interviewed and were very pleased with the results of the instruction.  They found their children were more disciplined, respectful and also improved in school. They also said that their kids don’t use MMA outside of the school. This is a sign of good instruction.  Interestingly, the mayor of Fall River, Robert Correia, who blasted the school, never even visited the place nor did he take the time out to talk to those involved.

Bottom line is that when any martial art, traditional or mixed, is taught by a competent instructor, a child is reaps the benefits.  Boys and girls who participate in any martial art tend to be less violent and more responsible than their counterparts.  This just doesn’t happen by accident.  Training with a qualified instructor minimizes injuries and does not teach violence. So if your child wants to train in MMA, take the time to find a good school.

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Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness: Basic Philosophies – by Calasanz


You can have all the technique in the world but that doesn’t necessarily make you a good competitive fighter. Good technique is important, but more importantly, do you have the heart of a fighter?  If you get hit, do you lose your concentration?  Can you shake it off and remain composed? If you answered “yes,” then you have the fighting spirit.  Competitive fighting is different from street fighting. On the streets, you fight to ward off a non-deadly attack and to kill when confronted with a deadly attack. In the dojo or ring it’s different.  I don’t let students fight in the school unless they have control and can compose themselves after being hit.  The person who lacks composure is out of control and gets himself hurt.


If you enjoy fighting and rolling on the ground go for it! But there are ways of avoiding most ground fights by training under the Calasanz Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, boxing and physical arts. Ground fighting or not, under the Calasanz system you’ll still become a better fighter faster. Calasanz says, “I have said all along under this system that you can be a decent fighter without sparring or fighting but if you choose it then you can get the training that is necessary, including heavy drills. If you want to fight under in the MMA system you should go for some ground-training no matter what.”


Many student who are serious about the Martial Arts, would never understand that there is a way of becoming a decent fighter without brutality, but immediately you discover that you really want to be more than a decent fighter, meaning being a competitor then things all change, since the early 80s Calasanz has proved demonstrated that logic over and over, he trained some students that went beyond of being decent fighter when they stepped on the ring with some well trained competitor and they have won, this concept was proved over and over. We did that since the early 80s. Be brutal in your training, but still follow a basic discipline at the beginning of your workout. Those who want to feel and believe that they would like to learn how to fight but they do not like to spar then you could contact us.

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Being a Well Balanced Martial Artist for Self Defense

My main job is to teach students to understand their bodies and themselves. When people come to our martial arts and fitness center, they will take something home with them, knowledge. But above all, it is important to teach students how to do martial arts and exercise without causing them injury. That is my primary focus in my studio.

Since day one, I have met fighters who think they can fight with anyone. When you are a well balanced martial artist, you meet students who are good fighters, but are very tight, meaning their body is not relaxed. It is not just how tight they are but it is their belief of how great a fighter they think they are. Another common problem is that people forget to breathe when fighting. You can be a tough guy when you study at a traditional school, but they will not teach you what is necessary when you actually go up against a real fighter, that in itself is completely different. You cannot trade punches with a boxer who is relaxed when you are not even breathing. You can get away with this when fighting people on the street or at your school, but to step on the ring with a competitor is a different story. Here my school we can help you with relaxation and breathing when you fight.

I had one student that studied martial arts for about six years and nobody taught him how to correctly position and relax his shoulders. It was very difficult but it took me just two hours in a private session to correct this person that was carrying this problem for nearly six years. Do you have any idea how badly you can get hurt when your shoulder rises up and gets tight immediately? Many people, especially women, have the tendency to tense up which lots of times comes from being abused or scared. This is just an example of just one thing we here at Calasanz can help you with among many others.

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Single Blow and Street Survivor: Martial Art Courses for the Real World

Most martial artists will tell you that your chances of surviving abduction once an attacker gets you into his car are slim to none.  Their advice is to fight for your life because statistics show that the consequences are grim.  On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, Larissa del Mar Fiallo, was assaulted by two men who tried to kidnap her in the parking lot of a shopping mall.  The incident made international news because Ms. Fiallo is this year’s Miss Dominican Republic.  What interested us about the story reported by (July 29, 2004) was that Ms. Fiallo was able to escape her attackers “thanks to her knowledge of judo.”  She explained how she fought back when the two men tried to get her into their car and how she knocked over the larger one three times.  Her attackers fled the scene and an investigation is pending. While Ms. Fiallo suffered deep cuts and bruises to various parts of her body, she survived the attack and was released from the hospital several days later.

Violent crime is on the rise in the Dominican Republica as the country faces one of the “worst economic crises in decades, according to  Calasanz was born and raised in this country where he learned about self-defense first hand.  His experience did not come from pre-arranged tournaments with competitors wearing padding and subjecting themselves to the rules and regulations of sparring.  He learned hand-to-hand combat in an environment where a man is routinely challenged to physically defend him and others.

Calasanz has combined his real life experience and martial arts training into two courses designed to serve the needs of a public interested in fitness and self-defense.  “While we teach traditional martial arts as part of our curriculum, if people request it, most want to get into shape and learn how to fight,” says Calasanz.  “They don’t want to spend years learning forms or weapons that were used in ancient societies. And they could care less about belts and stripes.”  Most of the students who train at Calasanz are busy executives, professionals and homemakers who want a curriculum that emphasizes fitness and self-defense.  “Many of my students travel for business and are concerned with their safety in an increasingly uncertain world.  They want to be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

The essence of the Single Blow and Street Survivor Courses is to strike where an attacker is most vulnerable and to get away.   Single Blow is our basic course designed for those who wish to learn a simple, effective form of self-defense in a short period of time.  Street Survivor is a more complex version of Single Blow, which includes more techniques and technical training.  The one feature that both courses have in common is Calasanz’ Body Conditioning System.  A defensive blow is useless unless the person delivering it is able to focus his or her power.  Calasanz has always believed that the study of self-defense begins with making a connection to your physical body and learning how to use it as a weapon.  It is from there that Calasanz and his trained instructors teach you his unique philosophy of counterattacks and how to use them in any situation. 

We at Calasanz wish Ms. Fiallo a speedy recovery and commend her for her bravery in the face of extreme danger.  She serves as an example to all of us of why we study the martial arts. For those interested in either the Single Blow or Street Survivor Course, contact the school for a personal consultation. 

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Calasanz and One-on-One Personal Training: by Calasanz

Over the last four years, I briefly departed from solely teaching on a one-on-one basis and ventured into small group classes. I began teaching martial arts in the early 80’s and built my reputation by training students one-on-one. I am pleased to say that I have decided to go back to my roots and concentrate on One-on-One Personal Training.

For 25 years, I’ve privately trained Wall Street executives, CEOs from major corporations, professional athletes like the Hartford Whalers ice hockey team, tennis star Ivan Lendl, best-selling authors Cathy Cash Spellman and Patty Davis Reagan, as well as Henry Kissinger’s personal bodyguard, and members of the military and law enforcement services.

I have decided to make this change because this is what I enjoy most and it is where I see the most progress with my students. Understanding that private martial arts training can be a costly, I have offered packages over the last 20 years packages for one, two, three, and even four years at a considerable savings for a long term commitment. A package avoids the high cost of private lessons, which can individually run from $95 to $380 per hour.

Many of you have been comfortable purchasing long term packages not only for the savings, but with the knowledge that I have been in business for over 30 years and am not some “fly by night” operation that is going to close its doors and leave you flat. 

I am currently offering long-term packages at great prices for those of you interested in embracing the martial arts as a hobby or as something special that you just do for yourself.

If you are interested in working toward the goal of earning your black belt for instance, you can commit to one year with a savings of more than half of what it would cost you in a month-to-month program. If you have already committed to a 3, 6, 9 month or one year program and would like to enroll long-term, you can still take advantage of the discounted program. Just see me and we can easily make an adjustment to your program.

For those of you who decide to take advantage of a package, I’d like to sit down with you and determine your ultimate goal. Would you like to:

Become proficient in Wing Chun?

Train like a fighter? 

Box? Spar? Point fight? Kickbox

Lose Weight? Get fit? Try our Physical Arts program?

Many of you want to learn self-defense and how to be more self-confident. This is and has been our specialty for over 30 years. I not only focus on the physical aspect of learning street defense, but also how not to “lose it” in a confrontation. Remember that Ted Bundy killed over 100 young women and was stopped by the one who fought back and got away! It was her description of this monster that finally put him behind bars. Bundy didn’t expect her to fight back…but she did and stunned him with the element of surprise.

My system is designed for the real world, for real people. It is practical enough to teach you the skills you need without brutal training regimes that serve you no purpose. For whatever your goals, I can work out a long-term package for you that will motivate you and save you money at the same time. Just make an appointment with me and we can work out the details. A good example to be aware of If you sign for a package to finish it on 6 months, if you decided to finish on 4 years still you don’t have to pay extra while you have lessons left, which is why a package is designed to be paid in advance, that is the purpose of the commitment and that is why you are saving more than half of the cost.

The Perfect Fit In Home Personal Training

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A Conversation about Basic Hard Striking Techniques

Below is a online conversation between Calasanz and two students discussing the YouTube video “BASIC HARD STRIKING TECHNIQUES” (shown above). The video clip shows Calasanz demonstrating how to effectively block a strong right hand from an opponent and counterpunch off that block with a powerful right hand of your own.

Calasanz: Dariusz, my experience with this is much better now, I have matured more, and now I can do this even faster. One day you should pass by and I will give you a demonstration of this video. You will love it. Even if you are in Norwalk one day, just come and say “hi” and I will talk to you for five minutes. It will be enough to improve your defense on the street. And don’t forget, if you are ever in trouble on the street, try to win the fight without fighting and that makes you not just a better person, but above all, a more skillful individual in the martial arts.

Dariusz K: I support what I believe. You showed me how to improve that power punch and I remember the feeling when the heavy bag sounded much better after only one minute of the instruction you gave me. Good stuff. Thanks.

Christopher C: See also how his feet are positioned after the strike which enables him to block right away!

Dariusz K: Watch Calasanz footwork while power punching. That makes all the difference in the world. Try it on the heavy bag next time to see instant improvement.

Calasanz: Dariusz, thanks for your observation. If you are ever around, pass by and we will elaborate even more on this. Thanks again for your comments.

Calasanz Martial Arts Drills and Point Sparring.

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I Am Just Teaching What I Love

Calasanz has a skill in which he is capable of seeing, judging, and understanding the potential of any student at any moment. I was teaching a guy who had the physique of a Marine; strong, aggressive, young, and intelligent. He looked like the type of person that an agent would promote in the modeling industry. Calasanz was judging his toughness and aggressiveness. Then I thought about the early 80’s, when our name was very strong and everyone had tremendous respect for Calasanz’s system. Calasanz would take a student, like the one previously mentioned, and in three months that pupil could easily fight in a black belt tournament like Kyoko Shin Kai. It is hard for us to talk about the name, but Calasanz deserved the popularity back then and even today. Calasanz has a good work ethic and he is still an instructor who uses his mind and coaches 50-70 students each day with the mitts from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.

You must understand that most of these students were not competitors, but they could beat anyone with Calasanz as their trainer and this is how the name was created. From 1986 until 2003-2004, at least two students per week from all over from all over the Northeast, including New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Hartford, Connecticut and many other areas came to meet Calasanz.

Calasanz often recruited tough guys from the streets. I trained people known as street fighters, bouncers, and boxers.  Most of these new students would participate in one tournament or two and they never could lose. With every tournament they entered, they performed well and left a message and thus, good promotion for the name Calasanz.  Some of these tournaments were the most difficult in those days including the Kyoko Shin Kai, the New England Open, and the Henry Cho at Madison Square Garden. At one point my students were not training at all but instead they were doing practical training which was sometimes better than sparring. In just two weeks we decided to send 12 of our students to fight in the Olympic trials.  All my guys ended up fighting each other and some of them had to face each other for the gold medal. 

At one point there was a school where the toughest fighters were coming from, especially those fighting in the Olympics. Later on these fighters found out that all the fighting and all the winning was due to them having trained with Calasanz.

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Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and the Martial Arts: A Complete Package – by Calasanz

On Tuesday, October 7, 2008 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  The goal is to encourage the American population to add some type of physical activity to their daily routine. 

Daily physical exercise is vital for achieving and maintaining a healthy body.  Scientific studies have proven that regular workouts help reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis.  Regular exercise also decreases depression and improves the physical and mental consequences of aging. 

For adults, the guidelines recommend any where from two and one half hours a week of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity, or one hour and 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity. It also recommended that adults should incorporate some type of strength training into their workouts. 

Training in the martial arts offers adults who would like to meet these federal guidelines a complete package.  A typical martial arts class includes plenty of aerobic activity.  Martial art warm-up routines may include a variety of calisthenics, light jogging around the classroom and jumping jacks.  The class then turns to learning and practicing kicks, blocks and punches in repetition, which is a great way to get the heart pumping.

 A martial arts class is also full of opportunities to build up your strength. Classes often include push-ups, sit-ups and light weight lifting.  Bag work, sparring and self-defense practice with a partner helps develop both strength and cardiovascular health and can also be a lot of fun.

Another health benefit to martial arts training is stress relief.  Taking your aggressions out on a kicking pad or punching bag helps you release those emotions. Over time, stress can affect one’s health and cause gastrointestinal problems, acne, weight loss/gain, headaches, insomnia and addictions.  Many martial art instructors incorporate some type of meditation into their classes to help students center the mind and relax.  This means fewer trips to the doctor’s office!

As a martial artist, you will not only meet the federal guidelines for physical activity, but you also learn how to defend yourself.  All it takes is a few martial arts classes a week. What you get at the end of the day is everything that the federal government has recommended to keep adults healthy as well as learning techniques that could one day save your life.  Do you get these results from working out at the local fitness center? 

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Training Street Fighters: By Calasanz

When I opened my first martial arts school, a lot of barroom brawlers and street fighters came through my door. Some grew up in environments where they had to fight to survive while others just liked looking for trouble.

I wasn’t necessarily targeting them in my “marketing” plan.  Most of them were there to challenge me or one of my students to a fight. I earned their respect with my martial art skill which was gained partly through traditional training and partly through my own experiences with street fighters in the Dominican Republic. 

Many of them stayed on as students. As an instructor, I had to integrate these natural fighters into a class with the average martial art student who just wanted to exercise and learn a little self-defense. 

I had a few challenges dealing with street fighters in the dojo.  Some are there to prove a point and you have to worry about them causing a lot of trouble, both physically and legally. So I recommend strict supervision on the part of the instructor.

In addition, fighting outside of the dojo or tournament setting lacks rules and regulations.  Basically, anything goes for these guys, so the first lesson for the martial arts instructor to convey is the ethics of training in the dojo.  Every martial art style has some form of ethical code and it’s the instructor’s job to make sure everyone in the dojo adheres to it or they’re out! 

There are a lot of positive aspects about training street fighters. They show up with something that you can’t teach…guts! Just because someone has a black belt doesn’t mean they could fight.  There are a lot of black belts out there who would be demolished in a street fight or a real self-defense situation.  They may have a lot of technical skill, but no toughness to carry it out. 

Street fighters have a fighting spirit and that enthusiasm can often encourage and inspire classmates who lack that quality.  I have seen many of them push their more timid classmates to come out of their “shells.” 

Street fighters make good full contact fighters because they have the raw talent needed to get into the ring. The instructor’s job is to polish the skills they had when they walked in the door, introduce them to new ones and channel that talent and raw aggression into the ring. 

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