The Benefits and Considerations of In Home Personal Training

There are many things to consider when choosing a personal trainer for fitness, martial arts, or both.  One of the many considerations is having a personal trainer come to your home to take you through a workout.  There are many benefits to having an in home trainer, but there is also some things for you to consider.

One of the benefits is the convenience.  Think about it, no driving to and from the gym or studio, which also means no driving in traffic.  No getting in your car sweaty, smelly, and dirty, in fact you can run right up stairs and take a shower in your own bathroom.  That’s right, no more grimy locker room showers.  Have a home office?  How great would it be to respond to email, take important phone calls, or check stock quotes in between exercises or techniques?

Having a personal trainer come to your home also gives you the convenience of time.  The drive to and from the gym can take 10, 20, 30, sometimes 60 minutes out of your day.  Those are precious minutes that can be put to good use by stay at home moms who are running around all over the place for the family. 

In home trainers are also great for people who like privacy and/or anonymity.  There are those among us who at times prefer not to be in the eye of the public and there are others who would just like to keep their training and exercise regiment private.

The type of equipment you need in your home depends on the type of workout you plan on doing.  There are some training regiments that need very little in the way of equipment and your trainer may even be able to bring these items with him/her.  But if you are looking for a workout using weights and machines you may have to have a room dedicated strictly to exercise.

All in all, you can stay in shape, be more productive in other areas of your life, and enjoy a healthy activity in the beautiful home you’ve created!

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THE PERFECT FIT (A Home Training Program)

The Perfect Fit was created by martial arts master, fitness teacher and film star, Calasanz. The Perfect Fit operates as a division of Calasanz Karate & Kung-Fu System, Inc. located in Norwalk. Through his experience, Calasanz discovered that martial arts can be intimidating to many people, therefore, they lose interest in learning more about it. The Perfect Fit is personal training program through martial art and is done in the privacy of your own home. This eliminates the feeling of intimidation, yet offers the complete benefits of the martial art.

Calasanz created a well-rounded system of martial art which offers, at the same time, extensive exercise routines which are tailored to the needs of any individual to accomplish a complete work-out and, at the same time, target specific areas in need of exercise.

This type of training is much different from the traditional routines followed in a gym. We do not use equipment except for free weights and, for some people, ankle weights. For those who prefer to use their exercise equipment, we incorporate this into their program. But eventually, most people prefer to learn more and more of the exercises we have to offer because they are incredibly effective and cover more ground than any one machine used in a traditional gym. Our exercise increases flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance immediately and has proven time and time again to benefit other sports activities

THE PERFECT FIT specializes in personal training for fitness, aerobic isolation, and kickboxing. It is a unique way of getting into shape and has endless benefits. Learn how to work out, sculpt the body and, at the same time, learn self defense. Workout without the use of traditional machines. Learn how to create a strong, beautiful body and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Because martial arts has primarily been a sport popular to men, it was unbecoming for women to have interest in martial arts. The “traditional training” performed in most schools has a tendency to be quite brutal and eventually creates a very masculine image for women to the most feminine body. One of Calasanz’s specialties has been working with women to create a feminine, strong, and fit body which can endure the challenges of the most “traditional martial art.” Exercise varies from men and women to create the appropriate image for each. Men have a tendency to have a more muscular type of form, where women need to have a leaner and longer form.

Through the Perfect Fit you can sculpt your body into the fittest condition possible, achieve your fitness goals, improve current sports activities and learn something new and exciting at the same time.

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Calasanz and One-on-One Personal Training: by Calasanz

Over the last four years, I briefly departed from solely teaching on a one-on-one basis and ventured into small group classes. I began teaching martial arts in the early 80’s and built my reputation by training students one-on-one. I am pleased to say that I have decided to go back to my roots and concentrate on One-on-One Personal Training.

For 25 years, I’ve privately trained Wall Street executives, CEOs from major corporations, professional athletes like the Hartford Whalers ice hockey team, tennis star Ivan Lendl, best-selling authors Cathy Cash Spellman and Patty Davis Reagan, as well as Henry Kissinger’s personal bodyguard, and members of the military and law enforcement services.

I have decided to make this change because this is what I enjoy most and it is where I see the most progress with my students. Understanding that private martial arts training can be a costly, I have offered packages over the last 20 years packages for one, two, three, and even four years at a considerable savings for a long term commitment. A package avoids the high cost of private lessons, which can individually run from $95 to $380 per hour.

Many of you have been comfortable purchasing long term packages not only for the savings, but with the knowledge that I have been in business for over 30 years and am not some “fly by night” operation that is going to close its doors and leave you flat. 

I am currently offering long-term packages at great prices for those of you interested in embracing the martial arts as a hobby or as something special that you just do for yourself.

If you are interested in working toward the goal of earning your black belt for instance, you can commit to one year with a savings of more than half of what it would cost you in a month-to-month program. If you have already committed to a 3, 6, 9 month or one year program and would like to enroll long-term, you can still take advantage of the discounted program. Just see me and we can easily make an adjustment to your program.

For those of you who decide to take advantage of a package, I’d like to sit down with you and determine your ultimate goal. Would you like to:

Become proficient in Wing Chun?

Train like a fighter? 

Box? Spar? Point fight? Kickbox

Lose Weight? Get fit? Try our Physical Arts program?

Many of you want to learn self-defense and how to be more self-confident. This is and has been our specialty for over 30 years. I not only focus on the physical aspect of learning street defense, but also how not to “lose it” in a confrontation. Remember that Ted Bundy killed over 100 young women and was stopped by the one who fought back and got away! It was her description of this monster that finally put him behind bars. Bundy didn’t expect her to fight back…but she did and stunned him with the element of surprise.

My system is designed for the real world, for real people. It is practical enough to teach you the skills you need without brutal training regimes that serve you no purpose. For whatever your goals, I can work out a long-term package for you that will motivate you and save you money at the same time. Just make an appointment with me and we can work out the details. A good example to be aware of If you sign for a package to finish it on 6 months, if you decided to finish on 4 years still you don’t have to pay extra while you have lessons left, which is why a package is designed to be paid in advance, that is the purpose of the commitment and that is why you are saving more than half of the cost.

The Perfect Fit In Home Personal Training

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Calasanz First Hand Circle Club

Calasanz First Hand Circle Club is for those of you who see the martial arts as a path to perfecting yourself both physically and mentally.  This is a special training option offered at Calasanz where he is personally in control of your progress, challenging you to go beyond your greatest expectations with his personal support and guidance.  If you are new to martial arts or a current Calasanz member that wants to take your training to the next level, the Calasanz First Circle Club is the best way to reach your goals.  By training with Calasanz from the start, you avoid corrections and adjustments and progress at a more sophisticated level. 

Members of Calasanz First Circle Club enjoy a variety of benefits including two to seven hours of one-on-one training with Calasanz, lessons scheduled at your convenience, access to the new addition at our Norwalk headquarters for open workouts or quiet meditation, exclusive downloads of techniques, exercises and training tips for working out away from home, a free one-time pass to our special website section for a friend, relative or business associate interested in the Calasanz System, and invitations to participate in Calasanz performances, commercials, talk shows, website articles and videos.  Calasanz First Circle Club is also perfect for those who don’t live near the dojo and want to take advantage of our distance-learning program.

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One-on-one personal training

In Home or In Office Personal Training

The Perfect Fit is our in home or in office personal training company available in Fairfield County or Westchester County. Have the top Calasanz certified trainers come to your home or office to teach you the most unique and effective martial arts and fitness system in the world, The Calasanz System.

Our trainers will custom design a training program for you using Physical Arts Exercises, Goju-Ryu Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, ground fighting, and self-defense. Our trainers can also incorporate your home gym or office gym exercise equipment. Include free weights, weight machines, and cardio machines into your workout as well.

Corporate Packages available.

More Info:

Towns the Perfect Fit is available:

Connecticut: Greenwich, Stamford, Ridgefield, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton, Norwalk, Weston, Redding, Easton, Fairfield, Southport, Trumbull, Monroe, Newtown, Shelton.

New York: New York City, Bedford, Pound Ridge, Lewisboro, North Castle, Mount Kisco, Port Chester, Rye Brook, Harrison.