– The Past, Present and Future: by Calasanz

The Past

For the past several years I have been working diligently to put my system into a format that is accessible to people all over the world, not just the population close to my headquarters in Norwalk, CT.  Believe me, this has been no easy task with 30 years of training, teaching, and living the martial arts up to 18 hours a day!  I had so much information I wanted to release to the world, and to do that I started to produce the Formula Video Instructional Series.

Shortly after I started making The Formula Video Series a student suggested that I put all my videos into a format that could be delivered to people online.  I thought it was a tremendous idea and we immediately met with a software company and the InterDojo was born!

The First edition of the InterDojo featured a free section and a paid section.  The free section we posted a free video every week for anyone who was kind enough to leave us their contact information.  The paid section consisted of only a video vault with about 20 Formula Videos and 30 Archive Videos.  Formula Videos of course being the instructional series of my system and Archive Videos being a collection of 30 years of video of me and my students in action.

 The Present

Today the InterDojo is also comprised of a free section and a paid section, however both are now more sophisticated then the predecessor.

In the paid section, the video vault has now been converted to a multi-media vault and is able to house not only video but also pictures, audio files, and PDF files.  This is a great feature as it allows me more options to deliver information to subscribers!  The media vault has over 260 videos now!  Over 150 Formula Videos and over 100 Archive Videos!  We have also started to add other media as well.

We’ve also added a broadcast TV channel we call Calasanz TV!  It is available for free and has a line up selected Archive Videos a few Formula Videos and Group Classes you can participate in from home!  Calasanz TV also allows us to broadcast live events such as fights, open houses, special seminars, and webinars, live from the Calasanz dojos.

 The Future

I have been blessed (or cursed) with the ability to function with only 2-3 hours of sleep at night.  So while your sound asleep at 3AM, I’m up thinking of Formula Videos to film.  I have a list on my PC with over 3500 that I want to produce!  Don’t believe me?  Stop by the dojo and I’ll be happy to show you or give us a call at 800-414-9544 for more information.  Great things are to come in the future for and we hope you are with us to see it! 

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness


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Martial Arts and fitness videos at for men, women, and children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities!  Calasanz and the crew at are busy creating and uploading instructional videos, martial arts action videos, fights, movies, and more!

No matter what your interest, whether it’s general fitness or no holds barred, UFC Style MMA fighting, the InterDojo has an instructional video just for you.  For a low monthly fee you can access the Media Vault inside complete with an easy to use control panel and view Instructional Videos including: the unique Calasanz Physical Arts Exercises, Goju-Ryu Karate Katas, Cheng Chuan Long Fist and Wing Chun Kung Fu Forms, wooden dummy drills, bone conditioning, fighting drills for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA, self-defense techniques and much more!

The great thing about subscribing to the InterDojo’s media vault is that videos are only part of the equation.  Pictures, audio files, and text documents are all available to you to expand your knowledge of martial arts and fitness. The Calasanz System is the most unique martial arts systems in the world.  Along with Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing, Kickboxing, and ground fighting, this system features a holistic exercise system called Physical Arts. 

Physical Art exercises train strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, tone, and body unity all at the same time.  They are sophisticated exercises that enhance all sport and physical activities.  They are easy enough for an 80-year-old grandmother to increase her mobility, and at the same time unique and effective enough to increase the athletic prowess of a professional athlete.  And these exercises are only available at! also offers hours of exciting and entertaining videos of Calasanz and his students training through the years.  See the evolution of The Calasanz System from 1979 all the way to today.  Training, classes, fights, demonstrations, open houses, and sparring all at your fingertips!

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Calasanz describes the concept and design behind his Inter DOJO on

Subliminal input softens the mind. The way ancient martial arts were transmitted was very different from how we pass along our talents, skill sets and secrets today. In the past the students were told by the grand master to follow. For hours the students would follow the grand master. Simply following the master would help the students understand the techniques better by giving them an experienced and developed visualization of the technique. This visualization is absorbed in the student’s mind while following and is then reinforced significantly when receiving patient instruction from the teacher.

The idea behind the interdojo is based on watching a movement or technique 3 to 10 times before being taught. You don’t have to be interested in learning it, just to see and watch a movement to allow your brain to process and understand human movement. This softens the mind and relaxes the brain to better understand movement itself and afterwards when the master teaches you your understanding will be enhanced and deeper.

Immediately an experienced instructor makes an assessment of how slow or fast you can learn. He will determine if you are ready to be taught or only ready to follow the movements. You usually see that done in Kung Fu, especially by the monks participating at the Shaolin schools. But, you don’t have to be as dedicated to martial arts to be learning in the same way that they learn. You can still learn by watching or following. Anyone can learn in the traditional way without having to be a monk. You can learn both ways, traditionally or non-traditionally.

Imagine a master or teacher wants to teach you the first 5 movements of a kata or form without you ever having watched it or having followed him. This might take you 2 hours to learn without any demonstration or visual aid. Imagine now that you watch a video clip of the first 5 movements 10 times or simply following your teacher 10 times. Now you will learn the movements in just 10 minutes. It is simple fact and the difference is what we call softening the mind and relaxing the brain to capture, memorize, learn, and understand something better in a shorter amount of time. This is the skill, idea and concept behind Calasanz’ Interdojo.

Remember also that mostly there is no talking within the Calasanz videos. He wants you to follow the movements, not listen to some words.

Remember you read a book and memorize or learn what is the essence of the book’s meaning. When you exercise or are doing something physical you are doing something completely different.

The smarter you are the slower you learn movements that require physical ability. You hear this idea being exposed all the time, that there are people who are book smart but cannot even get close to understanding things the same way when it comes to something physical.

That tells you the entire story of what Calasanz is trying to bring to you under the interdojo.

Again and again you can watch my videos, it does not have to just be a professionally filmed video or formula video. It can be any video, even a home made video. We are trying to avoid words and verbage within the videos. We want you to soften the mind first because then it will give you a better understanding of what you are learning. Calasanz advice is that after you eat to go and rest, during that rest time pop in a video to your DVD player to view it.

That is the

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Calasanz and the Movie “Crossing the Line”: The Real Story (part 4)

My vow to make a movie in the U.S.caused me to go this far with this film. I should have known to back out when the director could not come up with a script. I never stopped saying to all my students, “I am making a movie.”  I gave myself a timetable that by 1994 I must finish this goal in order to move on, otherwise I cannot start anything. I remember Stew Leonard asking me, “Why you don’t take that money and open another school?” and I said, “Stew I must do it, I have spoken too much, now I am forced to do it, it is just ego, but everyone is starting to make faces like Hahn!”

I have come to the conclusion that I do not blame anyone other than myself.  It makes me angry and I will never forget as part of this process we owed a person $105,000. This man was not working, he was sick, and owed creditors hundreds of thousands of dollars. He came to work for me on the film and even when I paid him, he still would have had to file bankruptcy and later did. A few years after he filed, he was rebuilding his home in Greenwich. To this day I still find that hard to believe. What makes me the angriest is that the wife of this person told her husband that he would lose money and talks bad about me still. She failed to be an honest person as I paid everyone. Some of the people that received checks asked,  “What for? “You lost out with this movie, dummy.“ I kept my word that everyone would be compensated.

This movie turned into the biggest humiliation of my career. This low budget movie went from costing around $250,000 to over $1 million. I could have taken the easy way out and just filed bankruptcy but I chose not to. I could have just as easily gone back to my country, taken a great job, and lived the “good life,” but I chose to stay and do what I know and love and that is teaching martial arts. I knew that 3-4 years down the line, this movie would promote my name regardless if it failed in the past.

Marcello ran the master trailer which was the best part of the movie and a box of the most memorable pictures of me. When Marcello tried to hire someone to work with him on the movie, while interviewing this prospective employee, a man named Andrew had a dog bite him on the ear in Marcello’s apartment, and even after tried to get money from us. That was just another speed bump during this whole movie process. Nothing went the way it was supposed to go. I know now that Marcello did nothing wrong, he felt sad and ashamed that he let me and many others down. I never wanted to blame Marcello because he did so much work on this movie to try to get it right but he lacked the experience. Marcello felt that he made all the mistakes but I feel that the mistakes were all my fault and not his. Marcello’s issues were not having a solid plan and not taking the time to learn his craft.

So many people who believed in what I was doing were let down. I did nothing wrong other than trust those that were my friends, and that is why I believe that I deserve the blame for all that happened during the making of this film. Crossing The Line was a nightmare for me.  Marcello has since vanished and we have not heard from him. I would like to thank all my students that stuck by me and showed their support during this time.

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ONLY THE STRONG: by Calasanz

Frank Dux visited Calasanz Physical Arts in 1990 and said that Calasanz was the most qualified school for a seminar based on grounding techniques.  I know that many people have criticized Frank Dux, but primarily because of the movie “Bloodsport.” I knew that it was just a story since day one, but I would never say that Frank Dux was not a good fighter and martial artist. He was and still is. However, Frank Dux (who was making a fortune in my school in Connecticut holding seminars every three months) seemingly had something to do with sabotaging my part in the movie “Only the Strong,” .

I was noticed immediately during the audition of “Only the Strong.” The director and producer stopped what they were doing and started recording me with a real interest. At the end of the audition, they said they wanted me in this movie from beginning to end. I was sent home to start training for this role, but I got a call from Frank Dux saying, “You don’t have to travel to the set in Miami yet, you are in the movie.” It was like saying, “You don’t have to rehearse.” By the time I got on a plane to Miami, the movie was almost finished. Luckily, the producer and director told me I would still be in the movie towards the end.

Just to fly to Miami took a lot on my part since I am terrified of being up there. Many Hollywood stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Daniel Bernhardt, and Canal Kritza even came to Connecticut just to audition with me. The filmmakers wanted to bring me to California for the shoot but I did not go and agreed on Miami instead.

Director Sheldon Lettich and martial artist/actor Paco Prieto spent a lot of time trying to convince Mark Dacascos to fight without a shirt. No one could convince Mark to do this. At this time, my body was probably better than Bruce Lee’s. Even though I was emulating Bruce, I was creating my own image and breathing techniques that not too many martial artists could use.

I will never forget how embarrassed I was when I realized that I lost most of my part on this movie just because of Frank Dux. Especially since The Norwalk Hour printed a nice story about me being a part of this film. Three years after I got to this country I had a television show that played nationally. In 1987, Hollywood came calling, including Ron Howard, who was being taught by Ali. He saw video if me in action and enjoyed it. Ron Howard called twice, and gave me advice and addresses of where to go to get further in Hollywood.

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INTERDOJO: Edited by Stephen Melillo

Goju Ryu Karate Kata Form Videos and Instruction Sets on The martial arts multimedia website features all 12 empty-handed Goju Ryu Karate katas via the Formula Video Series.  Each kata has its own video to allow easy selection and study. 

“The kata videos currently on the site are designed for students to absorb the sequence of movements and techniques.  These particular katas were not performed at 100% in the bunkai spirit.  In other words they do not represent how students should perform the kata in advanced ranks or in competition. Rather, these are relaxed videos so newer students can learn the sequence.”  Says Calasanz Martinez.  “Future videos will be designed for advanced ranks.  They will be performance based and will feature more bunkai or the analyses and applications of each movement or technique.  They can be applied in many different ways, including the seasoned excellence of a hard performance.” also features weapons forms including the bo (long staff), jo (short staff), nunchucku, sai, and wanto.  Additional weapons and advanced forms are now slated for filming. is also planning on putting together sequenced pictures for each movement in both the empty-handed and weapon katas. also features unique exercises designed to enhance the karate practitioner. plans to eventually have the entire Goju Ryu system on video as well as many unique educational materials.

For a free week of full access:

Erin and Calasanz Video and Pictures

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The Story Behind Calasanz’s “Crossing the Line” Part 2

Eight years had passed since Calasanz came to the U.S. to make his movie and it seemed that that time was slipping away.  His students goaded him constantly, asking him, “Hey Calasanz, when will we ever see this film?”  Even though the time and circumstances were not ideal, Calasanz felt compelled to act and realize his dream. 

One of Calasanz private students, an aspiring filmmaker who we’ll call Mike, wanted to help Calasanz with the film.  So the team started by making a few commercials and eventually turned its attention to producing an independent film.  

One of the first things they needed was a good script.  Calasanz had been developing his version of the perfect script for over 10 years, but needed his ideas to be formalized by a professional.  Another student who was a Hollywood scriptwriter gave Calasanz some good ideas, but it needed more work.  Mike agreed to get the script in working order. This would require many revisions and Calasanz was assured that it would be ready. 

Sounds good up until this point, but many obstacles got in the way.  Calasanz suffered a shin injury in a bizarre situation that hampered his ability to train as well as keep his business afloat. (See: On the day that production was supposed to start, the script was nowhere near completion.  Frustrated, Calasanz took his original script out of the director’s hands and from that point on; the movie became an improvised production.  

Financial problems also plagued the movie.  The first version of the film was not up to Calasanz standards and the only way to improve it was to invest more money into its production.  While many involved in the making of the movie were well intentioned, inexperience proved to be very costly.  

The price tag quickly escalated from a budget of $350,000 to almost a million dollars.  Calasanz did whatever he could to raise the funds to make the movie, including borrowing from friends and students.  When the movie did not produce the financial rewards expected, Calasanz was left with a pile of debt. Advised by many to discharge these debts in bankruptcy, Calasanz refused, and made it his mission to pay back all his investors with cash, memberships, or a combination of both.  

In the eyes of the world, Calasanz may have failed because his movie wasn’t a blockbuster.  In fact, Calasanz doesn’t look at it this way. The making of the movie had many successes beyond what you see on the screen.  Calasanz was a pioneer in making movies in the State of Connecticut. Now in 2009, Connecticut is one of the premiere locations in the country for moviemakers.  Calasanz made his vision come true in the 80’s and saw the potential for creative works in this state.  Calasanz also used the making of the movie and the publicity surrounding it to promote his name, which has proved to be invaluable as far as promoting the goodwill of his martial arts business.  He also learned there were many people who believed in him. That’s why it was so important for Calasanz not to file for bankruptcy.  

Not many people out there can say that they actually made their own movie and paid for it. The movie played in theaters on the East Coast and also in the Dominican Republic, where Calasanz is a national hero.  In the end, Crossing the Line was a great success.  It all really depends on how you measure it. 

Images and videos of Calasanz Martial Arts

Calasanz DVDs

The ancient, Eastern method of teaching the martial arts required the student to watch the instructor and then mimic his movements without one word being exchanged.  Western students demand a lot more explanation and often ask too many questions.  This leads to over-analyzing on the student’s part, making the learning process much more stressful than it really needs to be.  Perfection of the movements in the Eastern sense comes with time as the student matures. Sometimes, it’s best to just watch, see the bigger picture, and then start practicing.  

In keeping with this ancient tradition, Calasanz has created a series of instructional DVDs designed to help you grasp the “bigger picture.” Watching the DVDs at home or here at the dojo before class lets you know what to expect and helps you relax the mind as you visualize yourself doing the movements. The result is that if you do your “homework,” your time in class will be more productive.  The reason being for watching the DVDs at the Center is to keep you from making excuses if you bring them home, most of the time it makes impossible for you to spend 10 minutes them before going to the School. 

Calasanz offers over 700 videos covering topics such as basics, forms, self-defense, weaponry, kickboxing, Regular Boxing  Recreational Boxing, Wing Chun, Goju Ryu, traditional and 20 Arm Wooden Dummy, Chinese Boxing and physical conditioning through Calasanz Physical Arts. Special DVDs are also available to help you improve your athletic performance in non-martial art related sports like golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, football, and ice hockey.  The DVDs are easy to understand and are a great instructional tool for students at any level of training.  

Modern technology now makes it possible for you to have a private session with Calasanz for the mere cost of a DVD. Special rates are available for members of the Okugi, Rinkiohen and Young Athletes program.  

Make an appointment with Calasanz today to choose the right DVD to help enhance your martial arts training! Young Athletes will be watching the DVDs upstairs, they will spend 10 minutes either before their session of during their session. Many of the Young Athletes who train privately upstairs with Calasanz, they don’t have to worry, Calasanz already knows what DVDs best for them.

Creating The Body You Want

This fully illustrated hardcover book exhibits the basic exercises of the Calasanz System of physical development for men, women and children. It contains Calasanz’s sixteen basic floor and bar exercises for the gradual development of an agile, strong and elegant body. Each stretching exercise incorporates martial arts techniques intended to strengthen and elongate muscles. They stress flexibility, body conditioning and safety. This goal-oriented, ergonomically designed book lies flat on the floor beside you, to guide you step-by-step through each exercise. It features hundreds of sequentially linked photographs, functioning as a visual guide for each routine. “Creating The Body You Want” takes the reader on a brief journey into the history and philosophy of Martial Arts and uncovers ancient oriental wisdom and inspiration. 

The book also comes with a 2 disk DVD which includes a visual demonstration of each exercise by Calasanz himself. 

Creating the Body You Want, the Calasanz workout book

Can a beginner get a black belt by buying a course by mail?

Under the guidance of a good, established school, beginners can start training by video to become a black belt. Remember that I am talking about real Teachers and by this I mean they are religious and reverent to the art. They love the art and they love what they do. Therefore the student studying these courses under these instructors have a way of being tested. The student must either send an approved video, or visit the hosting school for the tests. Visits and testing happen every two weeks or so. I am sure that I could train a beginner from another country to be a black belt but I would still need to achieve this in a more traditional way.

Online Martial Arts Training Videos