Calasanz Goes on About Jenifer Lee

Calasanz and Jenifer Lee worked very closely together during the mid 80’s.  Recently we have uncovered some old footage taken during a Saturday Night Fight that used to occur weekly here at Calasanz Physical Art.  Please follow here to read more.

Calasanz Goes On About Jenifer Lee

Wing Chun: The Perfect Style for Women – by Calasanz

Of all the martial art styles in existence, I would say that Wing Chun is perfect for most women.  While women have excelled in many styles, Wing Chun is the one art that most utilizes a woman’s natural gifts.  To appreciate Wing Chun training for women, it’s important to first look at its history.

Two hundred eighty years ago, the repressive Manchus ruled China. The Manchus outlawed all weapons and forbade the Hans, who comprised 90% of the population, to practice any form of self-defense. The Hans began to train a secret army of revolutionaries. The SilLimTemple became the sanctuary where masters of many ancient Martial Arts systems deliberated on how to create a single style that would be deadly enough to serve their revolutionary purpose, but which could be taught faster than the traditional form that took 20 years to master.

Five of China’s greatest grandmasters jointly created a new system, but before they could teach it to their secret army, the Manchus burned the temple and put the Masters to death.

Legend tells us that Ng Mui, a nun, was the only survivor of the original Grandmasters group. In secret, and in great danger, she taught the system to a talented young orphan girl whom she named Wing Chun, which means, “hope for the future.” The lineage and secrets of this extraordinary system were closely guarded for two and a half centuries.

What makes Wing Chun a fantastic martial art for women is that it equalizes the height and weight advantage that men have over women because it brings combat in closer to the opponent’s body.  At close range, the length of the opponent’s arms or legs no longer matters. It is the ability and speed to attack that is important.

Because of the discrepancy in size between men and women, a female defending herself is not going to want to engage in a prolonged battle with a male attacker. Fortunately, Wing Chun does not require the use of brute force, but rather fast, flowing movements. Women are better able to grasp the concept of softness that allows for the efficient and effective flow of movement necessary to stop an attacker. Wing Chun teaches her to quickly defend and immediately attack.  

I have also found that women are very good at developing the sensitivity needed to successfully engage in a Wing Chun practice called “sticky hands.”  The purpose of  “sticky hands” is to learn how to react quickly and efficiently depending on the opponent’s attack. It’s been my experience that the women I have trained over the years tend to master this practice a lot faster than their male counterparts. 

In addition to helping women develop overall physical fitness, Wing Chun tones the hip, buttocks and stomach area where women tend to store fat. There’s no better way to develop “buns of steel!” Wing Chun generates explosive power from the lower body with the use of proper stances, shifting and leg and hip movement. Women tend to pick these techniques up very quickly and when properly trained, are amazed at how much power they can generate.

Ladies, if you’re looking for self-defense and a great overall workout, this art was tailor made for you!  Find yourself a good Wing Chun school and see for yourself!

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How? Let me explain, my name is Julie and I was diagnosed with Diabetes 24 years ago. I am 80 lbs over weight and saw a vision of my future, it was not good. Over the years I would go to gyms and (come on ladies) you know what it is like being over weight and walking into a gym, do I need to say more?

I have always been interested in Martial Arts but have always thought I was too “out of shape “ to ever even try, until a friend told me about Calasanz Physical Arts. With a few phone calls, I found myself entering Calasanz’s studio. Meeting with Calasanz himself as he showed me around the dojo I never felt more at home. Apprehensive about working out, Calasanz promised me I would not harm myself in any way. Every person I met male or female said hello, shook my hand and bowed with a smile and said Welcome! I found myself signing up and thinking this must be a fluke. As I came back the next day, everyone in the dojo said hello, bowed, smiled and said welcome. It has now been 2 months, and I have been receiving 1 on 1 personal training and have learned so much in a short period of time. Learning how to stretch, breathe, train for endurance, develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility all in a simple yet complex way that has done wonders for me. I look forward everyday to working out (something I never thought I would never say) and I feel like a child in a candy shop saying what’s next?  

My blood sugar has come down 10% my blood pressure has come back to normal, and I can now go though my life without running out of breath. The weight is taking time but I know it is coming off with each movement I make. There is no CAN”T at Calasanz. All are welcome, all are accepted, take it from me I am a tough one to convince and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

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One of Calasanz Best Students: by Calasanz

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Ever since Calasanz has been inAmerica, in both his personal and professional life, one person helped him the most. Jennifer Li McNally, one of Calasanz’s best students and best friends, really helped promote the school and the methods Calasanz taught. When Calasanz came to the United Stateshe believed his “old school” ways of not accepting change was going to work here in the U.S.and occasionally he could be stubborn and difficult to deal with. However, over time he softened his stance somewhat on certain aspects mainly because of Jennifer’s influence. This was a great help to Calasanz at that time and in the years moving forward. She was able to deal with Calasanz at all times and deserves a lot of credit.

Calasanz will always remember Jennifer’s help with the movie “Crossing the Line” and the work she put in on the movie and in pre-production of the film. Her hard work, dedication, and respect she showed towards Calasanz and the school made her sensei and friend’s name more popular than ever. Calasanz truly appreciates Jennifer’s contributions and continues to be influenced by the example she set as well as her uplifting presence to this very day.

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Great Personal Memories and Moments for Calasanz in the U.S.A.

Calasanz came to this country with a dream and knew what he had to do to achieve it. Coming to the U.S.was a long journey. Even though Calasanz worked at the most popular bank in his home country of the Dominican Republic, some of his earliest stories in America came while he worked at the restaurant Victoria Station. He went there and applied for a busboy position, only the chef, a Peruvian man named Carmelo was working in the kitchen, and they did not need a busboy, but rather someone to wash dishes since they were expecting 600 customers that night. Carmelo could not do everything by himself and asked Calasanz to do the work that five people would normally do since the restaurant was shorthanded. Good thing for Calasanz that he was able to understand and write in English. It was the beginning of his career in the states and he made a lot of money. During the first three months, Calasanz did almost every job in the restaurant including cooking, bussing tables, waiting tables, and soon he was the top waiter and eventually a bartender.

Calasanz never forgot a woman he met at the restaurant named Joan, who was studying to be a journalist; she was one of the most beautiful human beings he ever met. She thought Calasanz had a great personality even though his spoken English was not perfect. There was no doubt that she was any man’s dream girl. Calasanz came here with the ultimate goal of making a movie and for eight years he did not look at anyone, all Calasanz did was study and train, hoping to emulate what Bruce Lee did in this country, and felt like there was so much left to accomplish. With Joan it was different, even though he was nervous around her; it was hard not to glance in her direction.

Around this time, Calasanz was in the U.S.A. for less than one year, but was very popular already and had a body that was possibly better and stronger than Bruce Lee at his peak. Calasanz trained day and night, with two percent body fat and 135 pounds, just like Bruce. Calasanz wanted to model himself after Bruce Lee so much, that if he weighed more than that 135 pound limit, he locked himself inside a car with the heat turned up to act as a sauna to sweat off the extra weight.

Even though Calasanz does not drink, Joan once offered him a glass of red wine, so this one time, he made an exception. He could not say no because she was such an impressive and engaging woman. Personality, intelligence, humor, good character, she had it all; guys would just stare at her. Joan really saw something in Calasanz and believed he would achieve anything he set out to accomplish.

With all the hard work Calasanz had to do to get the recognition he so desired, Joan was a bright spot, she always believed in his success. If she is out there somewhere, reading this, Calasanz would like to say “Thank You” for everything.

Having good character is very important to Calasanz. He is the son of Eugenio Martinez, one of the most respectful, respected, and serious men in the Dominican Republic. Calasanz’s father raised the best 11 kids in the country and raised them all to follow his good character and respectful ways.

Another incident in the restaurant involved a manager that showed poor character involving a man who worked there as the general manager. The waitresses were very scared of him, he terrorized everyone, especially the ladies, but not when Calasanz was there. This person finally got fired for his behavior and was never to be allowed to ever enter a Victoria Station restaurant. Even though Calasanz believed this was a harsh punishment, he should not have treated people the way he did. 

Calasanz enjoyed his time at Victoria Station and that is why he is sharing these stories. That company treated him very well and was a building block to get to where he is now.

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Teaching the right technique, no matter what the critics say.

Calasanz came to this country with a dream after he found out not that he was just a talented martial artist, but that he was born with this gift. During the mid 80’s Calasanz created a strong name in law enforcement by teaching police officers, security personnel, special agents, and state troopers. He taught them how to properly defend themselves and it only took one hour with Calasanz to achieve this. 

His fighting style involved counter attacks and what worked on the streets, especially for women. Martial arts is a religion that people want to believe in, here is a link of this lady who is one of the strongest people you could ever meet, with hips, torso, and pelvic strength that many do not possess.

Check out this video (above), some of the comments you read are from people that do not understand these methods. Comments like, “These are pointless techniques, that will get you killed in the street,” are examples of what you will read but those that know these tactics understand that these techniques are applicable to a real life situation. This person that made those comments believe there are no “bad students,” just “bad teachers,” and that “this technique will get you killed in the streets.”

Anyone that has met Calasanz knows that he does things that not many people can do. When it comes to power, speed, flexibility, the beauty of martial arts, he does movements where others would have a hard time understanding them, all related to expressing yourself. If Bruce Lee were alive, he would have been one of those skillful martial artists that wanted to meet Calasanz.

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Single Blow and Street Survivor: Martial Art Courses for the Real World

Most martial artists will tell you that your chances of surviving abduction once an attacker gets you into his car are slim to none.  Their advice is to fight for your life because statistics show that the consequences are grim.  On Wednesday, July 28, 2004, Larissa del Mar Fiallo, was assaulted by two men who tried to kidnap her in the parking lot of a shopping mall.  The incident made international news because Ms. Fiallo is this year’s Miss Dominican Republic.  What interested us about the story reported by (July 29, 2004) was that Ms. Fiallo was able to escape her attackers “thanks to her knowledge of judo.”  She explained how she fought back when the two men tried to get her into their car and how she knocked over the larger one three times.  Her attackers fled the scene and an investigation is pending. While Ms. Fiallo suffered deep cuts and bruises to various parts of her body, she survived the attack and was released from the hospital several days later.

Violent crime is on the rise in the Dominican Republica as the country faces one of the “worst economic crises in decades, according to  Calasanz was born and raised in this country where he learned about self-defense first hand.  His experience did not come from pre-arranged tournaments with competitors wearing padding and subjecting themselves to the rules and regulations of sparring.  He learned hand-to-hand combat in an environment where a man is routinely challenged to physically defend him and others.

Calasanz has combined his real life experience and martial arts training into two courses designed to serve the needs of a public interested in fitness and self-defense.  “While we teach traditional martial arts as part of our curriculum, if people request it, most want to get into shape and learn how to fight,” says Calasanz.  “They don’t want to spend years learning forms or weapons that were used in ancient societies. And they could care less about belts and stripes.”  Most of the students who train at Calasanz are busy executives, professionals and homemakers who want a curriculum that emphasizes fitness and self-defense.  “Many of my students travel for business and are concerned with their safety in an increasingly uncertain world.  They want to be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

The essence of the Single Blow and Street Survivor Courses is to strike where an attacker is most vulnerable and to get away.   Single Blow is our basic course designed for those who wish to learn a simple, effective form of self-defense in a short period of time.  Street Survivor is a more complex version of Single Blow, which includes more techniques and technical training.  The one feature that both courses have in common is Calasanz’ Body Conditioning System.  A defensive blow is useless unless the person delivering it is able to focus his or her power.  Calasanz has always believed that the study of self-defense begins with making a connection to your physical body and learning how to use it as a weapon.  It is from there that Calasanz and his trained instructors teach you his unique philosophy of counterattacks and how to use them in any situation. 

We at Calasanz wish Ms. Fiallo a speedy recovery and commend her for her bravery in the face of extreme danger.  She serves as an example to all of us of why we study the martial arts. For those interested in either the Single Blow or Street Survivor Course, contact the school for a personal consultation. 

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THE PERFECT FIT (A Home Training Program)

The Perfect Fit was created by martial arts master, fitness teacher and film star, Calasanz. The Perfect Fit operates as a division of Calasanz Karate & Kung-Fu System, Inc. located in Norwalk. Through his experience, Calasanz discovered that martial arts can be intimidating to many people, therefore, they lose interest in learning more about it. The Perfect Fit is personal training program through martial art and is done in the privacy of your own home. This eliminates the feeling of intimidation, yet offers the complete benefits of the martial art.

Calasanz created a well-rounded system of martial art which offers, at the same time, extensive exercise routines which are tailored to the needs of any individual to accomplish a complete work-out and, at the same time, target specific areas in need of exercise.

This type of training is much different from the traditional routines followed in a gym. We do not use equipment except for free weights and, for some people, ankle weights. For those who prefer to use their exercise equipment, we incorporate this into their program. But eventually, most people prefer to learn more and more of the exercises we have to offer because they are incredibly effective and cover more ground than any one machine used in a traditional gym. Our exercise increases flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance immediately and has proven time and time again to benefit other sports activities

THE PERFECT FIT specializes in personal training for fitness, aerobic isolation, and kickboxing. It is a unique way of getting into shape and has endless benefits. Learn how to work out, sculpt the body and, at the same time, learn self defense. Workout without the use of traditional machines. Learn how to create a strong, beautiful body and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Because martial arts has primarily been a sport popular to men, it was unbecoming for women to have interest in martial arts. The “traditional training” performed in most schools has a tendency to be quite brutal and eventually creates a very masculine image for women to the most feminine body. One of Calasanz’s specialties has been working with women to create a feminine, strong, and fit body which can endure the challenges of the most “traditional martial art.” Exercise varies from men and women to create the appropriate image for each. Men have a tendency to have a more muscular type of form, where women need to have a leaner and longer form.

Through the Perfect Fit you can sculpt your body into the fittest condition possible, achieve your fitness goals, improve current sports activities and learn something new and exciting at the same time.

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I cannot understand it: by Calasanz

My system was created and modified with the purpose of helping women, often considered the weaker gender, to understand survival. I strongly believe that women consider themselves the weaker sex which it is not true. I would advise any female to read up on wing chun, why the style was created, and what the creator was capable of understanding. Women can carry a baby for nine months and man cannot; if that is not the definition of strength, I do not know what is. Strength or even the flipside of people considering themselves weak is not just related to women but applies to anyone who should ever happen to be in a situation when life or death are the only two outcomes.

I would love it if my life would have been a little more simpler, I spend time watching crime dramas and I cannot understand why someone can just let other person hurt them. I really believe that people should avoid being hurt or even killed in cold blood, or they should avoid being injured or murdered because they either get scared or refuse to take action to prevent it. I told my sister, “Die fighting.” Never let a man cause you harm because you are a woman, fight back, don’t let anyone hurt you, yes still you can be smart and not over do it. Understand that anyone is vulnerable when they believe that the person will not fight back.

I cannot comprehend how 85 people can die by watching somebody shooting at them and the men just decided to jump in the river to escape by swimming for their lives. How could something like this happen? 85 people dead at the hand of one individual, something is wrong with those that chose to run away. Why couldn’t five or 10 guys risk their lives and rush this guy? They could have overtaken this man and ended it early with not as many casualties. I am completely angry that something like this actually happened.

Survival is something we should all know, it should be a human instinct so fight back when we are in danger of any kind. Women, children, or anyone, do not let things like that happen, fight back, don’t let someone come and bully you or make you a victim. Again, look for the right moment, don’t rush but don’t die without a fight, make your life mean something. Life is too beautiful, planet Earth is too beautiful, stay here as long as you can.

 Beauty and reality of a martial arts system.

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Honoring Yourself: Women and Self Defense – by Calasanz

Women and girls live with the reality of violence on a daily basis, whether it’s date rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  Women have to worry about going out at night, what they’re wearing, where they’re going and who they’re going with.  Many can’t even find refuge in their own homes.  One out of every four women is a victim of violent attacks and violence does not discriminate.  Violence knows no age, marital status, class, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  Regardless of the pervasiveness of violence against women, we have yet to see a war against it.

The war against women must begin in the heart and soul of the female population.  On a mental level, you must realize that you are worth defending and that you are your first line of defense.  On a physical level, you can make your body strong and learn the tools necessary to defend yourself. Why spend endless hours in a gym peddling a stationary bike to nowhere?  What utility is there in zoning out on an elliptical trainer?  Why not opt for a fitness regime that not only makes you strong and healthy, but also teaches you how to use your body as a weapon? 

While many fitness centers offer kickboxing, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. The class you have been taking will do you no good in a real self defense situation.  Many of these courses are taught by fitness instructors who have no idea how to teach the martial arts, let alone apply them in a self defense situation.  We have seen a mass exodus from many of these so-called kickboxing classes with women (and men) suffering from a variety of injuries due to a lack of knowledge on the part of these instructors.  We have had to undo the bad habits learned in these classes that lead to poorly executed techniques, torn ligaments and even broken bones. 

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