CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® evolved out of the martial arts tradition. It is the fastest way to get into shape and learn self-defense. Our system grew out of two programs I established to accommodate students who asked for special training. The first program was primarily used to improve athletic performance, called the YOUNG ATHLETES. Parents who trained with me or heard about my school asked if I could do something to improve their children’s athletic performance. I took the best the martial arts had to offer and combined them in a training system to maximize athletic conditioning and skill in a relatively short time. I worked with athletes specializing in tennis, soccer, football, basketball, ice hockey, dance, gymnastics and baseball to get fast results.

Another component of CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® is the self-defense piece. This came out of a request from law enforcement officers; fire fighters and military personnel who wanted to get into shape and learn hardcore self-defense without having to spend years studying a traditional martial art. These people had no time for belts or tournaments. They had to worry about survival. I devised a one-month intensive to accomplish these goals.

Both programs were so successful that I decided to combine them into one program for the benefit of the general public. CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® is popular because of its ability to get quick results and to keep you interested in your training. In creating this system, I designed a collection of exercises and techniques that focus on developing power, grounding, balance, endurance and flexibility.

There are so many different exercises in the system that boredom is impossible! I have created many variations on the basic exercises…from moving in different directions to working out in a seated or standing position. I love to change up the exercises from time to time to keep your workout fresh and to keep your muscles guessing.

CALASANZ PHYSICAL ARTS® is a great alternative to working out at a gym on machines, free weights or with a personal trainer. It’s a system that gets you into shape, teaches you how to defend yourself and keeps your workout fresh and exciting.

To be continued…

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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Why CALASANZ KARATE AND KUNG-FU SYSTEM over your local karate studio?

Why CALASANZ KARATE AND KUNG-FU SYSTEM over your local karate studio? We have one of the largest facilities in New England for training and exercise. We have developed a refined system of five disciplines specifically to improve your hockey skills. Calasanz Kickboxing and Goju-Ryu Karate techniques yield explosive leg power, shoulder strength, and forearm strength. Wing Chun Kung-Fu and American Boxing techniques enhance grounding and balance skills. We also teach injury prevention skills and have helped many individuals rehabilitate themselves.

The plan is tailored to fit your hectic athletic schedule. We recommend one day per week in season and one – two days per week out of season. Personalized, group, family, or team plans are available. This program is for ages 5 and above.

If you are a female hockey player, you must realize how popular this sport has become in the last few months because of the women’s U.S.A. Hockey Team’s past achievement of winning the Olympic Gold Medal. Colleges, particularly Ivy League Colleges, will be recruiting for their hockey programs for years to come. We feel our system of training, exercise, and athleticism might give you that competitive edge against another athlete of comparable hockey skills, thereby helping you fulfill your dreams.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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“I’d like to offer you the chance to transform your body and your life.” Part 4: Martial Arts for Everyone

 But these professional level students were not the only ones who sought out the Calasanz System.  Convinced that every single motivated man and woman could benefit from his System, Calasanz began to teach a wide variety of students.  Women learned self-defense… children learned discipline and self-esteem… the infirm and the elderly were helped to expand their physical potentials…men and women of every age, had a chance to re-design the look and fitness of their bodies.  “I teach Martial Arts for life,” Calasanz says with a smile, “I want everyone to benefit from all that I’ve learned about the body and its amazing ability to be transformed.”

For 27 years, Calasanz has lived a life as highly disciplined as that of a monk at the Shaolin Temple, training and teaching 18 to 20 hours a day.  “My system is simple, but unique,” he explains.  “It is meant to empower everyone.  Most of the world cannot spend 20 years studying traditional Martial Arts in the old way.  I have created a very personal new system in which Goju Ryu and Wing Chun are the basis for power, grounding, speed, balance and focus.  With my guidance, these techniques are accelerated, so that proficiency comes fast… excitement builds… burnout doesn’t happen… and a person can transform himself or herself in record time.”

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Kokoro-Shiro – the Calasanz Children’s Program

A Welcome from Calasanz: I would like to welcome you and your child to Kokoro-Shiro, the Calasanz Children’s Martial Arts Program.  In Japanese, this phrase refers to the heart, soul and spirit of the white belt…the beginner in martial arts.  Once a child steps into our school, he or she becomes a part of a tradition that has been in existence for hundreds of years.  In honoring that tradition, it is our goal to give your child the best martial arts education possible, while making it fun in the process.  I greatly appreciate your interest in the Calasanz System and that you have chosen us to pass on this ancient art to your child. –Calasanz

The Curriculum: Some martial arts schools that offer children’s programs rely heavily on high turnover without concern for the quality of martial arts education being delivered.  Their ads are littered with words promising the attainment of self esteem, self confidence, self discipline through martial arts training.  This is true of any organized children’s activity that is run by competent, caring adults…ballet, little league, music lessons, soccer team etc.  It has always been our philosophy that while children do gain all of the above mentioned benefits by participating in martial art classes, we do not over emphasize character development at the expense of proper instruction.  The primary goal of the Calasanz System is to created a safe, structured environment that is conducive to passing along the martial arts tradition to your child.  While we understand that martial arts training for children should be fun, we will not waste your child’s time with “games” or other meaningless activities.  We strive to develop good, solid skills by focusing on age appropriate conditioning exercises and fundamental basic techniques (kicks, blocks, punches, strikes).  Calasanz has condensed the best movements of karate, kung fu, boxing, kickboxing and Chinese boxing into an exciting children’s program that also includes an educational component, where your child will learn the history of the martial arts and take pride in being part of this tradition. 

The Ranking System: In addition to character development, children benefit from the physical aspect of the martial arts.  Children growing up in a sedentary society driven by the internet, videos and fast foods, need to move, breath, stretch and exercise their muscles. The Calasanz System is designed to develop strength, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility. Martial arts training also makes children less aggressive because they become aware of their bodies and respect the skills they have learned in class.  They learn to use martial arts as a last resort and then only to defend themselves or a loved one.  Children also learn how to resolve life’s conflicts in creative ways without using their fists.  

The Trial Class: We offer a trial class to any child interested in studying the martial arts with us.  Children have started martial arts training as young as three years of age.  A good barometer of determining whether or not your child is ready for martial arts class depends on his or her ability to follow directions. 

The Uniform: We ask that all children wear the traditional white karate gi along with a belt when in class or at school sponsored events.  Uniforms are available here at the school.

The Schedule: Children’s classes are held Tuesday afternoons from 4:00PM to 5:00PM, and Saturday mornings 10:00AM to 11:00AM.  We welcome parents to watch class, but please refrain from interacting your child during class time. 

The Cost: The average cost of our children’s program is $95.00 per month.  The cost however, may vary depending on the length of the program and the number of family members enrolled.  Family discount options are available.

Kickboxing program

Leo’s Story: Teenage Transformation through the Martial Arts


I’m a mother who has been taking martial arts classes at Calasanz Physical Arts since January of 2010.  During the cold winter, I noticed a young teenager named Leo, who trained with Calasanz on what seemed to be a daily basis. Leo was a quiet kid who didn’t speak much.

Having two grown sons of my own, it was very natural for me to be concerned for Leo. I tried to be friendly and say hello on occasion but I got no response. I tried to rationalize an explanation for his behavior. I thought, well, teenage boys are not very chatty or the days were so dark and cold that maybe Leo suffered from the “winter blues.”

Five months later, I found myself working out with Leo on the upper deck at Calasanz dojo. I expected the usual silent treatment, but on this day, he actually said “hello.” I was in shock! I was even more surprised when I saw this boy hit the bag with strong, precise, kicks and punches.  I was so impressed that I asked him to demonstrate some kicks in slow motion. For the next 20 minutes, not only did Leo patiently show me how to execute these kicks, but he also took the time to explain the mechanics of each technique for my benefit. I saw a major change in Leo. He was now a secure, well-mannered, disciplined young man who was highly skilled in the martial arts. 

I mentioned my experience to Calasanz and it was then that I learned more about Leo’s journey. Leo joined Calasanz about a year ago at the age of 14.  Leo had some difficulty when he first joined but Calasanz was confident that he could help. He’s worked with kids like Leo before and knew exactly what to do. With a lot of patience and amazing coaching skills, Calasanz worked with Leo every day.

A year later, Leo now teaches an adult martial arts class at Calasanz. He is an inspiration for anyone who comes into contact with him.  Who would have known that a year of martial arts training would have yielded such amazing results?

The martial arts are not just about developing the body; a good instructor and supportive environment can also bring out the spirit of the individual. What emerged was a strong, courageous, and confident young man. Martial art training is not about producing the “ultimate fighting machine”… but rather producing a person of great character. As a mother, I can only imagine how proud Leo’s parents are of his transformation.

Here is more video of Leo:

Preparing Young Adults for College Life

You Tuber:

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This man has prepared thousands of students for college life and is still doing providing this service at the request of many parents. Calasanz has been training and teaching martial arts longer than you’ve been alive times two.

Young Adults College Self Defense Preparation

Children, Self-Defense, Blackbelts, and Angry You Tubers

You Tuber:

It’s all right to train in a McDojo and learn Spongebob Karate as long as you know that you can’t use it to defend yourself on the street and as long as you know it’s only for show, for getting healthy, for making friends, for gaining self confidence, for winning tournaments, etc. But then again, one reason anyone trains in martial arts is so he can defend himself. It’s been said “Physician, heal thyself!” In this context, it should be “Martial artist, defend thyself!”

Our Response:

In this video, you are watching only 5 minutes of a child going through endurance and coordination exercises; it does not include the whole test. If he continues training as he grows, his ability to defend himself will also grow. Calasanz has built a name for teaching self-defense over the last 30 years and his students include law enforcement officers who have no time to waste. Realistically speaking however, what is an 8 year old or any child for that matter, going to do “on the street” if an adult is really intent on doing him harm? I don’t care if he’s the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee, if the attacker is a vicious adult, then the child will lose. Remember several years ago, the boy in the news who was kidnapped by his martial arts instructor and sexually molested?? Was he able to defend himself? There is only so much you can do with children given their size, strength and maturity. There are other reasons for sending your child to martial arts classes. Maybe you should contemplate your idiotic comments before you expose your ignorance to the rest of the world.

Ankle Weights Make Heavier Legs for More Powerful Kicks

In this episode learn 2 variations of an exercise that builds bone and muscle tissue using ankle weights to make the legs heavier for harder kicks.