The Top 5 Benefits Of Learning Mixed Martial Arts


Mixed martial arts, or MMA for short, is a fighting discipline combining kickboxing moves with boxing and wrestling techniques. While many people associate MMA with a form a violent ring-based fighting, it has been turned into a non-contact form of cardiovascular exercise to help people stay fit. As MMA becomes increasingly popular, more training centres are being set up to meet this demand. So, why should you start MMA training? Here are the top five benefits.

Benefit #1: Injury-Free Workouts At MMA Fitness Classes

The easiest way to get into MMA is to join a fitness class. Unlike fighting classes, these courses simply help people to develop their cardiovascular endurance. An MMA fitness class is similar to ‘boxercise’ – a form of aerobics based upon boxing moves. Set to heart-pounding music, a qualified MMA instructor teaches participants how to use certain moves inspired from the ring. These kicks and punches are based on moves that actual MMA fighters would use. These classes are non-contact and so injury free. They are high paced and fun with participants dramatically improving their levels of fitness in a short period of time.

Benefit #2: Expert Instructors In Your Local Area

If you aren’t interested in MMA for fitness, a dedicated MMA class can come with a surprising list of benefits. Professional MMA fighting is extremely popular and some fighters make their living from fights. Joining an MMA class means it’s extremely likely that the instructor will be a current or former professional fighter. Even if you live in a small town, the chances are excellent that the instructor running the MMA class will have had real fighting experience. This means that you will develop your skills faster and be assured of receiving expert tuition that sees you make swift progress in your ability to fight.

Benefit #3: Go At Your Own Pace

If you have watched an MMA fight on TV or online, you may have assumed that only top fighters can participate. True enough, each professional fighter has their own unique training style. Some people are boxers, others are wrestlers and so on. In fact, MMA is a style of fighting all on its own. It combines boxing, wrestling and martial arts moves from a wide range of disciplines. As such, a wide range of classes are available for people at all levels and abilities at MMA training gyms. If you are a complete novice, you can join the beginner classes to hone your skills. If you already have a background in martial arts, an advanced class will cater perfectly to you and help you become a better MMA fighter.

Benefit #4: Mixed Martial Arts Will Increase Your Confidence

Many people who have trained in martial arts come to MMA because they want to know how to fight. Unlike boxing or Muay Thai, MMA can help you when a fight goes to the ground – as real fights often do. MMA has direct real world application for defence. When you know how to defend yourself in a real situation, your mind will be calmer and your levels of stress will be reduced. Once your begin MMA training, your ability to walk away from a fight will improve.

Benefit #5: MMA Training Increases Your Discipline

If you are joining MMA from a martial arts or boxing background, you likely already have good levels of discipline. Novices often find that they benefit from the discipline that MMA instils. It teaches discipline of the body and mind and promotes healthy eating principles that help fighters recover after fights. MMA is an excellent physical workout and beginners will find that their levels of fitness go through the roof once they begin training. Sparring (boxing practice) and grappling (wrestling) is usually completed in five minute bouts. Surviving a five-minute fight takes amazing levels of fitness. The MMA training is designed to get fighters ready for this and to help them succeed.


These five benefits of MMA fighting should help you decide whether you want to give it a shot. As this article explains, there is a whole spectrum of MMA classes out there to choose from. If you are just interested in fitness, then an MMA exercise class would be most appropriate. If you want to learn to fight, you can choose a fighting class relevant to your level of experience. Most training centers offer a wide range of classes to accommodate everyone from rank beginners to advanced fighters. Some trainers even offer MMA classes for kids and MMA classes specifically for women, so the options are truly limitless. Check out your local MMA center for more information about getting started in the world of MMA today. If you already have experience of MMA, what do you think of our list of benefits? Which benefits would you add? Let us know and leave a comment below!


Why Is Everyone Talking About Mixed Martial Arts?


The popularity of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts has continued to grow over the last few years. Mixed martial arts training is not just for those who take part in competitions, it is for anyone interested in complete fitness, strength and increased energy. The training is popular with men and women of all age groups. The training is beneficial for everyone and this includes young kids. Fitness enthusiasts are increasingly including MMA training as part of their regular fitness regime because it is the perfect entire body workout. The training builds energy while improving overall cardiovascular endurance.

1. Enhance General Fitness

A good reason to enroll for MMA training is to help your body to develop and increase in power, strength and energy. You increase your overall fitness level through specific workout sessions that enhance stimulation of your body. MMA training combines speed and specific strength to engage the body’s energy system on various levels. This stimulation helps to increase muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance and it works to improve overall fitness levels.

2. Learning Self Defense

One of the benefits of MMA training is that you learn self-defense while improving the general capacity of the body. This is definitely one of the main reasons women are enrolling for mixed martial arts in large numbers. When you learn the skills, you do not have to live in fear and you can feel confident any time you are out and about. MMA training helps to increase levels of preparedness, and ensures that those with the skills learn how to defend themselves when necessary.

3. Building Confidence

MMA training is a huge confidence booster allowing those who have learnt the skills to face challenges that they meet every day. When you learn several self-defense techniques, you feel more confident when faced with difficult situations. The enhanced confidence will help in every area of life including enhancing leadership skills, building capacity to deter attacks and learning confrontation ability. The training helps when it comes to facing different challenges.

4. Developing Discipline

The training teaches discipline, which is necessary in every sphere of life. Without discipline, you cannot achieve the levels of fitness that you desire. MMA training teaches on the importance of discipline and this is something that can be applied even in the workplace. It helps when it comes to issues like sticking to schedules, punctuality, working in or under authority, facing work challenges and other areas. You can become a better boss or employee when you use the discipline you learn during training.

5. Engaging and Exciting

Those who have enrolled for MMA training agree that despite the hard work, it is a lot of fun. The sport is interesting and exciting and those who start find themselves falling in love with this training. Apart from the physical benefits, it is a great way to meet likeminded people in an atmosphere that is energetic and enriching. MMA is very engaging and it is interesting simply watching others practice.

With all the benefits of MMA training, it should be obvious why everyone is talking about it!


5 Reasons To Consider Starting Martial Arts Classes For Your Kids


While the thought of exposing your kids to anything that seems violent might be scary, research has actually shown that training in martial arts can be good for everyone including kids. While it is true that many martial arts films are full of gory scenes, the fact is that the training is very beneficial for kids. There is a reason why many gyms offer kids training sessions and the enrollment continues to increase as parents realize the benefits of the training. Following are some reasons why you should consider enrolling your kids for the training.

1. Fostering Self-Discipline

Martial arts has been around for years and it is an art form that focuses on self-discipline. This is one of the tenets of martial arts that is very central to the training. In a society that is accustomed to instant gratification, the training helps to foster self-restraint and discipline. These qualities help the child to grow up well. Kids who have a martial arts background tend to be very self-disciplined.

2. Enhancing Socialization Skills

Another reason to enroll your kids for martial arts training is that it allows them to come out of their shell. The training is especially important for those who find it difficult to socialize or make new friends. The training offers them an opportunity to interact with other kids who share a similar interest and they are able to know one another especially through partner-driven training styles.

3. Boost Physical Activity

It is important to encourage kids to get physical activity. At a time when most kids are glued to screens and video games, the obesity rates continue to go up. It is a good idea to get your kids off the couch and into regular training sessions where they can get much needed physical activity. This will give the kids something to enjoy while helping to improve their overall health.

4. Enhanced Self Esteem

The training helps to boost confidence as the kids master new moves. Achievement helps to boost confidence and any time your child earns a new belt or masters a new move, it helps to enhance his or her self-esteem. The kids are also better able to stand up to bullies, something that is very important in today’s society. This training is something that the kids will carry with them into adulthood.

5. Setting and Achieving Goals

Through martial arts training, kids learn how to set and achieve goals. Most forms of the training are based on a system of accomplishment where those who achieve a certain level earn colored belts. These belts signify the person’s degree of skill and they motivate kids to strive to move to the next level. This is another valuable lesson that helps an individual right into adulthood.

There are other reasons to enroll your child for martial arts training and they include instilling a sense of respect, encouraging the child to choose non-violent conflict resolution, improving his or her listening skills and developing teamwork skills. The training will help your child in different areas of life, which will help as the child grows up into a mature well-adjusted adult.


How Kickboxers Can Strengthen Their Kicks

Kickboxing, as the name suggests, is a combat sport wherein players rely a lot on their legs. Legs can be very lethal when delivering strikes to the opponent. Also, kick boxers learn to protect themselves with their legs. Thus, if you wish to be a very good kickboxer, it is important for you to have very strong kicks. Here are some tips for you on how to achieve that:


Do a lot of stretching

In kickboxing, it is important for you to be able to do low kicks and high kicks. But you would not be able to deliver them properly without proper stretching. Stretch your legs so that muscles would not be pulled as you train. A good kickboxer would spend at least ten minutes of leg stretching each morning and even longer before every workout session. Flexible legs can aid in delivering strong kicks.

Do a lot of squats

Squats are probably the best workout for legs. These cannot only increase the upper leg muscle mass but these can also help eliminate body fat. Squats can definitely help you grow your leg muscles. For starters, squats can always be done without weights. But sooner in time, you would have to do this routine with weights. You should have bigger weights as you advance in your training.

Put on some ankle weights

You might also want to put on some ankle weights as you practice your kicks. These would provide resistance for your muscles. Use them regularly as you SLOWLY do some kicks and your kicks would definitely be a lot harder once the weights are removed. Do note however that beginners are advised to wear the lightest weights as possible. Do not be too excited on putting on heavy ankle weights because these might cause injury.

Work out your core strength

Kicks heavily involve leg muscles. However, the strongest kicks are the ones that are assisted with one’s core muscles. Thus, you should always do some planking and other core training workouts at least twice a week. With a stronger core, you would not have a hard time landing your kicks where you want them to. And with a stronger core, you would also not get outbalanced easily as you kick.

Eat a lot of protein

Your leg muscles must be tight and hard. In order to achieve that, you have to be very particular with your diet. Your diet must mainly consist of foods that are rich in protein. Some examples include tuna, salmon, chicken, and eggs. These can definitely aid when it comes to the development of your muscles. Opt for these instead of junk like pizza and doughnuts.

At Calasanz, we specialize in martial arts and general physical fitness. Do you want to learn kickboxing? We offer lessons on that! We can help in working out your kicks so that you would be a good kickboxer. Not only do we help our students train their body, but we help develop their mind and spirit as well.


How To Make Time For Martial Arts Training

Among the top reasons why a lot of people do not engage in martial arts is that they simply do not have time. But every person is given twenty-four hours a day. So why do some people manage to have time for martial arts even if they are busy? Do you want to engage martial arts but you think you do not have time for it? Here are some tips that you need to consider:


Have an organized schedule

It is important for you to have a written plan or schedule. Basically, you must have plot down your ‘to-do’ stuff on paper so that you would be able to see how you can manage your time in a better way. There might be some old calendars or even planners lying around your home. Now is the time to use them.  Usually, people find out that they do have time for martial art after seeing their schedule.  These days, you can also make use of smartphone apps as well as computer programs with scheduling.

Sacrifice screen time

So many people these days spend more time in front of a screen more than they think. What about you? How much time do you spend in front of your computer or your TV screen? Yes, it is very fun to spend some time watching videos on YouTube or even chatting with friends on Facebook. It is also fun to have a marathon of your favorite movies. But take note that you can always sacrifice a few amounts of screen time and use it to learn martial arts instead.

Be inspired and motivated

If there is a will, there is a way. You might say that you want to train martial arts. But do you really want to do so or you are just saying it? Maybe you lack the inspiration as well as the motivation and that could be the reason why you are having a hard time finding time for martial arts. Be inspired by having a new weight goal. Be motivated by learning the numerous ways on how martial arts can be very beneficial to you. Once you put your heart into it, you will surely have time for martial arts.

Learn how to delegate

Busy too much at the workplace? Learn how to delegate. Busy too much at the home? Learn how to delegate. You do not have to do all things by yourself. Ask help whenever you need to. You should be spending time for yourself above all else. Thus, you should never sacrifice your ‘me’ time. If you can assign certain tasks to your subordinates, that would be great. If you can ask your kids to help you with household chores, then the chores would be done in the fastest time possible. After that, you can train martial arts!

It turns out that it is easy to have time for martial arts. ‘I am too busy enough’ is not an excuse. At Calasanz, we offer various martial arts programs perfect even for busy individuals. Try to take time and learn any of the martial arts programs that we offer.

Want To Develop Speed In Your Martial Arts Skills?

Martial arts come with a combination of different skills. Although kicks and punches are what everyone sees when training or fighting, there are many other skills like the posture, being alert, knowing how to defend yourself, how to endure and handle emotions that one must develop in order to be good at the sport. One more skill that you need to develop is speed and there are some rules that you need to keep in mind like…


The skill must be conducive to speed training

A number of martial arts skills can be done at full speed. This could be against a target, with a partner or in the air. You should note that gross motor skills can easily be adapted for speed training as compared to the precision skills.

The skill must be physically sound

Until you have mastered the basics of a physical model, never try to build the speed. If you are performing a skill without the right biomechanical form, you will definitely limit your potential for speed development.


If you want to be great at speed skill, then learn how to relax from the point of initiation, all the way to that of impact. Your muscles may be a bit tense at the point of impact, but this should be brief because you need to relax again in order to facilitate quick recovery.


One thing that you need to put into consideration is recovery between executions. This is very important for improving speed. If for instance you are training a front kick skill, the recovery between your kicks can be made brief, up to fifteen seconds. For combinations of skills, you want to spend a bit more time between the repetitions in order to prevent getting fatigued too early.

Practice first and practice last

You may want to put speed training early in your workout, but chances are high that you can become too fatigued to handle other workouts later in the session. While it is not wrong to do so especially if you are flexible or have good muscular endurance, practising speed skills near the end of your workout can also be helpful because this is when your muscles are looser and easier to relax.

Use low repetitions

The number of repetitions of each and every skill should be kept low, but make sure that the quality of each repetition is very high. Make sure to concentrate on each repetition and don’t forget to rest between the repetitions.

Feel the speed

Sometimes, you may find that specific fast repetitions feel different from the others. So, try to capture this feeling and recreate it when performing, whether it is a feeling of relaxation, energy, lightness or intensity.

Take time off

Developing speed skill can at times feel like you have hit the bump. Usually, this is a pace that you are able to imitate but cannot break through. In such cases, it is prudent to take some days off from speed training.

Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is a world class martial arts training centre that works to ensure that everyone meets their goal. We train on all kinds of skills and we welcome all to come and train with us.

Let’s Talk About Strength And Conditioning For MMA!

As an MMA fighter, you have to train to be strong enough in order to dominate your opponent and throw powerful kicks and punches. But there is more to that, you also need to learn how to absorb impact and be able to resist the constant application of force. Most trainees are now able to perform at high level of five minutes rounds and this is due to the fact that they are powerful, fast and have enough endurance. Below are great tips on strength and conditioning for MMA:


Do not do harm

If your trainer trains you as if the gym is their main sport, then you need to think twice. Chances are high that you may get seriously injured during the conditioning session and this way, he or she will have jeopardized your career. The kind of equipment and exercises selected to your ability is very important because you don’t want to take risks.

The goal is goal

This may seem pretty obvious, but how do you want to become the best dead-lifter, Olympic lifter or marathon runner? The goal is goal. If you are looking forward to be the best fighter, then a fighter’s training is the way to go and what works for a power-lifter may not work for you. Work on the program of your choice and remember to test and assess your ability. If you find out that poor mobility has been the cause for not increasing strength, then address it first before taking more weight on the bar.

Strength and conditioning is not meant to dominate technical or fighting sessions

You should understand that strength and conditioning sessions are crucial, supporting sessions to all other training. But if you want to increase the intensity of strength sessions, make sure this does not conflict with your fighting practices. Do not push too hard in order to improve on your intensity. And talk to your trainer, the more they know you, the more they will fine-tune the training.

Look at the situation and adapt

You could be adapting well and all is going according to the plan, but there are those days that your body feels completely broken. Do not force yourself into a heavy session as planned by your trainer; their job is to build you back, not to exhaust you even more.

More than two heavy lifts per session are not the best

Using more than two heavy, multi joint lifts may not be the way to help you perfect in your strength and conditioning sessions. However, it may depend on your ability and the time available. There are other supplemental exercises that still contribute to strength development.

To be a good fighter, you have to learn the tricks, but working with a skilled and experienced trainer is a plus. At Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Centre we have the best trainers who understand the importance of different levels of fighters. We make sure that we develop your strength and conditioning practices according to the ability of your body. Join us today; our goal is to help you meet your goals.


Calasanz Mixed Martial Arts of Norwalk

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The Top 5 Tips For Getting Active In Connecticut

When it comes to losing weight, calories are king. It doesn’t matter what you eat. If you consume less energy than you expend, you will lose weight. John Cisna, a high school biology teacher from Ankeny, Iowa, told KCCI that he ate nothing but McDonald’s for three months and lost 37lbs. Surprisingly, his cholesterol dropped from 249 to 170. His golden rule? Consume fewer than 2,000 calories per day. Only cutting calories has down downsides too, though. It’s hard to shift those pounds without exercise and Cisna admits that he started walking for 45 minutes per day during his experiment. Here are five tips for getting active in Connecticut.

#1. Determine Your Physical Activity Goal

Do you want to get started, do more or learn about muscle strengthening activities? If you don’t set goals, it is easy to lose focus and struggle to maintain motivation. Your chosen goal will determine which types of exercise you need. We will deal with each goal separately.

#2. Best For Those Just Getting Started

If you are just starting out, you need to pick an activity that you enjoy and one that will fit into your lifestyle. For most people that means walking. It sounds odd but walking burns the same number of calories as running over the same distance. The catch is that it takes you far longer to walk than run so running will burn more calories in a certain timeframe. Start with 10-minute chunks of time, a couple of days per week. Try to build up your exercise periods until you can walk for 45 minutes like John Cisna.

#3. Best For Those Who Want To Do More

If you want to do more, the perfect way to become more active is to consider how active you are on most weeks.

• If you already do some physical activity each week, try going longer by walking for 50 minutes, three times per week. You can begin doing more by being active for longer each time.

• If you are already active for over two hours per week and can do activities that make you breathe harder such as running, begin by building up the time you spend being active. You can then switch to being active more often and switch to activities that require more effort. For example, if you can walk for 50 minutes three times per week, try jogging for part of that time. Build up your endurance until you can jog for 50 minutes, three times per week.

#4. Best For Those Who Want To Learn About Muscle Strengthening Activities

If you are currently inactive, simple muscle building activities such as push-ups will help you build upper-body strength. You should aim to do these activities at least twice per week.

#5. Make It Fun!

Research by the U.S. Department of Human Health Services indicates that people are far more likely to stick with their goals of becoming more active if they involve their partner or a friend and keep it fun. According to one of the leading fitness centers in Norwalk, even strenuous activities such as boxing or mixed martial arts can be offered to beginners through safe, fun courses that help people become more active.