Women Training in the Calasanz System

I always told my sisters that they should never tell a man not to hit them “just because they were women.” I always thought my sisters were stronger than that.  Maybe it was because my father berated women’s strength and portrayed them as defenseless weaklings.  I didn’t believe this. Just watching a woman go through the pain of childbirth was enough to change my attitude. I have taught men and women martial arts over past 30 years and have found that women are tough, spiritually, mentally, and yes, physically, if they are trained properly.

There is a video of me training a young college girl many years ago. As I’m attacking her, I notice that she is not aggressive enough. I have to admit that I was a little rough on her because I knew that she had greater potential. What I did from here was to modify my training system to bring women to the point of strength by using an approach different from training men.

I use a lot of Wing Chun principles when training women because it was created by a woman and is based on power that originates from the core…from the center line, which I believe is a women’s power source. What’s great about this training is that an attacker doesn’t expect a woman to fight back in this manner. That’s why I just love to sit back and watch the women I train surprise their male classmates with their strength and skill. They just don’t expect it! You can see a lot of these women on any of my YOUTUBE videos. They are tough and beautiful!

Calasanz demonstrating the beauty and style of the martial arts.

The Calasanz System’s approach is designed for everyone.

The Calasanz martial arts and physical arts system are old traditional techniques with a modern Calasanz System approach that are designed for everyone. During the late 80s the Calasanz workout was insane and intense, but also some of the smartest and incredible training ever seen. It would behoove anyone to at least take a look what Calasanz was doing back then which still up to today he continues to evolve. This clip pictures Calasanz archive workouts…check it out.

Joel S. is a 56 year old student performing the Kata Jujitsu with Calasanz. It is very easy to identify the Calasanz System’s interpretation in this Kata – all movements and techniques are performed beautifully, with great strength, rhythm, balance, power.

Calasanz makes students re-think about their lives. Training with Calasanz helps change peoples’ realization of life. As Calasanz likes to say: “I teach people to appreciate themselves again.” Sometimes he will come across a woman, who looks older than her age and or has a problem with weight, and just is unhappy with herself. Calasanz believes with his system he can add at least 10 years to her life, he believes this because he has already done it with so many people. Everyone who has trained with Calasanz gains power, elegance, and grace whether you are a man, women, or child. Come experience it for yourself. The Calasanz system is well balanced system for all, which offers a diversity of exercises so it always maintains your interest. 

Calasanz Martial Arts Personal Training

The Beauty of Martial Arts


Physical Arts

Calasanz and student performing Physical Arts

Calasanz believes that the beauty of martial arts comes from knowing yourself.  When we see a  beautiful dancer, a “Bruce Lee”, or a Muhummad Ali Calasanz believes it is in the movement of these wonders that inspire us.  Calasanz teaches how to be pretty, he teaches the art of practicing moves and not just correcting them but making them prettier and prettier.  This comes from looking in the mirror and watching yourself, so that every movement is controlled.  This is the foundation  Calasanz believes in.  When you are in control of yourself or your “movements” then you have gained the knowledge of beauty, the moment you let anybody control that for you, This is when you are going to be “lost”.