THE PERFECT FIT (A Home Training Program)

The Perfect Fit was created by martial arts master, fitness teacher and film star, Calasanz. The Perfect Fit operates as a division of Calasanz Karate & Kung-Fu System, Inc. located in Norwalk. Through his experience, Calasanz discovered that martial arts can be intimidating to many people, therefore, they lose interest in learning more about it. The Perfect Fit is personal training program through martial art and is done in the privacy of your own home. This eliminates the feeling of intimidation, yet offers the complete benefits of the martial art.

Calasanz created a well-rounded system of martial art which offers, at the same time, extensive exercise routines which are tailored to the needs of any individual to accomplish a complete work-out and, at the same time, target specific areas in need of exercise.

This type of training is much different from the traditional routines followed in a gym. We do not use equipment except for free weights and, for some people, ankle weights. For those who prefer to use their exercise equipment, we incorporate this into their program. But eventually, most people prefer to learn more and more of the exercises we have to offer because they are incredibly effective and cover more ground than any one machine used in a traditional gym. Our exercise increases flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance immediately and has proven time and time again to benefit other sports activities

THE PERFECT FIT specializes in personal training for fitness, aerobic isolation, and kickboxing. It is a unique way of getting into shape and has endless benefits. Learn how to work out, sculpt the body and, at the same time, learn self defense. Workout without the use of traditional machines. Learn how to create a strong, beautiful body and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Because martial arts has primarily been a sport popular to men, it was unbecoming for women to have interest in martial arts. The “traditional training” performed in most schools has a tendency to be quite brutal and eventually creates a very masculine image for women to the most feminine body. One of Calasanz’s specialties has been working with women to create a feminine, strong, and fit body which can endure the challenges of the most “traditional martial art.” Exercise varies from men and women to create the appropriate image for each. Men have a tendency to have a more muscular type of form, where women need to have a leaner and longer form.

Through the Perfect Fit you can sculpt your body into the fittest condition possible, achieve your fitness goals, improve current sports activities and learn something new and exciting at the same time.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

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Core Training at Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

Without core training, you won’t have the strength, flexibility or alertness for any other sports. Core training means strengthening your stomach, lower back, pelvis and hips, muscles that surround your spine; Core training relieves back pain and protects your spine from possible future injuries. It enables your upper body to work more fluidly with your lower body, giving you better posture and improved balance. Core training also aids in brain and nervous system support, so a core workout helps your concentration. Call Calasanz @ 203-847-6528, or visit Calasanz in Norwalk or/and his website

Calasanz Woman’s Fitness

The Calasanz System

Calasanz is a Master Martial Artist who has spent a lifetime studying and teaching Karate, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing. To create his unique Physical Arts Training Program, Calasanz has combined not only his Martial Arts mastery, but his extensive training in dance, gymnastics, weight and fitness counseling. His unique system is based on ancient wisdom and modern sports medicine’s understanding of the body’s needs and capabilities. The Calasanz System has the capacity to help you create the body you’ve always dreamed of possessing, as it trains your mind and spirit to excel.

Calasanz has, for twenty-eight years, trained young and old, professional athletes and dancers, law enforcement officers, and a host of individuals from all walks of life, in a way that leads to fitness, focus, health, strength, confidence and longevity. He calls his System Calasanz Physical Arts.

Renowned as a hero in his native Dominican Republic, and star of the movie Crossing the Line, Calasanz firmly believes we all have the power to transform our lives, if we’re willing to commit ourselves to the process.

“My system,” Calasanz explains, “has the unique ability to allow anyone, of any age, who has the determination and the desire, to become a martial artist and to transform his or her life.”

Nana Smith Testimonial about Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

My name is Nana Smith. For the past 10 years, I could not imagine that shopping for jeans can be a celebration. My joy of discovery is so great that I want all to know about it.

I had been training all my life. My passion for “workouts” started back home in Georgia – a small country on Black Sea. I had my personal trainer who taught me my first kicks and punches. I swam for several hours. I ran cross country. I skied. But upon coming to America, my life changed dramatically. My time was consumed working and struggling to provide everyday living necessities for myself. My beloved workouts went by the wayside for a while.

However, after a few years, I regained the time to allow “workouts” to re-enter my life. I did boot camps at 4:30 am. I ran along the Long Island Sound with a 20-pound backpack. I sweat like a pig – and I loved it. I totally loved it all except for two small problems: (1) I was gaining weight every day; becoming more and more muscular and larger. (2) My knees hurt so badly that sometimes I could not go up and down stairs. I felt heavy, old, huge and very often depressed.

It was time to change something in my training. I was 205 pounds with huge muscles all over my body when I started Bickram Yoga. I went in hot rooms seven days a week for one year; sometimes I took two classes in a row. Bickram softened me a bit. But the process was contrary to my natural desire for physical action. It was strange to sit still for 90 minutes in a dark room till almost fainting and repeating this process day after day. I kept telling myself, ‘this is good, you are losing weight,” but it still felt strange.

I was at the crossroads of changing my workout pattern again when I received an email from Calasanz Physical Arts. I knew about the place a bit. I knew that this is a place where celebrities trained and that the owner, Calasanz, had become a “celebrity” himself over the years. He is the creator of a unique physical development system, “Creating The Body You Want,” with more when 20 years experience training women.

I truly thought it would be way too expensive for me until I saw an advertisement stating that “we offer special rates to accommodate the rocky times of recession.” Putting things on a “to-do” list is not my nature, so I just picked up the phone right away and called. And to my surprise, Calasanz answered himself. (Celebrities usually do not answer their phones.) After a brief conversation, I went to see him.

The Calasanz dojo is anything but gym. It is a large, open, airy complex with many rooms, and fully equipped with mirrors, ballet bars, showers (the places I had trained in before had no showers whatsoever, even Bickram Yoga), lockers, and even a tea bar. There is no heavy equipment or machines. But there are a lot of different bars, punching bags, sticks, martial arts dummies and a myriad of hand weights.

The dojo is very symmetrical and has a natural warmth and very positive aura. Coming from Europe where the scale is much smaller, it was almost impossible for me to enjoy regular American gyms – too large, too hot in summer, too cold in winter and most of all, environments where I felt personally isolated. The positive aura of the dojo, plus Calasanz himself and his trainers and students makes me feel welcomed. Everybody’s attitude is very positive and they all display the great respect of the master. Calasanz himself is a charismatic, down-to-earth person. He likes to oversee the entire group. He is truly unique from all others I’ve trained with and his dojo is unique from all other gyms. He calls it a temple. And truly it feels like temple.

On my fist day, he greeted me at the door, gave me a tour and then took me upstairs for the first training. He told me, “You are in the right place; now you will receive the best guidance, and we will fix everything.”  I just smiled. Calasanz’s approach is gentle on the body. I could feel my muscles stretching. I could feel them working out in a natural manner using mostly body strength and different hand and ankle weights. I took a few classes with Calasanz and then signed for the entire year … and this was the best thing I could have done for myself!

While training, I watch myself in mirrors as all others do … and day after day I see my astounding transformation. I started as a middle age woman of 185 pounds (truly needing size 14 clothes) who was bottled up in her inner self. In less than 2 months of training, I now look at myself in the mirror and I see a young, elegant, open woman. My body shrunk in the right places and developed where it should be developed. I came down to size 8. I look and feel like I am in my 30s again! I now love shopping for clothes. And I even catch admiring eyes and find men holding doors for me. I have more energy than I ever had. I not only look younger, I feel younger. I sleep less and want to do more. The result is totally magnificent!

The best part of it is that exercises are safe and natural. My pains and aches are gone. My knees, back, and overall muscles feel rejuvenated. Calasanz often says that he is body scientist and now I understand what he means. He not only understands physical anatomy, he also knows what kind of exercises suit your body type. So a person can become leaner, lighter, more graceful, more elegant and simply beautiful without hurting him or herself in an optimal time frame. And it is never boring because he rotates exercises on a daily basis – making it fun to do and assuring muscles don’t adjust to the same movement over and over again.

Programs are versatile and schedules are very flexible. He has group and private classes as well as boot camps. Calasanz is one of the best Marital Artists in the world and offers a huge selection of Martial Arts Forms to learn. We can also access his library with hundreds of DVDs featuring specific training courses and that capture Calasanz in the action. And there is more to come as he is now developing his Calasnaz Systems Yoga methodology.

The Calasanz dojo is open 7 days a week, day and night, 365 days a year. If you are seriously interested in transforming your body, getting a thinking man or woman’s workout, learning the art of self-defense or martial arts forms at large, I urge you to take a complimentary session with Calasanz. It will change your life. And in my case, experience the added benefit of enjoying shopping for jeans!

Creating The Body You Want

This fully illustrated hardcover book exhibits the basic exercises of the Calasanz System of physical development for men, women and children. It contains Calasanz’s sixteen basic floor and bar exercises for the gradual development of an agile, strong and elegant body. Each stretching exercise incorporates martial arts techniques intended to strengthen and elongate muscles. They stress flexibility, body conditioning and safety. This goal-oriented, ergonomically designed book lies flat on the floor beside you, to guide you step-by-step through each exercise. It features hundreds of sequentially linked photographs, functioning as a visual guide for each routine. “Creating The Body You Want” takes the reader on a brief journey into the history and philosophy of Martial Arts and uncovers ancient oriental wisdom and inspiration. 

The book also comes with a 2 disk DVD which includes a visual demonstration of each exercise by Calasanz himself. 

Creating the Body You Want, the Calasanz workout book

Phsyical Arts Exercises: The Making of a Better Body Figure

Physical Arts helps you to reach your goals faster.  It is important to get your technique to flow.  This will cause a greater circulation of the “chi” or internal energy we all have.  When techniques aren’t smooth, it’s like a “kink” in a hose.  The energy gets stopped up and the water can’t flow.  Once we get out the “kinks,” then the flow of energy will allow you to train with more vigor and help you achieve a fit, healthy figure.  I designed my Physical Arts Exercises around this principle.

Physical Arts Exercises

Don’t Let Stress Get to You

Many of you are having problems especially during these hard economic times. The stress and pressure that builds up in the mind and body prevents one from moving forward. My advice to you is to make sure that you stay healthy. You may not have control over the economy or what the government is doing, but you do have control over taking care of your health. It is within your control to eat healthy, get adequate sleep, and workout. There have been many times when we thought things were going to fall apart because of circumstances beyond our control. We then put our energy into those things we had some say over and slowly, we turned it around. Working out not only helps the body, but it gives the mind a break from worry so that you make room for more productive thoughts.

Fitness Videos for Stress Relief

Wing Chun Under Calasanz Part 2

Because women are softer than men they can learn wing chun faster than most men. They can develop the needed sensitivity faster than most men. The lower placement of their DAN TIEN allows them to become faster than men. This is enhanced by the uniqueness of Calasanz physical arts training, in which wing chun exercises are extracted from traditional wing chun.

Wing Chun Video Training

Basic Tools for Any Fitness or Physical Environment

What is an example of my skill and what I do?

It is very simple to understand: Recently I signed up this young actress who was very uncoordinated. Understand that there are many people who are uncoordinated like her, but not only is this girl’s mind way outside her body, but even worse is the fact she doesn’t even know it! Sometimes she does certain movements and exercises that make it hard for anyone to believe that it could go completely unnoticed by her, but it is just the truth.

I took this person for no more than 3 month.  Now for the rest of her life she is aware of her own body, mind, and spirit. Now she has the understanding of her body and mind on to any physical endeavor and not struggle as much as she did when she first came to me. Sometimes it is very hard for me to train these kind of customers, because they don’t have any idea of how bad they are.

This is the problem of many places teaching martial arts or any other physical discipline that requires athletic ability but above all it requires a high level of coordination in order to do well. They immediately start teaching the person techniques, they don’t teach this person to understand themselves, their own body, and the minds connection. Then when they go off on their own and end up in another dojo or gym they have nothing to show for themselves.

At Calasanz you have a tree, you make sure that this tree grow roots. These roots are the foundation (balance, coordination, endurance, strength, grounding, speed, flexibility, etc) for your skills to grow bigger and bigger. Once the roots grown then is does not matter where it goes there is a great foundation built.

That is now the case of this actress, I have given her a great foundation and she can now flourish in any physical environment.