“Siam does not teach anymore.”

“Siam does not teach anymore.”  This is a phrase you hear in regards to ancient martial arts. Today, those older, more traditional forms have been modified, especially here in America.

Being born with a gift for martial arts, being aware of the fact that when you train in the correct martial art, you can say age does not exist, it is not just that you are working out but rather what kind of work out are you doing. If a grand master comes and sees you training, immediately they would know what kind of physical activity you participate in. If you are at a gym pumping weights, do you know that all you are doing is taking years off your life?  There is a way that you can do things differently and turn your training into your best advantage. That is when we say, “Age is just a number, you can beat it.” But how many do it? Let’s makes it clear, aging occurs, you get more mature and you get older, but you can turn it around and even when you are 90 years old, you could be capable of doing anything that a 35, 40, 45 year old can do. First find the facts, find the logic, find the science, and above all else, find common sense to what you are doing.

95% of the population is not doing the right training, including those who do physically demanding work but still are not gaining much. People are going to a fitness centers, or doing martial arts are not adapting training and martial arts into their lives or as their way of life. Here comes the word, “Breathing.” Do you understand the meaning of Breathing? Probably not.  If you see a karate instructor, a physically fit person, or a body builder, approach to them and touch their body or muscle, you will notice the tightness and the amount of force wasted, meaning every second that passes they are taking days, months, or years off their life span just because they are doing something that is not helping them at all. This all comes from not breathing properly. The training that they are engaged in is just hurting them but when they are young and working out, they feel good and do not notice.

All of this knowledge as you get older, become more mature, and gain more intelligence, converts into skill, then skill converts into understanding and that is when you find the answer to the phrase “Siam is not teaching anymore.”  Watch the movie “Kickboxer” starring Jean Claude Van Damme and you will see a lot. When you, as a teacher of the martial arts, primarily Kung Fu, start understanding the secrets behind it, sometimes you want to pull back from making others feel better, helping them live longer and have a better life. All of this is based on the reality of life and that is, if there is not trust on your part towards these people, then it will not work. Yet, many masters still insist on hiding or preserving their secrets and pulling back from teaching, they do not feel that you deserve it and that is the real truth.

Many believe the Chinese have discovered the secret to a longer life. If you understand the beauty of life, the beauty of a longer life, then you would think otherwise. 10 years extra of life, even one year is great, you would see more of this world than you would have seen had you not lived in whatever extra time you were granted by discovering these secrets to longevity.

The reason that Calasanz became so popular and one of the most respected names in the martial arts world is because in the early 80’s he was working 24 hours a day training his guys to promote him and that is exactly what they did. They promoted and made Calasanz’s name, and not just because they looked good doing it. It was because Calasanz, together with his students, were doing the incredible and still doing it, and he does it better in the present day, in a more organized way.

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WTF are Thoes Noises???

These “noises” are exhalations and are common among martial artists, with each person having their own distinct style.  If you’ve ever been to a karate tournament, you would hear the various breathing styles within minutes of walking through the door.  As far as Calasanz weight lifting technique is concerned, you can see by his physique that he is obviously doing something right.  He has been lifting weights for years and has never been injured.  If you are such an expert at weight training, why haven’t you shown the rest of the world the results of your vast weight lifting knowledge?  We are always curious to see how other people train. Or is this a case of those who can do and those who can’t, criticize?

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wtf is up with these noises fuck man :S And he doesnt know how to lift weights correctly

Proper Martial Arts Breathing

What’s Up with the Growling? Or is it Breathing?

Comment left on You Tube page:

Are you Calasanz? why do you growl with your throat? and how many people practice your art?


Thank you for your inquiry. The “growling” is Calasanz signature breathing. He’s not just using the throat, but the exhalation comes from the depths of the diaphragm. While Calasanz views many comments, most of them are addressed by Calasanz’ staff members. Calasanz has been in business for close to thirty years and thousands of students have trained in the Calasanz System during this period. The school is still going strong and welcomes new and returning students on a daily basis. Martial arts are a tough business and it is much to Calasanz credit that he has been successful for so long.