DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE DAMAGE IS DONE! The Importance of Good Martial Art Basics for Kids: by Calasanz

As a parent, you send your child to school with the expectation that he or she will learn the basics. Basics are the building blocks of a good, solid education. As a parent, I’m sure you’d be quite upset if your child’s school to failed to teach the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic before your child moved on to more complex subjects. Why is it that parents don’t have the same expectations when it comes to martial arts training? As long as the kid is “having fun,” who cares about the basics? As long as the school gives out a lot of belts, patches and certificates to make the child “feel good,” so what?

Many parents unknowingly fall into this trap. It is vital that good basic techniques and proper body mechanics are emphasized at the beginning of your child’s martial arts training. A child’s joints are developing and care should be taken to train the child slowly and carefully to avoid long-term damage. Emphasizing good techniques that develop proper balance and coordination is key to teaching a child how to control his or her body.

There is a tendency to wait until the child is older to explain the reasons for executing techniques properly and to make physical corrections. This, in my opinion is a big mistake. Unfortunately, once bad habits are formed, they are very hard to break. We see this in children who come to us from other systems. We can easily tell if a child’s previous instructor spent any time creating a good foundation. While some schools do a great job, others fail miserably. Now we have to spend the time helping the student correct the damage already done!

Teaching children is not easy and when you have a lot of them in one room, the instructor may not have the patience, skill or even manpower to make sure that the child is moving properly. Others simply just don’t care. The consequences of this attitude, however, may result in serious injuries that may damage your child for the rest of his or her life.

Demand the same attention to basics in your child’s martial arts program. While having fun and developing “self-esteem” is nice, you wouldn’t feel the same way if your child couldn’t read because he or she never learned the alphabet!

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Children are taught to know themselves at Calasanz Martial Arts.

Calasanz has spent many years working primarily with children and has proven to himself that he can get his message across even to young minds. Other instructors have asked him, “What is your secret? How do you teach martial arts to children so young?” The answer is simple. Calasanz explains that he emphasizes basic techniques which help at a range of different levels.

When Calasanz first went into business and began to promote childrens’ classes a lot of parents were scared to enroll their children at the school. By this time Calasanz had earned a reputation in the area for producing some of the toughest fighters. What the parents did not see and were not aware of is that while Martial Arts training can produce a tough and durable fighter, real Martial Arts training teaches people not to fight. Calasanz emphasizes defense and respect for your Martial Arts knowledge and abilities. He teaches children never to be the aggressor and not to strike your friends, brothers or sisters because they could hurt somebody with their ability.

When it comes to childrens’ martial arts training there innumerable benefits to be reaped from such a pursuit, not all of which are physical. In traditional school or community team sports some children don’t make the final cut to get on the team and while some schools and community programs have tried to remedy this at the end of the day even those that make the team may spend a good deal of time on the bench. In martial arts training every child, regardless of their capabilities is welcomed and capable of practicing and improving themselves. This gives a child a sense of pride, that yes they can participate within a group, and yes, they can engage in physical activity.

Another benefit of the Calasanz System is that a code of conduct is put into place which promotes self-discipline, respect, and courtesy. Those whose purpose of studying martial arts to gain an aggressive edge are quickly set straight. Calasanz encourages a positive respectful attitude both inside and outside of the school.

Training in martial arts will also greatly improve a child’s concentration and attention span. It will increase their physical fitness as well sharpen their mental abilities.

Children who practice the martial arts become aware of their surroundings.

So what type of improvement do children see from the Calasanz system? Well, all of the above plus many amazing physical improvements. Improved coordination, balance, strength, power, grounding, and focus. Through the practicing of drills, coaching, sparring, forms, and katas your children will have strengthened joints and a basic knowledge of aerobic isolation and isometric movements which gives the Calasanz system its unique qualities and ultimately its name.

All of these improvements not only increase a child’s performance in their particular sport, but also in all other areas of their lives. The Calasanz System focuses on building a child by improving not only their body but also their character.

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Children and Parents in the Martial Arts: by Calasanz

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Occasionally a parent enters a dojo and wants to sign up their child for martial arts lessons; honestly, sometimes the parent or parents is the one that should sign up. One day, and without using names, this exact situation occurred where a parent brought their kid into an area where people train while the parent sat around in the lobby and let the kid run wild. This kid opened cabinets where weapons are kept, including swords and other sharp objects and he played with them. Also, this child went into the gym part of the dojo where heavy weights are all around and attempted to use the cardio machines: keep in mind that all this was done without signing a waiver. When we asked the parent about his child’s behavior they acted like it was not a big deal when clearly it was. What if this child was injured around all this equipment or on a weapon? We do not want anyone, students and visitors included, to injure themselves in our school for any reason, least of all being neglect.

Some people may come to the conclusion that this kid needed the discipline that martial arts provides and while that is true, the parent of this kid also needs some discipline of their own because it is a parent’s duty to keep their children in check. Studying here could provide them with a great parent/child activity and it would give them discipline in there everyday lives and set a good example. A child mimics what he or she observes on a daily basis which for the most part takes place in the home. Incorporating discipline with productive reinforcement can only benefit everyone.

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Children’s Fitness! Train in Martial Arts with the Calasanz System.

Calasanz Physical Arts in Norwalk, CT offers the Kokoro-Shiro: which is the children’s fitness and martial arts program. In Japanese, Kokoro-Shiro is the heart, soul and spirit of the white belt…the beginner in martial arts. Calasanz is committed to providing children with best martial arts education possible, while making it fun in the process. Kid’s fitness and martial arts training should be fun, but Calasanz will not waste your money or your children’s time with endless “games” or other meaningless activities. Calasanz is dedicated to creating a safe, structured environment where our fitness trainers can pass along the martial arts tradition to children.  Start your training in Calasanz by calling 203-847-6528, and visiting his dojo at 507 Westport Avenue in Norwalk, or checking out the website at and ask about our free trail class!

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Children, Self-Defense, Blackbelts, and Angry You Tubers

You Tuber:

It’s all right to train in a McDojo and learn Spongebob Karate as long as you know that you can’t use it to defend yourself on the street and as long as you know it’s only for show, for getting healthy, for making friends, for gaining self confidence, for winning tournaments, etc. But then again, one reason anyone trains in martial arts is so he can defend himself. It’s been said “Physician, heal thyself!” In this context, it should be “Martial artist, defend thyself!”

Our Response:

In this video, you are watching only 5 minutes of a child going through endurance and coordination exercises; it does not include the whole test. If he continues training as he grows, his ability to defend himself will also grow. Calasanz has built a name for teaching self-defense over the last 30 years and his students include law enforcement officers who have no time to waste. Realistically speaking however, what is an 8 year old or any child for that matter, going to do “on the street” if an adult is really intent on doing him harm? I don’t care if he’s the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee, if the attacker is a vicious adult, then the child will lose. Remember several years ago, the boy in the news who was kidnapped by his martial arts instructor and sexually molested?? Was he able to defend himself? There is only so much you can do with children given their size, strength and maturity. There are other reasons for sending your child to martial arts classes. Maybe you should contemplate your idiotic comments before you expose your ignorance to the rest of the world.

Lessons for Children

When working with young students (ages 8 to 18), there are all sorts of kids, from shy to boisterous. Sometimes you’ll have a kid who comes and sits down while everyone else is exercising. A good Teacher either lets him sit alone or approaches him with a constructive lesson. Offering a lesson is the right thing to do in the martial arts.