Great Martial Artists Must Have Excellent Control Over Their Body

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better to use a training dummy for those times when you get just a little too close, not real hits, but even brushes or taps can cause doubt in your partner, and an accident can ruin your whole day.

that’s not what I meant. I meant practing fast control shots against a dummies face or neck is safer than doing it to a real person just to show off. if you are going to almost hit something, why not use a dummy?


Thanks for your comment and we agree that a beginner should initially use a dummy to practice strikes. In this video however, Calasanz is demonstrating his amazing self-control and is not just doing it for the purpose of “showing off.” Developing self-control for a martial artist is essential for many reasons. First, Calasanz trained many fighters who competed in point and semi-contact tournaments. If you have no self-control, you will get disqualified and the fight goes to your opponent. Secondly, a martial artist who lacks self-control in a fight will be judged harshly in a court of law for using “excessive force.” You have to know when to stop and when enough is enough. Lastly, over the years, Calasanz has had a number of people stop by the school to “challenge” either Calasanz or one of his students. His philosophy is to teach the intruder a lesson without beating the daylights out of him…just enough to get his point across. Notice that his partner stands without moving a muscle because of his faith in Calasanz technique and the fact that he’s never hit anyone by accident when demonstrating. Your point is well taken and advisable for people just starting out. An experienced martial artist without self-control however is a scary thing.

Martial Arts Control

Pass By Techniques, Sparring without Brutality

Hitting someone doesn’t take a lot of skill. Hitting a well trained moving target takes skill, but passing by someones head at full speed without hitting them, without hurting them, but certainly sending a message of what could have been…takes the most skill:

Calasanz Kickboxing Breaks

In this video, there are segments of Calasanz practicing some controlled sparring, and working out. It also includes a segment from a television program featuring some board breaking and a scene from the movie, Crossing the Line. Calasanz famous “Super Break” during a karate tournament is shown at the end.