Only The Strong

Only The Strong was a 1993 martial arts movie that showcased the ancient art of Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines fighting with dancing, and musical and vocal accompaniment. This art originated in Angola and was brought to Brazil by African slaves in the 16th Century. Slave masters banned slaves from practicing any type of martial art for fear of rebellion. To keep their fighting skills sharp, slaves disguised this fighting art in dance like movements. In this movie, a karate champion stationed in South America for the US Army, returns to his home in America to find his former high school infested with drug dealers and criminals. He takes on a clean up project by teaching the art of Capoeira to others in hopes of eliminating the menace in his community. The movie features Mark Dacascos and Paco Christian Prieto and includes appearances by Calasanz.

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Hard Work Pays Off

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Dudes funny but he really puts in work and is in great shape.


Thank you for your comment.  Calasanz has worked really hard over the years to become a well-balanced martial artist.  In addition to training in the traditional arts, he also developed his body and form through dance and gymnastics.  His innovative training methods have had their critics, but in reality, his school is one of the largest and most successful in the country.  When most martial arts schools are closing their doors, his school is thriving. Hard work pays off.

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Combining Dance & Aerobics Together for Fitness Buffs or Fighters

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Humm? Totally dangerous ballistic movements. What the Hell was that? I can tell you love yourself.


We fail to see the “ballistic” movements that one of the comments was referring to. What you see here is Calasanz Aerobic Isolation System that has been popular with women since the 80’s. This class is taught at Calasanz dojo, as well as various continuing education programs throughout the area, with great success. Interestingly enough, we get a lot of kickboxing, and dance craze aerobic dropouts from other fitness facilities that have suffered injuries and need a saner form of exercise. Our program suits women of all ages and levels of fitness. We have used similar principles of the Calasanz System to train our fighters. It improves coordination, flexibility, power, balance and reaction time. That is why our system is still popular and we have been in business for over 30 years.

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Use Dance to Improve Your Martial Arts/Fighting Footwork

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It’s really you in the videos, I think you are real master , very gud….. amaze me. some people said it is dance, but they forgot, martial arts is like a dance, and they are know nothing about it, bruce lee it’s a good dancer that’s why he have a good foot work. Keep the good work bro , two thumbs for you


Thank you for your comment and your accurate assessments. Dance is a great art to study if you want to improve your footwork and fluidity. For years, football players for example have been studying dance to improve their movements and gain flexibility. We know a local dance school that has traditionally trained teen football players to prepare them for the fall season. The ignorant will mock this and the intelligent will understand it.