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Without core training, you won’t have the strength, flexibility or alertness for any other sports. Core training means strengthening your stomach, lower back, pelvis and hips, muscles that surround your spine; Core training relieves back pain and protects your spine from possible future injuries. It enables your upper body to work more fluidly with your lower body, giving you better posture and improved balance. Core training also aids in brain and nervous system support, so a core workout helps your concentration. Call Calasanz @ 203-847-6528, or visit Calasanz in Norwalk or/and his website

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Progress in the Martial Arts

The goals of a good martial arts curriculum is progress. Regardless of the style you have chosen to study, all of them begin with the fundamentals and can take you to the level of mastery.  Success however depends on two things: commitment on your part and a skilled instructor who not only teaches you the art, but also challenges you. 

          To some, progression in the martial arts is about earning another belt or stripe. The space between these belts and stripes however is where the martial artist makes his real gains.  This is where all the hard work takes place. In addition to learning the new techniques required by your style’s curriculum, you will be tested physically and mentally. 

Increasing your fitness level will be challenging, as you push yourself to become faster, stronger and more agile.  You can learn thousands of techniques, but if you are not physically fit enough to execute them, they will be of little or no use.  This is why it’s important for a martial arts curriculum to include conditioning exercises.  Take them seriously because they’re part of the whole package. 

You have to discipline yourself to get to the dojo and train hard on nights when all you want to do is go home and lay on the couch.  You may want to eat healthier so you spend more time training and less time digesting! You will have to take all that your instructor has taught you and incorporate it into sparring or self-defense practice.  While you’ve learned many attacks and counterattacks, you may find that you only use a few. This is where you experiment with what really works.

Now it’s time for your instructor to do his part. A good instructor will push you beyond your comfort zone.  He knows that in order for you to go beyond where you are now, he’s going to have to make you work.  He’s going to have to mix up the physical training so your routine doesn’t get stale.  He may change up a workout that you’ve gotten used to. He may ask you to train with different classmates or to train alone.  He may ask you to work on your least favorite techniques or learn a really hard form. 

Don’t get upset if one day he walks into class and turns it all upside down.   His experience tells him that a stale routine stalls your progress.  The only way to get to the next level is to push past whatever is in your way.  Work diligently on what is asked of you.  The day of your test is merely icing on the cake.  All the work necessary to progress is done between the belts!

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Phsyical Arts Exercises: The Making of a Better Body Figure

Physical Arts helps you to reach your goals faster.  It is important to get your technique to flow.  This will cause a greater circulation of the “chi” or internal energy we all have.  When techniques aren’t smooth, it’s like a “kink” in a hose.  The energy gets stopped up and the water can’t flow.  Once we get out the “kinks,” then the flow of energy will allow you to train with more vigor and help you achieve a fit, healthy figure.  I designed my Physical Arts Exercises around this principle.

Physical Arts Exercises

Even Death Threats Can’t Sway My Opinion of Physical Arts Exercises

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Can someone kill this guy? (This comment has since been removed)


Two things sir, there is a good chance your expression of hate and jealousy may someday get you in trouble, right now you are watching the most sophisticated exercises for endurance, conditioning, and flexibility ever created and this is how you respond?

Holistic Exercise

Combining Dance & Aerobics Together for Fitness Buffs or Fighters

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Humm? Totally dangerous ballistic movements. What the Hell was that? I can tell you love yourself.


We fail to see the “ballistic” movements that one of the comments was referring to. What you see here is Calasanz Aerobic Isolation System that has been popular with women since the 80’s. This class is taught at Calasanz dojo, as well as various continuing education programs throughout the area, with great success. Interestingly enough, we get a lot of kickboxing, and dance craze aerobic dropouts from other fitness facilities that have suffered injuries and need a saner form of exercise. Our program suits women of all ages and levels of fitness. We have used similar principles of the Calasanz System to train our fighters. It improves coordination, flexibility, power, balance and reaction time. That is why our system is still popular and we have been in business for over 30 years.

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Lessons for Children

When working with young students (ages 8 to 18), there are all sorts of kids, from shy to boisterous. Sometimes you’ll have a kid who comes and sits down while everyone else is exercising. A good Teacher either lets him sit alone or approaches him with a constructive lesson. Offering a lesson is the right thing to do in the martial arts.