Calasanz Goes on About Jenifer Lee

Calasanz and Jenifer Lee worked very closely together during the mid 80’s.  Recently we have uncovered some old footage taken during a Saturday Night Fight that used to occur weekly here at Calasanz Physical Art.  Please follow here to read more.

Calasanz Goes On About Jenifer Lee

I cannot understand it: by Calasanz

My system was created and modified with the purpose of helping women, often considered the weaker gender, to understand survival. I strongly believe that women consider themselves the weaker sex which it is not true. I would advise any female to read up on wing chun, why the style was created, and what the creator was capable of understanding. Women can carry a baby for nine months and man cannot; if that is not the definition of strength, I do not know what is. Strength or even the flipside of people considering themselves weak is not just related to women but applies to anyone who should ever happen to be in a situation when life or death are the only two outcomes.

I would love it if my life would have been a little more simpler, I spend time watching crime dramas and I cannot understand why someone can just let other person hurt them. I really believe that people should avoid being hurt or even killed in cold blood, or they should avoid being injured or murdered because they either get scared or refuse to take action to prevent it. I told my sister, “Die fighting.” Never let a man cause you harm because you are a woman, fight back, don’t let anyone hurt you, yes still you can be smart and not over do it. Understand that anyone is vulnerable when they believe that the person will not fight back.

I cannot comprehend how 85 people can die by watching somebody shooting at them and the men just decided to jump in the river to escape by swimming for their lives. How could something like this happen? 85 people dead at the hand of one individual, something is wrong with those that chose to run away. Why couldn’t five or 10 guys risk their lives and rush this guy? They could have overtaken this man and ended it early with not as many casualties. I am completely angry that something like this actually happened.

Survival is something we should all know, it should be a human instinct so fight back when we are in danger of any kind. Women, children, or anyone, do not let things like that happen, fight back, don’t let someone come and bully you or make you a victim. Again, look for the right moment, don’t rush but don’t die without a fight, make your life mean something. Life is too beautiful, planet Earth is too beautiful, stay here as long as you can.

 Beauty and reality of a martial arts system.

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The Calasanz System is effective because it is geared to helping students integrate mind, body and spirit.  Calasanz has noticed many students change not only physically but also mentally.  One of the important aspects of the Calasanz System is requiring students to teach.  Teaching not only helps the student develop his skill, but also helps him develop patience and the ability to think on his feet.  This is an important skill of a martial artist because he must be able to react very quickly to variety of situations.

It is very exciting to Calasanz to watch his students improve their martial arts skills. With proper training, students who have trained for a period of three months are performing techniques that are usually executed by professional martial artist. One of Calasanz goals for new students is to teach them how to train their bodies.  This requires students to discipline themselves. Calasanz constantly reminds students that their bodies may want to do one thing while their minds are going in another direction.  Integrating the two requires patience and a commitment by the student .Recently, Calasanz was coaching a student who had been training with him for three months. As he started going through drills with him, Calasanz could not believe how far this student had advanced in his training. The drills required the student to evade certain attacks by moving his body in different directions. Because of the student’s persistence and serious attitude toward training, he was very quick, flexible, and powerful in his movements. This is what the Calasanz System is all about.

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Tournament Fighting or Training for the Streets? – Part Five: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from: “Tournament Fighting or Training for the Streets? – Part Four: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography”

In the 1990’s, we moved our school to 507 Westport Avenue.  I purposely wanted a school with a high ceiling so that we could have boxing and kickboxing competitions.  We started promoting our Fight Nights on a regular basis.  One day, an instructor from New York City sent two of his students to my school to take private lessons from me because they were scheduled to fight some of my people at Fight Night.  I was more than happy to have them as customers, but the problem was that they were not interested in learning anything. Their teacher had sent them to me to learn something about my system, instead all they could say was that they could knock anyone out.  On the day of the fight, they ran into some trouble.  One of them got knocked out 8 times and kept getting up.  I gave him a lot of credit.  The other guy left here on a stretcher to Norwalk Hospital and was in a coma for 4 hours.  He was so arrogant during the fight that he purposely took off his headgear and that cost him an injury that he is still paying for to this day.  The most embarrassing part of this story is that he was 34 years old and my student was only 16!

Another incident took place just before our first event.  A friend and fellow marital artist came to my school one day with a group of his best students and his challenge was that any of his students could beat mine.  I was surprised at his behavior because he and I were good friends and I even helped him organize his martial arts school when he went into business.  I had one of his guys fight a student of mine who only had one arm.  During the first fight, my student almost killed his opponent.  I personally trained this young man in the art of counterattack.  He trained hard and absorbed what I taught him.  His opponent had been training in karate for 10 years.

In another fight, a couple of my guys were matched up with competitors who participated in knockdown tournaments on a weekly basis.  My students were not competing regularly.  They were teaching classes and doing some light physical workouts to stay in shape.  Both of my students were defeated in this tournament.  People started criticizing my school and gloating about this defeat.  My goal now was to put an end to their celebration.  I challenged them to a rematch and told them to give me three weeks to get these guys in fighting shape.  Three weeks later, my students sent one opponent after the other to the hospital.  Some even retired three well known fighters and instructors.  My mission with these fights was to prove that I could use my skills to correct the mistake of letting students fight who were not personally trained by me.

One match that stayed with me was the case of a young Japanese man who was being trained by one of my students who claimed to be an authentic Thai boxer.  I let him take control of the situation and assume responsibility for this young man’s training.  On the day of the fight, this young man was beat up because of the poor training he received.  After the fight, I went into the office with the other instructors and asked for 3 weeks to train this man myself.  This would cost me over $4,000, but I didn’t care; my name was at stake here.  Three weeks later, he was able to defeat his opponent in a rematch.

I had to do this again against a group of Kung-fu stylists.  I had mismatched my students with this group, partly because their instructor used to train with me and is even in one of my commercials.  I let my personal relationship with this guy get in the way of good judgment.  My guys lost, which made their opponents very happy.  I went through the same challenge.  Over the next 2 events, I retrained my students and they were able to retire the Kung-fu instructor and his students.  In another fight, I trained a 14 year old student to go up against a guy who had been training for 8 years with 2 excellent boxers.  I trained this kid privately for one month and he was able to defeat this guy with 8 years of experience. 

To be continued…

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Martial Arts American Style – Part One: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from: “The Early Years – Part Five: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography”

I arrived in Bridgeport on June 15, 1979.  My first introduction to this country was not a pleasant one.  While I had studied English in the Dominican Republic, I had a lot of trouble understanding the language.  I met this guy who seemed trustworthy at first and helped me translate and showed me around.  Unfortunately, I became very trusting of him and he stole $2,500 from me.  This was of no surprise to my family.  The one character flaw I had to work on was being too trusting of people.  I had been taken advantage of many times in my native country because of my trusting nature and it was starting to happen here.  After this experience, I worked very hard at perfecting my language skills and depending less on others for help.

I had no desire to get into tournaments when I came to the United States, even though they were very popular and great emphasis was placed in participating in them.  I did like sparring with well-known instructors and their best competitors.  I went to take classes at this one school were three huge guys were teaching karate. I started training with them and they asked me to help teach.  Later I thought about how crazy I was for going to their school in the first place and risking getting beat up!!  The next day I scheduled a fight with a martial artist who had a very good reputation.  We were supposed to fight in one of the basements at the University of Bridgeport, but my opponent refused to fight me.  His excuse was that he forgot his uniform.  I won the fight without fighting, just on the reputation I was starting to build in the area. 

The first thing I did when I came to the Norwalk area was to find a job.  I went to Victoria Station in Darien.  Victoria Station was a steak house designed like a train station, which even included a few authentic train cars.  I wanted a job as a waiter, but none was available.  They did however need a busboy and dishwasher, so I was hired for those positions.  The first day I started work, I had to do the work of three people who all called out.  I worked so hard and so fast that the Mike, the general manager, asked me if I knew how to write English.  I said yes.   Within eight months I was promoted to waiter and eventually to bartender. 

I worked very hard because I had to fund my martial arts training.  It was the money that I earned at Victoria Station that made this possible.  I bought my first car in 1982.  I remember taking a ride through Darien.  The police stopped me and I asked them what I did wrong.  I told them that I worked at Victoria Station and they let me go.  Eventually, these police officers would come to know me as the crazy guy who jogged on the Post Road wearing a t-shirt in below zero temperatures or jogging barefoot wearing leg weights in the summer.  To this day, many of my older students, including law enforcement officers, remember my jogs through lower Fairfield County. 

To be continued…

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The Early Years – Part Four: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from “A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography:The Early Years – Part Three”

Santiago is a tough city.  When I first arrived, I had to quickly become accustomed to surviving in an urban environment.  There are two stories that stick in my mind to this day that involved two local tough guys.  One was named Calier, the other, Dario.  Calier was so bad that the police didn’t even want to deal with him.  I remember he tried to fight me one day.  I hit him with a right and he went flying over the hood of a car.  I was surprised because I barely put a lot of power into the punch.  This altercation turned into a nightmare.  I was concerned about his bad reputation.  Fortunately, things cooled down after a while.  The other guy, Dario, thought he was above the law and demanded respect from everyone. Dario was one of the most accomplished mechanics in the Dominican Republic.  He worked on racing cars and was the manager of one of the biggest body shop in town.  I had gotten a part-time job with him in order to make some extra money.  Dario was determined to pick a fight with me.  One day he got his wish.  Unfortunately for him, he found himself on the ground with two broken teeth.  The next day, over 25 neighborhood kids, including two of Dario’s brothers, came to see me and start taking classes with me. 

Two months after I started my martial arts training, I was asked by some friends to come to a town called San Jose de Las Matas to perform for them and their girlfriends.  I was just a white belt at the time and all I focused on was martial arts, work and school.  I put on a comedic martial arts demonstration and even had some black belts come and watch.  My performance was very aggressive and funny, and no one even bothered challenging me. I would go on to do many demonstrations in the Dominican Republic and in the United States, including my Super Breaks.  

One of my closest friends, Felo, had come with me to the first karate demonstration.  He started training in karate on the same day I started.  He couldn’t continue his studies, so I became his teacher.  Four months later, Felo was fighting black belts. There was a local martial arts club that needed a teacher.  Now Felo was in competition with me and wanted this job badly.  Felo challenged me to a fight to take place at the martial arts club.  Felo was much bigger than me. We started by teaching a formal class.  We then had a sparring session were the students fought each other as well as with us. Finally, Felo and I were left standing.  He came after me as if he wanted to kill.  I threw one of my favorite kicks.  I threw an extremely hard kick that landed on his head.  His mouth, ears, and eyes started to bleed.  Felo retired from martial arts after the match.  I had used this kick on an earlier challenger who came after me with the same vengeance as Felo.  He was smart enough to quit after he saw me throw the same kick.  

As a martial artist, I had no desire to compete in tournaments.  There were plenty of opportunities in the Dominican Republic, but I wasn’t interested.  I wanted to become a real fighter.  This meant fighting without pads, rules or referees. I upset my teacher once when I refused to enter a karate tournament he was sponsoring.  I took it upon myself to find out who won the point-fighting category.  I was determined to prove a point.  I didn’t believe in using gloves.  I found the winner, challenged him to a match and beat him.

 To be continued…

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Calasanz Monday Night Fight School

Interested in MMA????  Short on cash and time but want to get in a good workout?  Drop-in on our Monday Night Fight School!  Learn the basics of mixed martial arts fighting at Calasanz Physical Arts, Monday nights, from 6-8PM.  Different instructors who will guide you in building a well-rounded martial arts background present new topics each week.  Start with a great conditioning workout and then go on to learn striking fundamentals like punching, kicking, blocking, footwork, and the use of elbows and knees. Classes progress to submission techniques from judo, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu under a qualified instructor’s supervision.  No pre-registration, no contracts, and no traditional training. Just mixed martial arts at the drop-in rate of $15.00 per class! You pick the nights you want to train! No previous experience is necessary! If you have experience, this is a great way to keep your skills sharp!

Developing self-control as a martial artist

Developing self-control for a martial artist is essential for many reasons.  First, Calasanz trained many fighters who competed in point and semi-contact tournaments.  If you have no self-control, you will get disqualified and the fight goes to your opponent.  Secondly, a martial artist who lacks self-control in a fight will be judged harshly in a court of law for using “excessive force.” You have to know when to stop and when enough is enough.  Lastly, over the years, Calasanz has had a number of people stop by the school to “challenge” either Calasanz or one of his students.  His philosophy is to teach the intruder a lesson without beating the daylights out of him…just enough to get his point across. Calasanz demonstrates amazing self-control and is not just doing it for the purpose of “showing off.” All Calasanz students have faith in his technique and the fact that he’s never hit anyone by accident when demonstrating. An experienced martial artist without self-control however is a scary thing.  

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Why doesn’t he step in the cage?

Still to this day, you get people saying that Bruce Lee couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag because the guy wasn’t running around sparring in tournaments for plastic trophies.  Calasanz has built a successful martial arts business based on an excellent reputation, courage and skill.  He and many other instructors out there have no need to step into a “cage,” to prove they are real martial artists.

Below is an article I wrote and posted on the internet a few months back on the subject:

Your No Good Unless You’re Fighting

“What’s old is new,” so goes the saying.  The great Bruce Lee was accused of not being able to fight his way out of a paper bag because he didn’t fight in tournaments.  Competent martial arts instructors have since been maligned if they don’t do tournaments.  The “old wine in a new bottle” is “if this guy is so good, why doesn’t he step into the cage?” So nowadays, if your teacher doesn’t compete in MMA, he’s no good!

Success in tournament fighting requires an aggressive, fight-oriented attitude.  Remember The Karate Kid? The Cobra Kai was all about fighting, aggression and causing trouble.  The instructor was a troublemaker who produced troublemakers. Schools and instructors that are too focused on the physical aspects of the martial arts miss the boat.  The balanced martial artist is not about garnering trophies and competitive rankings. It’s about developing skill and character.

How did we get to this point in the martial arts?  There are many excellent instructors who’ve never stepped into the ring to fight competitively.  Does this make them lousy martial artists? These individuals have created and sustained successful martial arts businesses because they’ve built a reputation in the community for offering quality services. Parents aren’t interested in sending their children to a school that’s going to turn them into bullies. Most sane adults who train in the martial arts want a school that’s going to challenge them, not send them to the hospital in an ambulance.

While training for tournaments requires a lot of work and discipline, it is not the ultimate goal of a good martial arts instructor.  A skilled martial artist instructor does not have to step into the ring to prove something.  The traits of a true teacher are not only skill, but also humility, courtesy and respect.  This is what a true teacher should pass on to his students.  Trophies tarnish, but character lives on.

Learn the Stand Up game of MMA from Calasanz.

Training to be a Fighter

You Tuber:

im a mma fighter, will calasanz hell me out with mma training to one day get in the ufc?? im serious, this is my life long goal


When come to help, Calasanz love to help any fighter that want to make it there.
Here is his email address email him here and figure out when you are available, if you are far away from where he is still he can help you.
Hard strike, power striking, power stances, balance, grounding (don’t go to the ground but if you do then fight on the ground), learn how to fight very well standing then learn the ground that make you even better. These are some of the Calasanz ideas and basic concepts.

Make sure that you give, with your body and your chin, give with your chin when being punched. Give with your body, don’t take unnecessary punches and kicks, avoid punishment, avoid unnecessary punishment.
Train in a way that you are doing more than your opponent, that is a good and smart way for winning, for example if everybody kicking, punching, shadow boxing, sparring, eating well etc., if you are doing the same is okay but there is not so much of an advantage, the word are STAY AHEAD OF YOUR OPPONENT WHILE TRAINING.