The Early Years – Part Four: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from “A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography:The Early Years – Part Three”

Santiago is a tough city.  When I first arrived, I had to quickly become accustomed to surviving in an urban environment.  There are two stories that stick in my mind to this day that involved two local tough guys.  One was named Calier, the other, Dario.  Calier was so bad that the police didn’t even want to deal with him.  I remember he tried to fight me one day.  I hit him with a right and he went flying over the hood of a car.  I was surprised because I barely put a lot of power into the punch.  This altercation turned into a nightmare.  I was concerned about his bad reputation.  Fortunately, things cooled down after a while.  The other guy, Dario, thought he was above the law and demanded respect from everyone. Dario was one of the most accomplished mechanics in the Dominican Republic.  He worked on racing cars and was the manager of one of the biggest body shop in town.  I had gotten a part-time job with him in order to make some extra money.  Dario was determined to pick a fight with me.  One day he got his wish.  Unfortunately for him, he found himself on the ground with two broken teeth.  The next day, over 25 neighborhood kids, including two of Dario’s brothers, came to see me and start taking classes with me. 

Two months after I started my martial arts training, I was asked by some friends to come to a town called San Jose de Las Matas to perform for them and their girlfriends.  I was just a white belt at the time and all I focused on was martial arts, work and school.  I put on a comedic martial arts demonstration and even had some black belts come and watch.  My performance was very aggressive and funny, and no one even bothered challenging me. I would go on to do many demonstrations in the Dominican Republic and in the United States, including my Super Breaks.  

One of my closest friends, Felo, had come with me to the first karate demonstration.  He started training in karate on the same day I started.  He couldn’t continue his studies, so I became his teacher.  Four months later, Felo was fighting black belts. There was a local martial arts club that needed a teacher.  Now Felo was in competition with me and wanted this job badly.  Felo challenged me to a fight to take place at the martial arts club.  Felo was much bigger than me. We started by teaching a formal class.  We then had a sparring session were the students fought each other as well as with us. Finally, Felo and I were left standing.  He came after me as if he wanted to kill.  I threw one of my favorite kicks.  I threw an extremely hard kick that landed on his head.  His mouth, ears, and eyes started to bleed.  Felo retired from martial arts after the match.  I had used this kick on an earlier challenger who came after me with the same vengeance as Felo.  He was smart enough to quit after he saw me throw the same kick.  

As a martial artist, I had no desire to compete in tournaments.  There were plenty of opportunities in the Dominican Republic, but I wasn’t interested.  I wanted to become a real fighter.  This meant fighting without pads, rules or referees. I upset my teacher once when I refused to enter a karate tournament he was sponsoring.  I took it upon myself to find out who won the point-fighting category.  I was determined to prove a point.  I didn’t believe in using gloves.  I found the winner, challenged him to a match and beat him.

 To be continued…

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Why I Created “The Calasanz System”: By Calasanz

I have been in the martial arts business for over thirty years.  My school and student membership has grown every year since I started teaching.  I have survived good and bad economic times and have watched my critics open and close their door front dojos.  My school would have closed a long time ago if I didn’t offer valuable services to my students. 

The secret to my success is The Calasanz System™.

I was originally trained in traditional martial arts, but at some point decided that I wanted to be well-rounded athlete.  This was back in the 1970’s when straying away from your traditional style was frowned upon.  Back then, there was no such thing as “eclectic” martial art styles.  You picked a style of karate or kung-fu and stayed with it.  It was considered a big insult to your instructor to even think of training in another dojo.

I decided however to venture out and defy tradition.  The Calasanz System™ was created during my martial arts journey. I found the traditional hard style karate I studied in the Dominican Republic was too limiting. I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu to balance it out.  I liked its softness and economy of motion.  All too often, karate practitioners rely way too much on their feet, so I went to Gleason’s Gym to learn how to use my hands.  I studied Cheng Chuan Kung Fu and Wu Style Kung Fu for its artistry and philosophy. The combination of styles improved my overall skill, so I integrated all of their best elements into my training.

I also developed an appreciation for physical training.  I incorporated the use of weights and stretching exercises into my martial arts classes, as well as my own workouts.  I trained men, women and children and had to create workouts and classes that catered to their needs.  I trained boxers, streetfighters and corporate executives.  Each of my students has taught me something about how the human body works and responds to training.

Thirty years later, I took all my knowledge and pulled it together into one system.  The result was a martial arts training system that produces results.  The Calasanz System™ teaches you how to defend yourself. Its physical arts component helps you create a strong, flexible and healthy body. Unlike so many martial arts schools, I am still in business.  The reason is that the system works.

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Only The Strong

Only The Strong was a 1993 martial arts movie that showcased the ancient art of Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines fighting with dancing, and musical and vocal accompaniment. This art originated in Angola and was brought to Brazil by African slaves in the 16th Century. Slave masters banned slaves from practicing any type of martial art for fear of rebellion. To keep their fighting skills sharp, slaves disguised this fighting art in dance like movements. In this movie, a karate champion stationed in South America for the US Army, returns to his home in America to find his former high school infested with drug dealers and criminals. He takes on a clean up project by teaching the art of Capoeira to others in hopes of eliminating the menace in his community. The movie features Mark Dacascos and Paco Christian Prieto and includes appearances by Calasanz.

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Calasanz Monday Night Fight School

Interested in MMA????  Short on cash and time but want to get in a good workout?  Drop-in on our Monday Night Fight School!  Learn the basics of mixed martial arts fighting at Calasanz Physical Arts, Monday nights, from 6-8PM.  Different instructors who will guide you in building a well-rounded martial arts background present new topics each week.  Start with a great conditioning workout and then go on to learn striking fundamentals like punching, kicking, blocking, footwork, and the use of elbows and knees. Classes progress to submission techniques from judo, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu under a qualified instructor’s supervision.  No pre-registration, no contracts, and no traditional training. Just mixed martial arts at the drop-in rate of $15.00 per class! You pick the nights you want to train! No previous experience is necessary! If you have experience, this is a great way to keep your skills sharp!

Developing self-control as a martial artist

Developing self-control for a martial artist is essential for many reasons.  First, Calasanz trained many fighters who competed in point and semi-contact tournaments.  If you have no self-control, you will get disqualified and the fight goes to your opponent.  Secondly, a martial artist who lacks self-control in a fight will be judged harshly in a court of law for using “excessive force.” You have to know when to stop and when enough is enough.  Lastly, over the years, Calasanz has had a number of people stop by the school to “challenge” either Calasanz or one of his students.  His philosophy is to teach the intruder a lesson without beating the daylights out of him…just enough to get his point across. Calasanz demonstrates amazing self-control and is not just doing it for the purpose of “showing off.” All Calasanz students have faith in his technique and the fact that he’s never hit anyone by accident when demonstrating. An experienced martial artist without self-control however is a scary thing.  

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Train Like A Competitor Without Competing

It takes a special person to be a competitor – Less then 1% of 1% of the population has the ability.  But the good news is that the rest of the world can train like these competitors, without the brutality and gain all the benefits that come along with it.

Train Like a Fighter Without Fighting

Training to be a Fighter

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im a mma fighter, will calasanz hell me out with mma training to one day get in the ufc?? im serious, this is my life long goal


When come to help, Calasanz love to help any fighter that want to make it there.
Here is his email address email him here and figure out when you are available, if you are far away from where he is still he can help you.
Hard strike, power striking, power stances, balance, grounding (don’t go to the ground but if you do then fight on the ground), learn how to fight very well standing then learn the ground that make you even better. These are some of the Calasanz ideas and basic concepts.

Make sure that you give, with your body and your chin, give with your chin when being punched. Give with your body, don’t take unnecessary punches and kicks, avoid punishment, avoid unnecessary punishment.
Train in a way that you are doing more than your opponent, that is a good and smart way for winning, for example if everybody kicking, punching, shadow boxing, sparring, eating well etc., if you are doing the same is okay but there is not so much of an advantage, the word are STAY AHEAD OF YOUR OPPONENT WHILE TRAINING.