Calasanz has seen many martial artists execute breaks and seriously injure themselves in the process. The cause of these injuries was misdirected chi. A well known local martial arts instructor once asked my advice regarding his breaking technique. He complained that every time he would execute a break, he would injure himself. So I observed his technique and was able to make the necessary corrections. His problem was misdirected Chi. The next time I saw him, he told me that he no longer injured himself during his breaks.

Calasanz has strong belief in the power of chi. He believes that if you have a healthy body, mind and spirit, then your body is capable of rejecting any poison going into your body, which later on could cost damage to some your organs on your body.

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Body, Mind and Spirit

Better Off If You Work Out

A little movement will go a long way to keep your mind and body sharper. It’s really important not to cancel your workouts. Earlier this season, Oprah Winfrey, disgusted with gaining a lot of weight, made a statement that resonated with a lot of my clients. She said that she needs to put herself back on her “to do” list. When you don’t take time out to take care of yourself, you’re not as productive and you eventually build up resentment because you’re taking a back seat to everything and everyone else.

Lose Weight Training at Home