Women’s Legs, Hips, Pelvis, & Glutes Workout

6 incredible and unique exercises to help women shape and tone their legs, hips, pelvis, and glutes!  These exercises can be performed by any woman, any size, shape, or ability.

Derived from number a different martial arts these are proprietary exercises of the Calasanz System, available no where else!  For more visit http://www.interdojo.com and get access to hundreds of exercise videos for only $4.95 a month!

We recommend that you do 10-12 repitions in 1-3 sets for these exercises.


What is the purpose of the InterDojo and Formula Videos?

As you become a member in the InterDojo you should ask yourself, what is the purpose? There are many different ways you can benefit from it, specifically from The Formula Video Series. If you are already a student in the Calasanz System, then you may want to get videos in order to remember the sequence of katas, forms, weapons, wooden dummies, or get new ideas for physical arts exercises with tools like the bench, the high table, the bar, etc. Non-students new to the martial arts can experience the Calasanz System from the comfort of their home, while experienced martial artists can get fresh ideas to enhance their skills and training. All Formula Videos can be viewed in the InterDojo or picked up separately in DVD format through our Gift Shop.

Understand the idea behind most of these videos is that they are designed to be followed; no talking, no music, no set sequence. Members take the videos and when you are resting at home put the DVD on your player or sign in to the InterDojo and just watch it. Follow the breathing, the coordination, the power and strength applied by Calasanz etc. You don’t have to actually perform it, but let the smoothness of the techniques performed by Calasanz get inside you, let your mind feel them.

For those who are not sure which videos are right for them just contact Calasanz and he will pick them out for you. We custom make videos for member of the Calasanz System or for those who live far and just want to learn. Feel free to contact Calasanz, visit the InterDojo, the Calasanz web site, The Perfect Fit, or You Tube to learn more about Calasanz. There are videos being made which are tailored almost for everybody, and I am sure that you will love it.

Online Dojo

I am putting all my knowledge, experience, and effort to make the InterDojo the #1 resource for anyone to improve their martial arts and fitness programs. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to get a black belt through this site. You need to study intensely under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor and earn that. But you can find incredible drills, exercises, and ideas to use in your training and learning materials to increase you knowledge. Plus you can be entertained for hours with other multimedia material!

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