A Note From My Cousin Estela from the Dominican Republic

My name is Maria Cruz. My friends and family call me “Estela.” My father died when I was 4 years old so my family and I went to live with my grandparents. Growing up without a father was very sad and the future looked very bleak. I knew that I had a cousin named Calasanz who lived in the city and had a reputation for helping others. It was Calasanz who gave me the opportunity to be able to live my dream.

In 1979, Calasanz asked my mother if I could go to the city with him and his sisters so I could get an education. His philosophy was that an education was an absolute necessity to becoming a successful person. The tangible results of this journey for me were huge. I graduated from college with a Bachelor degree in Hotel Administration. I now live in Miami, Florida where I work as an office manager, and am happily married, with two beautiful daughters. I instill in them the same philosophy that I learned from Calasanz…that nothing is beyond your reach.

Calasanz is an extraordinaire person who takes great pride in helping others achieve their goals. He is passionate about discovering what makes people joyful in regards to their body, mind, and health and makes it happen for them. Calasanz brings a sincere passion for coaching and mentoring others to recognize their capabilities and opportunities. I am one of the fortunate ones who made my dreams come true thanks to Calasanz.

Dominican Republic Martial Artist

Yes You Tube, Calasanz Can Fight!

You Tuber:

I hope this showman have not a real fight. hope, he has a also a pole for his hand, I think he can not stand alone for a kick. Is this wing tsun, karate or show for himself in a mirror?


In his lifetime, Calasanz has unfortunately had his share of fights. That’s why when he first opened his school; he ended up with mostly street fighters as students. They came in with a stupid attitude, looking for a fight, and left with a membership. As he has matured and grown both as a human being and a martial artist, his philosophy is that the true martial artist does all he could to avoid an altercation. Any idiot can put himself out there as a punching bag. Showmanship is for the purpose of entertaining, which all successful martial artists have to do to a certain degree. True martial artists like Calasanz build schools, teach students how to defend themselves and improve their lives and more importantly teach them to fight without fighting. Grow up.

Why doesn’t he step into the cage?

Still to this day, you get people saying that Bruce Lee couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag because the guy wasn’t running around sparring in tournaments for plastic trophies. Calasanz has built a successful martial arts business based on an excellent reputation, courage and skill. He and many other instructors out there have no need to step into a “cage,” to prove they are real martial artists.