The Real Birth of a System

Calasanz Karate and kung Fu – where body, mind and spirit learn balance, courage, health and harmony.

Martial Arts…the name alone conjure legends. Karate and Kung Fu…Ninjas and White Cranes….Wing Chun and Goju Ryu…age old systems for honing body, mind and spirit into such brilliant harmony that superhuman feats become commonplace. Bruce Lee conquers the dragon… Chuck Norris keeps an entire town in line… Steven Seagal thwarts armies of terrorists… Mr. Myagi teaches the Karate Kid not merely to know how to overcome an opponent, but how to know oneself.

Where does the truth lie amidst these fabulous legends?  And does that truth have something to offer your life? Calasanz, renowned Master of The Calasanz Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Boxing and physical Arts system in Norwalk, Connecticut, believes it can change your life…..

Calasanz Says: “I believe Martial Arts offers something important to everyone on the planet- the chance to be the very best you can be. No matter what age you are…no matter what physical shape you are in… Martial Arts can transform your life.”

Calasanz Karate and Kung Fu Dojo in Norwalk is a revelation. With its high rafters, punching bags, wrestling and MMA mats and regulation size boxing ring, it looks like a place where machismo is the only order of business. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The grunts, slaps and kiais –those powerful sounds Martial Artists use to boost the power of their chi– can be heard coming from a surprising variety of students. Male and female, young and old, and every possible variation in between.

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Don’t Let Stress Get to You

Many of you are having problems especially during these hard economic times. The stress and pressure that builds up in the mind and body prevents one from moving forward. My advice to you is to make sure that you stay healthy. You may not have control over the economy or what the government is doing, but you do have control over taking care of your health. It is within your control to eat healthy, get adequate sleep, and workout. There have been many times when we thought things were going to fall apart because of circumstances beyond our control. We then put our energy into those things we had some say over and slowly, we turned it around. Working out not only helps the body, but it gives the mind a break from worry so that you make room for more productive thoughts.

Fitness Videos for Stress Relief

Wing Chun Under Calasanz Part 2

Because women are softer than men they can learn wing chun faster than most men. They can develop the needed sensitivity faster than most men. The lower placement of their DAN TIEN allows them to become faster than men. This is enhanced by the uniqueness of Calasanz physical arts training, in which wing chun exercises are extracted from traditional wing chun.

Wing Chun Video Training

What is the purpose of the InterDojo and Formula Videos?

As you become a member in the InterDojo you should ask yourself, what is the purpose? There are many different ways you can benefit from it, specifically from The Formula Video Series. If you are already a student in the Calasanz System, then you may want to get videos in order to remember the sequence of katas, forms, weapons, wooden dummies, or get new ideas for physical arts exercises with tools like the bench, the high table, the bar, etc. Non-students new to the martial arts can experience the Calasanz System from the comfort of their home, while experienced martial artists can get fresh ideas to enhance their skills and training. All Formula Videos can be viewed in the InterDojo or picked up separately in DVD format through our Gift Shop.

Understand the idea behind most of these videos is that they are designed to be followed; no talking, no music, no set sequence. Members take the videos and when you are resting at home put the DVD on your player or sign in to the InterDojo and just watch it. Follow the breathing, the coordination, the power and strength applied by Calasanz etc. You don’t have to actually perform it, but let the smoothness of the techniques performed by Calasanz get inside you, let your mind feel them.

For those who are not sure which videos are right for them just contact Calasanz and he will pick them out for you. We custom make videos for member of the Calasanz System or for those who live far and just want to learn. Feel free to contact Calasanz, visit the InterDojo, the Calasanz web site, The Perfect Fit, or You Tube to learn more about Calasanz. There are videos being made which are tailored almost for everybody, and I am sure that you will love it.

Basic Tools for Any Fitness or Physical Environment

What is an example of my skill and what I do?

It is very simple to understand: Recently I signed up this young actress who was very uncoordinated. Understand that there are many people who are uncoordinated like her, but not only is this girl’s mind way outside her body, but even worse is the fact she doesn’t even know it! Sometimes she does certain movements and exercises that make it hard for anyone to believe that it could go completely unnoticed by her, but it is just the truth.

I took this person for no more than 3 month.  Now for the rest of her life she is aware of her own body, mind, and spirit. Now she has the understanding of her body and mind on to any physical endeavor and not struggle as much as she did when she first came to me. Sometimes it is very hard for me to train these kind of customers, because they don’t have any idea of how bad they are.

This is the problem of many places teaching martial arts or any other physical discipline that requires athletic ability but above all it requires a high level of coordination in order to do well. They immediately start teaching the person techniques, they don’t teach this person to understand themselves, their own body, and the minds connection. Then when they go off on their own and end up in another dojo or gym they have nothing to show for themselves.

At Calasanz you have a tree, you make sure that this tree grow roots. These roots are the foundation (balance, coordination, endurance, strength, grounding, speed, flexibility, etc) for your skills to grow bigger and bigger. Once the roots grown then is does not matter where it goes there is a great foundation built.

That is now the case of this actress, I have given her a great foundation and she can now flourish in any physical environment.