Calasanz Responsibility with Accepted Students: by Calasanz

My station as a physical trainer and martial arts instructor is something I take very seriously. While I have a lifetime of experience to share with the world, my task with any new student is to help them to understand something about their bodies and about themselves. No matter how one arrives at our Martial Arts center it is important that I give them something influential to take home with them either through action or through word.

It is my primary responsibility to ensure that our students are taught well and taught how to avoid causing injury to themselves. This is my primary role here at my studio. It must be understood that the system taught here is so effective that it can be dangerous to the over-zealous. Over and over again I have seen students come in and learn a few of our unique physical arts exercises and just over-do it and burn out. Many of whom I have never seen again after only 3 months of training. They try to push too much weight without building their power or strength using lighter weights first. The mindset here assumes that to use more weight makes for better results faster. This is logical, and yes it makes sense. But in the long term it is not useful if it causes one to quit. While it is important to use increased weight to achieve super power, this is something that should not happen until one is ready. Believe me, I understand the desire, I had it and fully entered into it. I was the first victim. My joints suffered greatly from my over-zealousness. It is why it is so important to me that I warn others and keep them from injuring themselves and making the same mistakes I did.

Learn from my lesson. Our system is amazing and beautiful, but even the most beautiful things can be poisonous. Do not underestimate it and keep your wits about you. Be careful with your body. Understand that what we do is not just for the 2 months before swimsuit season, it is for development over a lifetime, take it as such, don’t rush it.

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How? Let me explain, my name is Julie and I was diagnosed with Diabetes 24 years ago. I am 80 lbs over weight and saw a vision of my future, it was not good. Over the years I would go to gyms and (come on ladies) you know what it is like being over weight and walking into a gym, do I need to say more?

I have always been interested in Martial Arts but have always thought I was too “out of shape “ to ever even try, until a friend told me about Calasanz Physical Arts. With a few phone calls, I found myself entering Calasanz’s studio. Meeting with Calasanz himself as he showed me around the dojo I never felt more at home. Apprehensive about working out, Calasanz promised me I would not harm myself in any way. Every person I met male or female said hello, shook my hand and bowed with a smile and said Welcome! I found myself signing up and thinking this must be a fluke. As I came back the next day, everyone in the dojo said hello, bowed, smiled and said welcome. It has now been 2 months, and I have been receiving 1 on 1 personal training and have learned so much in a short period of time. Learning how to stretch, breathe, train for endurance, develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility all in a simple yet complex way that has done wonders for me. I look forward everyday to working out (something I never thought I would never say) and I feel like a child in a candy shop saying what’s next?  

My blood sugar has come down 10% my blood pressure has come back to normal, and I can now go though my life without running out of breath. The weight is taking time but I know it is coming off with each movement I make. There is no CAN”T at Calasanz. All are welcome, all are accepted, take it from me I am a tough one to convince and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

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Calasanz Street Survivor Classes

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Calasanz has taught self-defense to law enforcement officers, security professionals and laypersons for over 30 years. Street Survivor, the Calasanz Physical Arts approach to self-defense, is simple and effective. It has always been his philosophy that complex self-defense techniques take so long to learn that most of the population is not interested in spending years training in the martial arts. Additionally, it is literally impossible to access these techniques during an attack because of the intense adrenaline response. Street Survivor condenses the essential basic survival techniques into a straight-forward course that will help you gain a new sense of awareness and confidence. It also has a common sense approach that teaches you tips on how to avoid confrontations in an overstressed, road rage society. Street Survivor is really about being aware of your surroundings and avoiding conflict.

The study of self-defense begins with making a connection to your physical body. That is why each class includes learning and practicing the fundamental exercises outlined in Calasanz Body Conditioning System. It is important that you develop strength, flexibility and endurance so that you are able to handle a physical confrontation. Students use Calasanz book, Creating the Body You Want, as the blueprint for preparing their bodies to get the most out of this course.

The next phase of the course consists of learning how to use your body as a weapon. The goal of this course is not to learn how to trade punches with an attacker, but to strike as hard as possible to your attacker’s most vulnerable body parts, then move or run to safety. The arms, legs, knees, elbows, feet and hands all possess hard striking surfaces. You will learn how the different parts of the human anatomy can be aimed at an attacker for maximum effect.

The second part of the course teaches you how to turn everyday objects, such as canes, umbrellas, briefcases, car keys, pens, pencils or hot beverages, into weapons. A weapon is an extension of the arm and the same techniques that you use to strike with an empty hand can be used as a weapon by applying empty hand skills.

Many altercations end up on the ground. Learning to fight from a prone position is particularly important for women since an attacker’s intention is often sexual assault. The focus of this portion of the class is to learn how to fall properly in order to minimize injuries. You also learn a few simple principles of groundfighting and how the basic strikes and kicks can be delivered from the ground.

The last part of the course is defense against weapons. What do you do when confronted with a weapon wielding attacker? Defense against a weapon presents special challenges that will be explored in this portion of the course. The only time to fight someone with a weapon is when you really believe someone intends to use it against you. Basic defense against knives, guns and clubs is taught as well as dealing with attacks from different angles.

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Calasanz Physical Arts-Taking You to the Next Level! – by Calasanz

My goal as a martial arts instructor is to see you make progress.  While some measure progress in the martial arts with colored belts, it is really the space between the tests where you make real gains.  This is where the hard work takes place. 

Any decent martial arts system begins with the fundamentals and can take you to the level of mastery.  Success as a martial artist however, depends on two things: commitment on your part and a skilled instructor who not only teaches you the art, but also challenges you. 

It has long been my philosophy that you can learn thousands of techniques, but if you are not physically fit enough to execute them; they will be of little or no use.  This is why it’s important for a martial arts curriculum to include challenging conditioning exercises in order to propel you to the next level.

Calasanz Physical Arts training begins with conditioning.  I take you in any condition and help increase your physical fitness.  I structure a workout tailored to your needs and push you to become strong and flexible. As my student, I will encourage you to take conditioning seriously because it is an important part of the whole package.  You will be amazed at how only a few exercises produce fantastic results!

Some of you may get upset when I make changes to your training routines.  You come to the dojo with your own agenda but it is my job to push you beyond your comfort zone.  After three decades dedicated to teaching the martial arts, I know which direction to push you into in order to take you to the next level. 

I’m going to intentionally mix up the routine you’ve become so comfortable with because I don’t want your training to get stale.  I may ask you to train with someone other than the usual training partner so you will experience working with someone who is totally different than what you are used to.  I may ask you to spend some time on your least favorite technique or require you to learn a difficult form for your next promotion test. 

So don’t get upset if one day I walk up to you and turn it all upside down.   My experience tells me that a stale routine stalls your progress. I want to help you build natural power and the only way I can do that is to force you push past whatever is in your way.  Work diligently on what is asked of you.  The belt is merely icing on the cake.  All the work necessary to progress is done long before the date of your test!

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Training Students from other Systems Part Two: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography

Continued from: “Training Students from other Systems Part One: A Lifetime of Lessons – Calasanz Extended Biography”

In another case, a guy who was a third degree black belt visited me and enrolled in one of our Street Survivor classes.  I paired him up with a 16 year old who had been training with us for only one month.  I had them do some practical drills and the 16 year old got the best of him.  He kicked him in the shin and dropped him to the ground.  He got up from the floor and started crying when I told him that the kid who just knocked him down had only been training for one month!

Another problem with training students from other systems is that some lack the basics.  There are many good martial art schools out there.  The way I can tell if someone has had a good teacher is to look at their basics.  Do they have a strong foundation?  Can they throw a punch?  Can they throw a kick without losing their balance?  Are their stances strong and grounded?  Some students from other systems know a lot of techniques, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know their basics.  It is just a house built on a very shaky foundation.  I had one woman come to my school who failed to mention that she had a black belt from another school.  She told another one of my students of her rank, who later told me.  I thought training her would be easy.  Wrong.  I gave her three techniques and asked her to put them into a sequence.  Start in a front stance, switch to a horse stance and then switch back into a front stance.  It took me 10 minutes to get her to do this right.  It should have taken a well-trained black belt 3 seconds to do this properly.

Some experienced students started training in a style that was not particularly suited for them.  For example, I have had some students over 40 who started training in a style that emphasized a lot of high kicking and jumping.  Other styles demand low stances or too much snapping when kicking.   It is no wonder that they come to me frustrated and feeling that maybe martial arts is not for them, even though they really enjoyed it.  Any style can be practiced by anyone.  It is up to the instructor to tailor the system to fit the student.  Unfortunately, many schools have a “one size fits all” approach.  This means that you have to keep up with the class with little or no special attention.  I like to tailor the techniques to the particular student.

One woman enrolled in my school after 10 years of training in another system.  She lacked confidence, could not fight and wasn’t very street smart.  I personally trained her for 3 months and saw her confidence and skills improve dramatically.  After the 3-month period, she decided to take the group class.  I paired her up with another woman who was fairly new and had not had any martial arts training.  This bothered her.  I was hoping that by putting her with someone new, it would remind her how far she had come in her training.  When she first started, she could not block a shin kick without experiencing pain in her leg.  I told her that this would soon change and it did.  Experienced martial artists who come to train with me are very often asked to assist with lower ranked students once we have taught them the basics of the system.  Because there are students with different ranks, everyone learns from someone else.  I also expected someone who had trained in martial arts for over 10 years to understand the importance of learning how to teach and assisting lower ranks.  She could not see this.  All she saw was that we put her to train with someone who was not as good as she was and this upset her.  She had a lot to offer and the higher ranks had much to offer her.  This is one of the ways we help students improve their skills.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t understand it not matter how much we explained it.

This brings me to the case of a student who came to me after he had been hired by the sheriff’s department.  He was having a problem dealing at job in controlling the people he was either arresting or transporting.  He had taken martial arts classes for a long time and even though he was a good kicker, he had no concept of the streets.  He asked his instructor for help and his response was “you’re smart enough to put it together.”  So he came to me.  I worked with him for 2 weeks.  He had a lot to offer, he just needed someone to help him translate it into something practical.  His teacher was not willing, but I was.  After the 2 weeks, he never had a problem again.  This man went on to become a police officer and trains with us to this day and has referred countless numbers of law enforcement officers to this school.

To be continued…

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Why I Created “The Calasanz System”: By Calasanz

I have been in the martial arts business for over thirty years.  My school and student membership has grown every year since I started teaching.  I have survived good and bad economic times and have watched my critics open and close their door front dojos.  My school would have closed a long time ago if I didn’t offer valuable services to my students. 

The secret to my success is The Calasanz System™.

I was originally trained in traditional martial arts, but at some point decided that I wanted to be well-rounded athlete.  This was back in the 1970’s when straying away from your traditional style was frowned upon.  Back then, there was no such thing as “eclectic” martial art styles.  You picked a style of karate or kung-fu and stayed with it.  It was considered a big insult to your instructor to even think of training in another dojo.

I decided however to venture out and defy tradition.  The Calasanz System™ was created during my martial arts journey. I found the traditional hard style karate I studied in the Dominican Republic was too limiting. I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu to balance it out.  I liked its softness and economy of motion.  All too often, karate practitioners rely way too much on their feet, so I went to Gleason’s Gym to learn how to use my hands.  I studied Cheng Chuan Kung Fu and Wu Style Kung Fu for its artistry and philosophy. The combination of styles improved my overall skill, so I integrated all of their best elements into my training.

I also developed an appreciation for physical training.  I incorporated the use of weights and stretching exercises into my martial arts classes, as well as my own workouts.  I trained men, women and children and had to create workouts and classes that catered to their needs.  I trained boxers, streetfighters and corporate executives.  Each of my students has taught me something about how the human body works and responds to training.

Thirty years later, I took all my knowledge and pulled it together into one system.  The result was a martial arts training system that produces results.  The Calasanz System™ teaches you how to defend yourself. Its physical arts component helps you create a strong, flexible and healthy body. Unlike so many martial arts schools, I am still in business.  The reason is that the system works.

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INTERDOJO: Edited by Stephen Melillo

Goju Ryu Karate Kata Form Videos and Instruction Sets on The martial arts multimedia website features all 12 empty-handed Goju Ryu Karate katas via the Formula Video Series.  Each kata has its own video to allow easy selection and study. 

“The kata videos currently on the site are designed for students to absorb the sequence of movements and techniques.  These particular katas were not performed at 100% in the bunkai spirit.  In other words they do not represent how students should perform the kata in advanced ranks or in competition. Rather, these are relaxed videos so newer students can learn the sequence.”  Says Calasanz Martinez.  “Future videos will be designed for advanced ranks.  They will be performance based and will feature more bunkai or the analyses and applications of each movement or technique.  They can be applied in many different ways, including the seasoned excellence of a hard performance.” also features weapons forms including the bo (long staff), jo (short staff), nunchucku, sai, and wanto.  Additional weapons and advanced forms are now slated for filming. is also planning on putting together sequenced pictures for each movement in both the empty-handed and weapon katas. also features unique exercises designed to enhance the karate practitioner. plans to eventually have the entire Goju Ryu system on video as well as many unique educational materials.

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“I’d like to offer you the chance to transform your body and your life.” Part 3: Coming to America

Calasanz left home to continue his banking studies at the University of Bridgeport, but his real passion was to continue his Martial Arts career in the United States, and to make a Martial Arts movie based on his philosophy.

Calasanz opened his first dojo in Norwalk, the early 1980’s.  By then he had created a unique system of training body, mind and spirit, so that extraordinary progress could be made by his students, in record time.  His innovative approach to the Physical Arts combined his vast knowledge of Martial Arts, with dance and movement, strength training and self-defense techniques.  He developed a method that allowed each and every student to work within his or her own limits, without injury or brutality, and without burn out, yet able to excel in every area of physical expertise.  Calasanz students had such a unique fighting style that they won tournament after tournament, and the fame of the Calasanz system spread rapidly.  Law enforcement officers come to him for training… professional athletes come to him to enhance their performance… young men who wanted to enter the professional fighting arena flocked to him.

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“I’d like to offer you the chance to transform your body and your life.” Part 1: Martial Arts…Physical Arts

There’s a magic to the study of Martial Arts. Legendary images emerge… stories of tapping into ancient secrets… of making seemingly superhuman feats possible… of harnessing chi, the lifeforce of the Universe. The good news is that the stories are true, and that Calasanz has created a way to use them to empower your life. He invites you to come with him on a grand journey of self discovery, a journey of perfecting the body in ways you never dreamed possible.

“The best bodies do not come from throwing yourself into grueling training sessions that cause burnout,” Calasanz will tell you. “The process must be exciting and enjoyable for you, if you want to reap the greatest rewards. The best bodies are developed as you learn discipline, focus, strength and flexibility… reaching deep inside yourself to reach your goals. In a surprisingly short time, instead of seeing a kick or a punch, you’ll see a way of life. You’ll become more effective in your work and your relationships… more self-confident… you’ll learn how to achieve your highest goals in life. This is true transformation.”

Calasanz’s philosophy is a simple one: “Karate and Kung Fu have as much to do with strength of heart and mind, as they do with strength of body,” he says, when he teaches. “My students quickly learn both kinds of strength. My system is great for the young hot-shots who come here wanting to learn combat, but it’s equally great for women who want to know self-defense… or for children, who need to develop focus and discipline… or for men and women of any age who are seeking an intelligent, practical, enjoyable way to stay young and fit for a lifetime.

“The key is an understanding that each body is different and each student, young or old, must learn at his or her own special pace. It is very important to avoid injury and to strengthen the muscles, week by week, until you achieve your goals.”

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“Come and train with us because you want to take something home for life”

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The Benefits of Calasanz Physical Arts Training.

Within one year of coming to this country, I established a successful martial art business. I created a system of exercises primarily for women called Calasanz Physical Arts. This system includes exercises from various martial art and fitness disciplines including dancing, and gymnastics. My reason for creating Calasanz Physical Arts was to help women create a strong foundation upon which to build their martial art skills. When I was young I weighed and realized that I had to develop my martial art skills and improve my fitness level in order to compensate for being a lightweight fighter. I was able to defeat my teacher, Rafael Martinez, a heavyweight boxer and black belt using the same principles that are now part of Calasanz Physical Arts curriculum.  I learned that being strong was a prerequisite for being a good fighter and out of this experience, created a successful for women and men as well.

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