The Three Qualities of Black Belt Excellence under the Calasanz – Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing & Physical arts system

One of the reasons Martial Arts training brings so much satisfaction is that it teaches a way to look at things as well as a way to do things. To be sure, a complete training program involves all the technical moves you’ll need to advance through your training. On the other hand, a true Martial Artist cannot expect to make much progress without changes in character to complement physical training. The development of strong character has come to be known as Black Belt Excellence.


What, then, are the qualities associated with Black Belt Excellence? Let’s begin with a familiar (though rare) character trait: Courage. You may think of courage as daring, or the ability to do things that people find scary or dangerous. Some dictionaries even define courage as “the ability to disregard fear.” Courage within the definition of Black Belt Excellence is something else entirely. It is the capacity to overcome fear. It’s one thing to pretend you’re not afraid of something (to “disregard” it); it’s quite another thing to face a frightening situation and do what you can to surpass the fear. For instance, it takes real courage to tell somebody you don’t want to do the wrong thing, even though it’s considered “cool”.

Self Control

Another quality of Black Belt Excellence is Self-control. Self-control is the ability to stay on top of your emotions when it might be tempting to get mad or frustrated. When you lose control of your emotions, you give power to your opponent. Even when you’re so mad you can barely hold yourself back, remember that losing Self-control is exactly what your opponent hopes you will do. Real Self-control is a sign that you are the only one who decides how to react.


Finally, Black Belt Excellence includes the essential quality of Respect. Respect is the attribute by which you honor yourself and demonstrate that you honor your opponent. Bowing to your opponent, and treating a weaker opponent with compassion are two ways to demonstrate respect. You’ve probably already noticed that respect is partly about how you treat others. Being respectful will earn you the respect of others, and will help you to develop a lasting respect for yourself. You may have also noticed that the three attributes of Black Belt Excellence are related. For example, it takes courage to maintain self-control. And at times it takes self-control to show respect for your opponent. This is why we say that Black Belt Excellence is about the development of character. When you achieve Black Belt Excellence, you’ve built a foundation that’s made a solid mixture of Courage, Self-control, and Respect.

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Respect Goes a Long Way

You Tuber:

You know what? Honestly I am deeply sorry and gracefully apologize about the remark i made. I myself am a beginner training in muay thai. We both speak the same language. The language of martial arts. I realize i was out of line for making a blatant disrespectful remark at someone i know nothing about. I should have known better and again apologize. Train hard. Peace, love, serenity.


Thanks for your comment. Sometimes we get excited and so caught up in the moment that we say things we later regret. No one is immune to this behavior; this has happened under our roof many times. It just proves that we’re human. It takes a gentleman to apologize and you have proven to us that you are a man worthy of respect. We have seen your videos and believe you have a lot of talent and a great roundhouse! The martial arts will help you go a long way in life.

Martial Arts Respect

Results Matter! Not looks!

Below is a comment left by a respectful YouTuber on one of my videos along with my response.

You Tuber:

“Everyones missing the point…It doesn’t matter if his bio is ridiculous, it doesn’t matter what art he practice, and it doesn’t matter how he looks….what matters are the results…..If you see that this man has become unique in his physical and mental abilities, then obviously he did something very creative that helped. him develop a way of living.”

My Response:

“Thank you for your comments.  Calasanz bio is anything but ridiculous. There aren’t many people out there who would leave their native country and create a successful career for themselves in an industry as difficult as the martial arts.  Most of these clowns who criticize Calasanz are doing so from their tiny store front schools, basements, garages or apartments and have no clue what it takes to run a large martial arts business and how to keep it running for over 30 years.  Calasanz has dedicated his life to martial arts and you are correct, the proof is in his unique physical and mental abilities and his vision and creativity to do what no others have dared because they want to stay stuck with traditions that no longer work in the modern world.”

One or the Other

You can have amassed all the many techniques in the world needed to fight… but that does not mean you can fight. Never let arrogance get the best of you. Listen to those who watch you work. Everyone has different strengths and by listening to your colleagues you can always improve your skill.

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