Core Training at Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

Without core training, you won’t have the strength, flexibility or alertness for any other sports. Core training means strengthening your stomach, lower back, pelvis and hips, muscles that surround your spine; Core training relieves back pain and protects your spine from possible future injuries. It enables your upper body to work more fluidly with your lower body, giving you better posture and improved balance. Core training also aids in brain and nervous system support, so a core workout helps your concentration. Call Calasanz @ 203-847-6528, or visit Calasanz in Norwalk or/and his website

Calasanz Woman’s Fitness

Young Athletes-Enhanced Athletic Performance through Martial Art Training

For over 20 years, Calasanz has helped young people improve their athletic performance in youth hockey, football, soccer, tennis, little league baseball and competitive martial arts. Calasanz Young Athletes program, is a consolidation of the best movements of karate, kung fu, boxing, kickboxing and Chinese boxing into an exciting program designed to enhance your child’s performance in his or her sport. 

Participants begin by learning the basics.  Strength training and stretching exercises are emphasized to develop muscular endurance and increase flexibility. Balancing and plyometric exercises are incorporated to maximize control over the body while in motion.  Breathing techniques traditionally practiced in the martial arts are also taught for the purpose of bringing a fresh supply of oxygen to the body and helping the athlete remain calm under pressure.  The program also offers other benefits such as developing concentration, stamina and hand-eye coordination.  

After the basics, it’s on to the martial art portion of the program. The kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, stances and footwork unique to each discipline are what make Young Athletes an effective athletic training program. The techniques of Calasanz Kickboxing and Goju Ryu Karate yield explosive leg power along with shoulder and forearm strength.  Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and American Boxing techniques help develop powerful hip movements and increased hand speed, while Chinese Boxing enhances grounding and balancing skills.  

Young Athletes is designed to complement your child’s athletic performance and teach him or her how to train safely and intelligently.  Participants who put the time and effort into this program will enjoy the results. It’s also a fun and exciting cross-training alternative.

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Creating The Body You Want

This fully illustrated hardcover book exhibits the basic exercises of the Calasanz System of physical development for men, women and children. It contains Calasanz’s sixteen basic floor and bar exercises for the gradual development of an agile, strong and elegant body. Each stretching exercise incorporates martial arts techniques intended to strengthen and elongate muscles. They stress flexibility, body conditioning and safety. This goal-oriented, ergonomically designed book lies flat on the floor beside you, to guide you step-by-step through each exercise. It features hundreds of sequentially linked photographs, functioning as a visual guide for each routine. “Creating The Body You Want” takes the reader on a brief journey into the history and philosophy of Martial Arts and uncovers ancient oriental wisdom and inspiration. 

The book also comes with a 2 disk DVD which includes a visual demonstration of each exercise by Calasanz himself. 

Creating the Body You Want, the Calasanz workout book


California Cardio Kickboxing was created to give busy people, like actors and actresses a quick and interesting workout. These sessions consisted of three, two minute rounds with one minute of rest in between was enough of a workout for the day. The Calasanz System not only offers the same cardio workout as California Cardio Kickboxing, but we’ve enhanced the effect of our workout by incorporating flexibility exercises and deep breathing. This combination of techniques lengthens your muscles, strengthens the joints, and above all, gives you a well-balanced workout.

Cardio Kickboxing Plus Workout