Calasanz 30th Anniversary Dojo Testing Special to be held on February 16th, 2013

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For years, Calasanz has tirelessly worked to take care of his students. Back in the day, Calasanz scheduled a big promotion date on a Saturday and those who were scheduled to help at the last minute were not able to attend. Instead of canceling, Calasanz tested 120 students himself. This included coaching, holding boards for breaking, registering, taking registration fees, making change and encouraging each student to do his or her best. Calasanz did the work of 10 people that day and all the students who worked hard and prepared for months were able to test and get promoted.

In honor of Calasanz 30th year of martial art excellence, he will be repeating this feat again and testing all his students by himself upstairs! This kind of event is special and rare. He has only done this a few times over his long illustrious career in the martial arts! Students will be able to schedule their test from 4am to 11pm on Saturday February 16th. This test will be filmed by a professional videographer and still photos will be taken. Internet links will be distributed to corresponding students in order to view your personal results online.

Many students from the past who know who Calasanz really is, will be here in order to honor this special occasion. Some of them will be testing and or participating in a 5 minute video recording. This day should be about ours students and their test with Calasanz.

Everyone get ready!!!!

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The Black Belt Mystique: by Calasanz

The American public has long assumed that a black belt is a sign of expertise or mastery in the martial arts.  In reality, all a black belt means is that a student has learned the basic techniques and principles of a specific martial art.  It doesn’t mean that they are a “master” or possess magical powers.

Becoming a black belt really means that you have learned the basic principles of a style. There is nothing magical about it. Your real martial arts education begins when you get your black belt. 

Unfortunately, the respect a black belt once carried has eroded.  Schools catering to people’s egos and willing to cash in on the black belt mystique began chipping away at it. As a marketing ploy, some schools advertise that you can get a black belt in their system in a period of two years. Now there are individuals who are extremely talented and train on a daily basis, 6-7 days per week, who may reasonably do this, however, the average person, training 2-3 times per week needs twice as much time.

Having a black belt doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a skilled martial artist or even a good fighter.  There are people wearing black belts out there that have never learned how to fight.  Some schools don’t even include sparring in the curriculum. Others may require you to fight a whole row of black belts on the day of your black belt test.  Requirements vary from school to school.

I have personally seen yellow belts with street fighting experience make mince meat out of black belts. As a matter of fact, if you have a black belt, it’s never a good idea to brag about it in public! You may be challenged by a street fighter looking to prove something and can get yourself into trouble!

Not all black belts are awarded to students who possess superior physical skill and proficiency in the art. Attitude, perseverance and character sometimes trump everything else.  There are instances where an instructor will promote someone to black belt who has transcended many obstacles. They have progressed through the curriculum and at some point deserve to receive an advanced rank. While these students are not what the media and popular culture would consider the stereotypical black belt, they have the heart of a warrior. 

Most martial arts systems have solid curriculums that provide a student with a good physical and mental foundation.  Bottom line…the quality of the black belt rank begins with the person wearing it and the school that trained him. 

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Calsasanz demonstrating the beauty and style of the martial arts.

Children, Self-Defense, Blackbelts, and Angry You Tubers

You Tuber:

It’s all right to train in a McDojo and learn Spongebob Karate as long as you know that you can’t use it to defend yourself on the street and as long as you know it’s only for show, for getting healthy, for making friends, for gaining self confidence, for winning tournaments, etc. But then again, one reason anyone trains in martial arts is so he can defend himself. It’s been said “Physician, heal thyself!” In this context, it should be “Martial artist, defend thyself!”

Our Response:

In this video, you are watching only 5 minutes of a child going through endurance and coordination exercises; it does not include the whole test. If he continues training as he grows, his ability to defend himself will also grow. Calasanz has built a name for teaching self-defense over the last 30 years and his students include law enforcement officers who have no time to waste. Realistically speaking however, what is an 8 year old or any child for that matter, going to do “on the street” if an adult is really intent on doing him harm? I don’t care if he’s the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee, if the attacker is a vicious adult, then the child will lose. Remember several years ago, the boy in the news who was kidnapped by his martial arts instructor and sexually molested?? Was he able to defend himself? There is only so much you can do with children given their size, strength and maturity. There are other reasons for sending your child to martial arts classes. Maybe you should contemplate your idiotic comments before you expose your ignorance to the rest of the world.