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What is this, some kind of wannabe Bruce Lee training?


Like many martial artists who got their start in the 70’s, Bruce Lee inspired Calasanz.  He was also inspired to create one of the largest martial arts dojos in the country and has been in business for almost 30 years.  For anyone to have this sort of success, they must be doing something right.

Calasanz Master Thinks He’s a Black Belt, Why Not You Tube?

Calasanz with Tameyoshi Sakamoto

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Truth be known, Calasanz/Shadowind quit the practice of goju at a green belt level, when he figured he didn’t need to learn any more. He still falsely claims to have a black belt in goju. Too bad his ego exceeds his learning capacity. This is not goju, it is calasanz bullshitziu.


Let’s get a few things straight before we go on any further.  When you speak to “Shadowind,” you are speaking to a variety of staff members who work for Calasanz.  He is too busy teaching and running a successful school. As far as your assessment of his credentials, you are extremely incorrect regarding his rank.  If he were such a “bullshitziu” practitioner as you so disrespectfully call him, his teacher, Tameyoshi Sakamoto, father of Goju Ryu in the Dominican Republic, would have turned his back on him a long time ago.

Note: In a seminar in October 2009 at the Calasanz Dojo in Norwalk, CT, Tameyoshi Sakamoto awarded Calasanz a 5th degree in Goju Ryu Karate.

Goju Ryu Karate

What’s Style is Calasanz Goju Ryu Karate?

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hey, which goju ryu style is this? i take yosei goju ryu style here in florida, but it’s sort of like the nisei goju ryu style, there’s not that much diffrentation. and i’ve seen this kata before. it was a while back, but when you put it with some speed and emotion, it looks good


Thanks for your positive feedback. Calasanz teaches his own style known as the Calasanz System, so what you’re seeing is a hybrid. It contains influences from Goju Ryu, Wing Chun, Chinese and American Boxing and physical conditioning techniques. Calasanz studied Goju Ryu under Tameyoshi Sakamoto, father of Goju Ryu in the Dominican Republic, back in the 70’s, so the katas are based on the principles that he learned from his teacher as well as his own interpretations.

We Need Less “Haters” and More Real Martial Artists

Our Friend hotpopcorncake:

Dude i think your aweasome idk why you get a lot haters


Thank you so much for your kind words Joel. Unfortunately, Calasanz has had to deal with a lot of “haters,” as does anyone who tries to be innovative, whether it’s in martial arts or any other form of expression. We viewed your profile on YouTube and congratulate you for the work you have done in the community in helping get kids off the street. You also sound like a martial artist who is not afraid to expand his knowledge and not lock himself into one style. We need more people like you out there representing the martial arts and less “haters.” Calasanz career expanded when he decided to get creative and seek balance in his martial arts training. It is great to see that there are people out there, like you, who are doing the same.

Children, Self-Defense, Blackbelts, and Angry You Tubers

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It’s all right to train in a McDojo and learn Spongebob Karate as long as you know that you can’t use it to defend yourself on the street and as long as you know it’s only for show, for getting healthy, for making friends, for gaining self confidence, for winning tournaments, etc. But then again, one reason anyone trains in martial arts is so he can defend himself. It’s been said “Physician, heal thyself!” In this context, it should be “Martial artist, defend thyself!”

Our Response:

In this video, you are watching only 5 minutes of a child going through endurance and coordination exercises; it does not include the whole test. If he continues training as he grows, his ability to defend himself will also grow. Calasanz has built a name for teaching self-defense over the last 30 years and his students include law enforcement officers who have no time to waste. Realistically speaking however, what is an 8 year old or any child for that matter, going to do “on the street” if an adult is really intent on doing him harm? I don’t care if he’s the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee, if the attacker is a vicious adult, then the child will lose. Remember several years ago, the boy in the news who was kidnapped by his martial arts instructor and sexually molested?? Was he able to defend himself? There is only so much you can do with children given their size, strength and maturity. There are other reasons for sending your child to martial arts classes. Maybe you should contemplate your idiotic comments before you expose your ignorance to the rest of the world.

Results Matter! Not looks!

Below is a comment left by a respectful YouTuber on one of my videos along with my response.

You Tuber:

“Everyones missing the point…It doesn’t matter if his bio is ridiculous, it doesn’t matter what art he practice, and it doesn’t matter how he looks….what matters are the results…..If you see that this man has become unique in his physical and mental abilities, then obviously he did something very creative that helped. him develop a way of living.”

My Response:

“Thank you for your comments.  Calasanz bio is anything but ridiculous. There aren’t many people out there who would leave their native country and create a successful career for themselves in an industry as difficult as the martial arts.  Most of these clowns who criticize Calasanz are doing so from their tiny store front schools, basements, garages or apartments and have no clue what it takes to run a large martial arts business and how to keep it running for over 30 years.  Calasanz has dedicated his life to martial arts and you are correct, the proof is in his unique physical and mental abilities and his vision and creativity to do what no others have dared because they want to stay stuck with traditions that no longer work in the modern world.”

What is the purpose of the InterDojo and Formula Videos?

As you become a member in the InterDojo you should ask yourself, what is the purpose? There are many different ways you can benefit from it, specifically from The Formula Video Series. If you are already a student in the Calasanz System, then you may want to get videos in order to remember the sequence of katas, forms, weapons, wooden dummies, or get new ideas for physical arts exercises with tools like the bench, the high table, the bar, etc. Non-students new to the martial arts can experience the Calasanz System from the comfort of their home, while experienced martial artists can get fresh ideas to enhance their skills and training. All Formula Videos can be viewed in the InterDojo or picked up separately in DVD format through our Gift Shop.

Understand the idea behind most of these videos is that they are designed to be followed; no talking, no music, no set sequence. Members take the videos and when you are resting at home put the DVD on your player or sign in to the InterDojo and just watch it. Follow the breathing, the coordination, the power and strength applied by Calasanz etc. You don’t have to actually perform it, but let the smoothness of the techniques performed by Calasanz get inside you, let your mind feel them.

For those who are not sure which videos are right for them just contact Calasanz and he will pick them out for you. We custom make videos for member of the Calasanz System or for those who live far and just want to learn. Feel free to contact Calasanz, visit the InterDojo, the Calasanz web site, The Perfect Fit, or You Tube to learn more about Calasanz. There are videos being made which are tailored almost for everybody, and I am sure that you will love it.